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School masks


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I heard from a friend yesterday that their kids have to sit in classrooms with the windows wide open freezing to death every day to let the covid out.

And this sedentary exposure to the cold wind is making people sick.

Any parent needs to ... imo ... try to give their children actual education rather than all this. 

You can't rely on these idiots to safeguard your future.

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On 11/6/2020 at 9:25 AM, bamboozooka said:

my kids school who have had no positives, got some safety morons in to assess.

now the parents entering the school grounds to drop off and collect their kids need to wear masks

the letter sent out mentioned covid escalation. what escalation?

Assuming you are talking about a primary school, just refuse to put one on. The new regulations are as clear as crystal:


“It is not mandatory for staff and visitors to wear face coverings.”



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I’m more worried about the army coming into my son’s school, issuing him with a barcode, forcibly testing him and securing him somewhere if they decide he tested positive.


it’s happening in Liverpool and they are the testbed for a national roll out.



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