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Common Law - is it 'Problem-Reaction-Solution'?

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Sorry to be a 'party pooper', but I'm a bit suspicious of the sudden rise in awareness of 'Common Law' and its' apparent effectiveness with dealing with normal laws. Is it a prelude to the UN Global laws that will override national laws? David Icke wrote about maritime law years ago, but there was no real follow up till now. Why are Common Law experts suddenly in demand?

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51 minutes ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

Sorry to be a 'party pooper', but I'm a bit suspicious of the sudden rise in awareness of 'Common Law' and its' apparent effectiveness with dealing with normal laws. Is it a prelude to the UN Global laws that will override national laws? David Icke wrote about maritime law years ago, but there was no real follow up till now. Why are Common Law experts suddenly in demand?


I think it has come about due to the current violation of rights. However, because the system is corrupt we would run into brutal tyranny.  The police for the most part dont know or believe the significance of the real common law.  I have a friend who was a lawyer and is now a prosecutor and who has no idea about all of this - so when someone is taken into court the ``officers of the court`` are, in the main, oblivious.  There are a few who know but they in my experience have  removed themselves from practices which fight for a client to lawyers that simply deal with conveyancing of property etc....a non confrontational practice.


My prosecutor friend is a non mask wearer out in the public domain....but says has to in the court setting.


Police will fight for their bosses and think that the living breathing man or woman are nutcases when they refuse to consent...they believe they are belligerent ( the word police love to use for anyone who has balls or a backbone).


So in my opinion... the common law theory is bang on...BUT the current system is corrupt... and they will use their footsoldiers to take down anyone who tries to expose them...


Being right about something doesnt always help when dealing with corruption.



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Common Law has been around for many years, as have complaints about injustice, so why has it taken so long for human rights organisations, conspiracy researchers, et al, to become aware of it?


If Common Law and the Common Law Court are a genuine threat to the Ruling Elite, then why weren't they removed years ago? It will be interesting to see if such a removal or modification happens in the near future.



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No one knows how to convene a proper court. The best fmotl like scenarios have planned at the moment are political places of no neutrality. If we invented a bog, they would need an electric pump to flush and an electric pump to refill the cystern and probably some other bunch of shit just to get it to work. Look at the eloquence of the humble bog. Gravity powered poop puller.


A proper court works almost effortlessly and its not designed to favour any side or see things any way at all. A proper court is blind to everything but relevant facts. It doesnt care who paid the court fees only that the court costs are covered. It doesn't care about the social status of the parties in dispute, only that they both agree to the courts jurisdiction. Common law courts would not hear between only one plaintiff and a man tied up in a bag. The plaintiffs approach in bringing their indictee to court was to put such pressures on the accused that it was the accused who sought the protection of the court from the plaintiff giving him abuse until he appeared to have the matter resolved. The idea of threatening to take someone to court is alien since the court would be the thing alleviating any threats. A proper court would be blind to how it is two parties are before the court but being both there, they were under contract to abide with the decisions of the court.


A doctor has some fancy techniques for diagnosing disease. An engineer has some fancy techniques for building bridges. A good judge has fancy techniques of working out the truth from bullshit and the court itself is employed in keeping the judge blind. The judge doesn't need to know that the accused is the daughter of the third earls cousin. The accused is simply an equal before the law. What is the law? At least the law thats relevant to the case in hand? Are both parties agreed that stealing is wrong and what constitutes stealing? Are both parties agreed the actions and inactions that have occured between them? If not, they should place their evidence with the clerk who should then sanitise the evidence and present it to the judge. "The man who paid the courts wages today had his friend, the duke of bigmansions golden candlestick in his possession at 3pm on tuesday" should now read "the plaintiff had the item in their possession at 3pm on tuesday" and is presented to the judge by the court whose role isnt political but an impartial 'oracle' of sorts to giving an impartial sentence at the end saying who is the party at fault and what must be done by the party in fault to remedy the situation.


Four death sentences for a mass murderer who killed four people, says the judge, based on visible evidence. Its not something the court imposes. The court releases the parties to the jurisdiction of the executioner who does their best to see to it everything the court declares as justice that the parties have agreed to abide by are carried out. The court washes its hands. Next case.


How the executioner can see to it to kill a man four times is irrelevant. That's not the courts business. Cold hard impartial input in, cold hard impartial output out.


Now the executioner is faced with the unreasonable prospect that justice will only be served by doing the impossible. Maybe theres some arrangement that the parties can make but they are now outside the courts protection and the executioner wont protect the man from four death penalties if the plaintif in victory can achieve it. Five death panalties would be against the justice of the court. Three death penalties would be against the justice of the court. The parties aren't barred from agreeing to some other arrangement out of court but the executioners job is to see to it that the justice of the court is served unless both can agree not to be bound by the court. The executioner in medieval times is even known to take bribes. Theres not enough dedicated research into the procedures of common law courts. They werent political. Their reputation was built on impartiality. You went round the blacksmith for some horse shoes and the blacksmiths with reputations for giving your horse a limp didnt do much business.

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After a great deal of research into Common Law recently myself [after dropping it over 15yrs ago when my now ex-Wife refused to accept what i saw] it was kind of re-invigorated by a Man called John Smith and many others at commonlawcourt.com, sometime in early 2017 if i remember right.


Other interesting pieces i gleaned are:


- It was written to be un-amendable and unable to be removed ever, except in the case of our Country being defeated in War

- Despite the deceitful Government and past King's & Queen's [some of them anyway] nobody can disolve it, the Queen is held accountable and can be enforced upon by the Barons if she tries to slither her way out of the Monarch's commitment as was first written in the Magna Carta 1215

- Unlike the US's Constitution where all was written in one Book and can/has been amended, our's is spread across a handful of such Written Law texts, with the last being our Bill of Rights

- Just like we are seeing as the deceit and tactics of the corrupt, attempts were made to remove this, make it invalid, to copy it and change it to suit the Legalese loving Goverment and when none of that worked, simply tried to bury it and hopefully have the knowledge lost to mankind as so many other pieces of useful knowledge have disappeared that protected us and provided aid to the people

- as previously stated about it being made invalid only in defeat, this was/is due to Common Law being based upon Feudal Law

- It's policy is simple and sounds like the peaceful existence all good, just and honourable people deserve.... Basically "Do no harm and Honour all contracts"

- It offers specific Lawful remedies to the Legal corruption that should be on the Sea not on our Land

- It is Universal and known by many alternate names such as God's Law, Universal Law, The Law of the Land, etc

- It was said that Common Law was re-invigorated to unhide for the people this Law only applicable to Men and Women, not the legal fiction fraudsters in their corporation Courts masquerading as Authority over us Sovereign beings with equal power to all other Men and Women

- Since reawakening and highlighting that Common Law is and always has been there since 2017, clc has managed to get Common Law re-recognised in 136 Countries

- Common Law Court has [without their attendance because they think they can refuse this Law and hide behind their false one and the Queen] convicted and found guilty many Judges, Politicians and more recently Boris Johnson & Nicola Sturgeon to name a few i can recall


Personally i too am hesitant to just jump on in, can we be blamed after the lifetime of deceit we have come to know? But i have registered my Birth so that it can assist me in removing the corrupt and their threats of fines, prison, property theft and whatever else necessary only made possible by the Birtth Certificate fraud conducted on all of us the World over since the deceitfully inaccurate abolition of Slavery


Most importantly, i'm really not sure i want to shake off one set of Laws for me to only give up my personal freedom and join another [at least this time of my own choice] even if it does seem suitable on the surface

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