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Universal Credit in the UK - can you be sanctioned during lock down?

Grumpy Grapes

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7 minutes ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

They penalise people for not fulfilling their job search requirements. 


before this flu hysteria i was talking about MASS unemployment being created through AUTOMATION where i foresaw MILLIONS of people losing their jobs to artificial intelligence and robots and machines. Those millions of people would then be cast onto universal basic income to make them entirely dependent on the state and therefore completely at the mercy of the statists who could then dictate to those people on the finer points of life


But this covid thing has accelerated the process and millions of jobs are being shed simply through a lockdown of small to medium businesses in order to remould the global economy


In the same way the 'agricultural revolution' threw millions of brits off the land and into the cities where they were then exploited in the 'industrial revolution' we are now living through the 'fourth industrial revolution'


So the question is what jobs are even going to be left available to people especially as now there are millions of unemployed who will also be competing with cheap migrant labour AND automation


so unless people offer their labour for free i'm not sure what is going to be left. Soon the only work left that isn't for the technocracy or the mega-corporations will be supplying LUXURY goods and services to the super rich who will be the only people left with disposable cash

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