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Exposing the psy-op alt media: Starting with Shaun Rattwood

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6 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:


Thanks for the video which I haven't yet watched.


Alarm bells rang for me when Shaun Attwood did several interviews with an alleged ex US cop Mark Dougan who was allegedly in

possession of tapes to incriminate Jeffrey Epstein, and who had fled to Russia, like the dubious Edward Snowden.


Mark Dougan never released the tapes about Epstein, but he wrote a book about it!


  All the time Shaun Attwood was promoting Mark Dougan's book sales.


There were loads of comments on his (Attwood's) Youtube Channel saying WTF are you doing promoting an abvious con artist.


It's a shame David Icke aligned with Attwood and the other con artists Brian Rose and still this year with Alex Jones.


top comments on this video ..............


"this is bs, get footage out there. getting sick of these useless interviews, pull the gun and release tapes. let the world analyse and keep the ball rolling"


"How many more books and sponsors do we need to support to get this info out? Whiles these pointless interviews are taking place, children are still suffering. Don't we care about these kids?"


"If these are genuine assassination attempts then they must be the most inept assassins ever known! Come on guys, if they wanted him dead he would be dead"





I definitely smell a rat

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11 hours ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

The saga continues if you give a shit...


I don't really I just love watching the trainwreck.





I've watched it now Billy, and the man is sick imo.  Everyone should listen to that video.


David Icke needs to stop giving interviews to Shaun Attwood, because he has done so, even after "Daddygate"



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