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8 hours ago, Bigg10man said:

But we did stop the gov terrorism on the 2012 olympics fact.


Did we or didn't we? I don't know, but it is definitely one of the things I have never stopped wondering about. At the time, I was very confident that we did. What I do know, is that it felt like a very surreal four months or so. From say the beginning of June, right up until the conclusion of the Paralympics at the end of September. Collectively, we had a great theory as to why every single day on the calendar 'might well be' the day the PTB would strike. If the PTB were plotting something, then they must have been doing some serious facepalming and pulling their hair out. Ha ha ha. 😀  

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Kiddy Forum ?? ...Your posts certainly make it seem that way ...Look at them ! They don't make sense , convey no meaning ....


But the state of the truth movement is terrible ...Nobody takes the subject seriously , and this is the the main truth forum! .... Alex Jones doesn't have enough followers to keep a forum running  despite having millions of listeners  ... People are ill-informed and lazy.

David Icke used to talk to 10,000's of people at a time ! Well were are they?? ...For most it goes in one ear and out the other.  


As for 2012 , the cabal are always putting messages out there , getting people to hyperventilate thinking they've decoded the symbolism and  know an attack is coming ... They want your attention ...want to waste your time and energy , usually they have no intention of carrying out the plan. 

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7 hours ago, Bigg10man said:


2012 i was part of lets say a group


We tracked down and hunted


We stopped a dirty bomb,in a london underground station,via german security forces.FACT


We did not go through uk forces,we know there crook

If I'm wrong I apologize but to be blunt ,you sound like your full of shit. At this point I bet you were hoping to engage with someone that was truly interested, sorry.

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