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The Reservation


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Sure this has been covered ..I've been wondering...maybe, perchance, our benevolent masters will allow for us a reservation to reside on (think Brave New World) where us crazy deniers can be lumped together but where such things as nationalised health care and so on will be forfeited. No connection to the smart grid...maybe the odd  drop off of some very basic essentials.

Could it be possible that something like this, existing alongside a world of smart cities where the citizenry of the brave new world, those good eggs, will reside?

Surely there will be a sizeable amount of people who will reject a continous cycle of vaccinations and total surveillance, and we won't all be able to fit into a couple of detention centres (plus even to the all out brainwashed such facilities may be a bit to redolent of nasty , unthinkable places that belong in the history textbooks).

I can almost picture this scenario in countries with large land mass (the US, Australia) but could it work in little old Blighty with her comparatively cramped, smallish national parks?

Unless it will be like the film Children of Men, with strategically placed towns designated as places to contain us? Well if this vaccine looks good to go then surely they will be acting fast now, they must have some plan of where to put us.

What about those of us with young children? Will they be permitted to stay with us? I honestly can't see this panning out well.  I really, really resent having a brilliantly fun and gorgeous, switched on child who i'm often willing to be a few years older and thus able legally to stand up for herself and  so there is less threat of the  state becoming the defacto parent if my consent or lack thereof is meaningless and I'm rendered voiceless as her parent. The state have her best interests at heart. Oh my. Will have to wait and see how much take up this vaccine will have.

On a separate note I noticed that BBC or Sky or some such shit has just done a new adaptation of Brave New World. I read a review of it and it looks like a lot of 'gorgeous' young guys and gals getting up to all sorts...completely omitting the encouraged  'erotic play' between children that was so very fucking chilling in the book. Of course, they would leave that out!

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