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Invisible Watermark used in LEGAL ballot papers

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I have only just today got round to watching David's latest weekly podcast and heard that he doesn't know about the invisible watermark yet, only detectable with infrared light. Never underestimate Trump. He and his incredible team have got everything under control. The watermark also contains Quantum technology, which has enabled them to track the ballot papers and know on election day that Trump won by 80%! Sort of as predicted. The rest is all a show, which will hopefully be over very soon! I find it exciting, but am very impatient too to see the end.

I began to doubt a little too when I heard what was going on with all the illegal votes, but luckily saw Charlie Ward's short video then, telling his followers about the Quantum watermark. Genius!



And Santa Surfing also has a couple of videos including Twitter posts with photos of the watermarks and other info on them. She is still on Youtube.

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1 hour ago, Saved said:

His entire body language is that of a used car salesman selling a death trap to a granny.


Why look away?





I don't rule anything out inn this crazy world, but I get the same sense as you from the video.


Trump would have balls of steel and would be acting irresponsibly to not have mentioned this by now.

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1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:


I think the whole Q thing was a psyop from day one....



But why and who benefits?


The left? I mean it doesn't help when patriots and nationalists get mixed in with those that follow outlandish Q theories, it makes folks look unhinged.


Devon's latest vid pretty much mirrors my view.




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If all of us lowly serfs know about this magical watermark, do really really think no one on team Biden was ever leaked this information over the course of the last two years?


My guess is this "news" was planted by the party trolls on the Left. Muddy the waters a bit, make Trump supporters look like looney conspiracy kooks.


And, of course, this story's origin is the great InfoWars website. Besides, with such an overwhelming amount of fraud on several levels, there is plenty of solid, black & white evidence, making magic watermarks almost a moot point.


Remember, there's a war on for your mind, so buy some iodine, caveman bone powder and an InfoWars face mask (even though we say you should protest masks).


Ah, P.T. Barnum would be proud!

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