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The fall of human relationships


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50 minutes ago, 78ast78dgyad said:

Some people are more motivated and inspired than ever.


You seem to be only mostly dead.  And mostly dead means somewhat alive.

Look ... the society is not in a good condition, to change things for your future you need force and external support.

If you find a soto zen centre and start going, first 1 day, then 1 week.  Then go regularly.  Do what they say, work courageously and with fatith.  Vipassana practice is also a good choice but I personally would choose a Burmese centre or a Forest centre - and not the ubiquitous dhamma.org centres which I don't like.

These places if you can get it together to go to try firstly, then practice regularly, let them teach you.  Do this regularly and you have every chance of sorting yourself out.

If you were raised in a good Christian family there is also the Church if you have some connection, otherwise it is very difficult.

So .. that's my recommendation.  Without that kind of regular practice, serious training, and external support ... I see little hope for people.

With the rest the working life and family - just do your best to be a good and honest man, but not a naive man.


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