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Payment to take a vaccine


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“People should be paid to have a COVID-19 jab so the country reaches herd immunity as quickly as possible, a leading ethicist has suggested.


People could either be given a financial inducement to have the jab or they could be paid in kind, perhaps foregoing the need to wear a facemask in public, he writes in the Journal of Medical Ethics.”


Unbelievable really. They still consider it voluntary in this article even though they are dangling basic personal freedoms out as a reward. I don’t consider that type of coercion to be freedom.


the other slap in the face is the financial insensitive! They dangle money (which many people could do with) as a reward to take a risk and justify it by saying that poor people take more risks anyway so it’s within their character! 

Not once does this boneheaded academic realise that poorer people don’t willingly take risks because they like it!


He also fails to consider using anyone other than the poor to test these jabs out on. He knows full well that wealthy folks won’t touch his vaccine until they’ve seen the effects on the poor first.


As a professor of ethics. He doesn’t seem very good at his job...

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The process never varied much anyway : they chain a ball at your foot then sell you the key… letting mirror mask exemption in exchange for a jab couldn't picture it better, it's one of the filthiest wide-scale blackmail attempt ever and they should get prosecuted for it…


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