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Slavery, black and white, historical and now

Golden Retriever

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Maybe they were false jewish, as i have talked with a shaman in Africa that told me that the slavery in Africa was mainly pure Jewish people that got enslaved in the 1400.. The Slaves were jews for most part. Jewish people today are as brainwashed as the rest of us. The people in power the elite are not jews. In fact they hate them, as long time ago they were actually supposed to be gods people. All the pure jews of today have been branwashed and their religion is backforward. Dont blame the jews, blame the beast that controlls and manipulate them.

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Jewish merchants


Records of long-distance Jewish slave merchants date at least as far back as 492, when Pope Gelasius permitted Jews to import non-Christian slaves into Italy, at the request of a Jewish friend from Telesina Valley.[24][25][26] By the turn of the 6th to the 7th century, Jews had become the chief slave traders in Italy, and were active in Gallic territories. Pope Gregory the Great issued a ban on Jews possessing Christian slaves, lest the slaves convert to Judaism.[26][27] By the 9th and 10th centuries, Jewish merchants, sometimes called Radhanites, were a major force in the slave trade continent-wide.[9][28][29]


Jews were one of the few groups who could move and trade between the Christian and Islamic worlds.[29] Ibn Khordadbeh observed and recorded routes of Jewish merchants in his Book of Roads and Kingdoms from the South of France to Spain, carrying (amongst other things) female slaves, eunuch slaves, and young slave boys. He also notes Jews purchasing Slavic slaves in Prague.[9][26][30] Letters of Agobard, archbishop of Lyons (816–840),[31][32][33][34] acts of the emperor Louis the Pious,[35][36] and the seventy-fifth canon of the Council of Meaux of 845 confirms the existence of a route used by Jewish traders with Slavic slaves through the Alps to Lyon, to Southern France, to Spain.[9] Toll records from Walenstadt in 842–843 indicate another trade route, through Switzerland, the Septimer and Splügen passes, to Venice, and from there to North Africa.[9]


As German rulers of Saxon dynasties took over the enslavement (and slave trade) of Slavs in the 10th century, Jewish merchants bought slaves at the Elbe, sending caravans into the valley of the Rhine. Many of these slaves were taken to Verdun, which had close trade relations with Spain. Many would be castrated and sold as eunuchs as well.[9][20]


The Jewish population of Crimea was a very important factor in the trade in slaves and captives of the Crimean Khanate (Tatars) in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.[37]


Jews would later become highly influential in the European slave trade, reaching their apex from the 16th to 19th centuries.





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6 hours ago, Steelpie said:

i have talked with a shaman in Africa that told me that the slavery in Africa was mainly pure Jewish people that got enslaved in the 1400.. The Slaves were jews for most part.


5 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:


Please provide a source. Thanks.



42 minutes ago, Steelpie said:

Sorry that would be impossible! And even if i just said a random name that i could, would you belive me?



OK. I'll just ignore your comment, as you can't provide any information.

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On 8/11/2021 at 5:05 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Holy shit.




Bloody hell, everything I share that is eye opening gets nuked so quick. This was a tweet of a video from a black man at speakers corner talking about how whites get too much blame for this and how another group gets let of the hook. So typical.

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While I believe it IS important to acknowledge and accept that there were abhorrent forms of slavery in the past, it is equally important to understand that the past is 'history' and we cannot change what happened in the past.


But equally also, it is important to recognise that 'modern slavery' still exists, and yet it rarely gets brought up in the media or talked about on discussion forums.


Because certain factions just keep raking over and stirring up 'historical slavery', as if there is something we can do about it in the NOW.


Here in the UK, I often come across local news stories, where eastern Europeans have been drawn to the UK with the promise of a 'better life', yet end up in the hands of 'gangmasters' - crowded into rooms in houses, earning their rent through illicit menial jobs, with a pittance to live on. Women forced to 'work' as prostitutes, etc etc.


And I'm pretty sure these Africans being smuggled into the UK across the Channel from France, who then subsequently 'disappear', are not just living the 'life of riley' in four-star hotels being waited on hand and foot, they will also be disappearing into the 'black economy' (no pun intended) and facing the same fate as the eastern Europeans, crammed into squalid housing and forced into cheap labour somewhere, all completely illicit and illegitimate.


Yet the same people who will 'virtue signal' vigorously on social media about 'historical slavery' won't think twice about taking their car for a 'hand wash' staffed by a load of potential illegal migrants. "Because its so cheap and convenient".

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