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Consciousness is the difference perceived between opposites. Without opposites, without differences, there is no consciousness. 


If you have 2 cups of water, 1 filled with hot water and 1 filled with luke warm. Place a finger in each of them, then switch.

Youl notice that the luke warm water feels cold instead of luke warm. We are only aware, conscious of the contrast between things. We need the experience of contrast, opposites, contradictions in order to transcend without duality there is no Unity. 

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Unfortunately not.

As you get into bed somebody else will wake up.

They will get out of bed and walk around making toast and reading the newspaper whilst taking a crap.

But you will not.

You are not there.

Same thing happens after death.

The purpose of "religion" and also of us arriving in this world is to give the opportunity to a few people who can make a great transformation ... and then you will be there eternally.


Of course ... life always goes on.  But the question is ... do you go on?

If you aren't there, then you do not go on.


Consciousness in general goes on.

But your consciousness will not.


Unless the transformation has happened.

No problem if it does or it doesn't, there are many reasons to live and many ways to live and so on.

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The God business is everywhere these days ... so many groups of gurus and ... they queue up to "lead".   It's a sad state of things.

Even in the early part of my life in the 70s the sacred was still sacred, and was treated as sacred.

Now ... incredible to see.

I was lucky to find the path when I did.

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