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Sudden barrage of 'Guest' accounts turning up?


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6 minutes ago, serpentine said:

Did the Earth change shape overnight? :classic_ninja:


Do you mean into a flat, pancake-like structure? I have yet to really have a good look at those threads, where such theories are discussed.

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Anything to do with GCHQ and 77th brigades new war on 'anti-vaxxers'?


Because you see islamic terrorists or sabbatean banksters or communists are apparently not the biggest concern of the british government. No their biggest concern is the british public asking questions about vaccine safety


Apparently when we do that it then requires our government to deploy our military against us but if the vaccines are so safe why would they need to do that?


regardless of whether you are a british person in uniform or a british person out of uniform i am 100% on your side. I am 100% loyal to the british people and i have concerns about vaccine safety and because i wish well of the british people I'm going to talk about the dangers of vaccines so that we can make informed choices. The information discussed is in the public interest to know


If you disagree with that then you really need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself who and what it is you really represent because it ain't the british people

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I’m sorry guys but shit keeps unfolding, if it wasn’t for ma weans ad honestly not be here! I’m very scared as I’m sure many are, wether you believe yes south up no?! Shitting it with the mental health stuff being used against us, am not religious whatsoever but am gonnae keep praying man! Just want ma weans to have half the chance I had they’ll do great always try to tell them to avoid the SHITE I done I don’t understand how trying to better them can be bad at all!!!! WTFman🙏🙏🙏🙏

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