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Ian R Crane

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Has anybody heard anything lately from this guy?  I know he is very ill with cancer and I would like to know if he is doing ok.  I last saw a video from him about 3 months ago on Bitchute and the poor guy kept breaking down in tears.  I went to a lecture he did on 5g in Sheffield last year and he seemed ok but went downhill very fast after that.  He’s done some great work with the AV conferences and played a significant part in my awakening.  Any news would be much appreciated.

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Ian R Crane

It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that Ian R Crane passed away on Thursday.
I first met Ian at his home. Exactly when that was I can't recall; certainly ten years ago at least. The first thing that struck me were the books. Hundreds of them, all heavyweight. And it became clear very quickly that he had read most, if not all.
By 2014, Ian had abandoned his books and his home in favour of a caravan and a life of campaigning on the road. He had just completed a successful speaking tour called 'Fracktured Future', where he used his experience as an oil man to bring local communities right around the country the information they needed to fight off the fracking industry.
Yet despite travelling the length and breadth of the country in support of local anti-fracking campaign groups, he had decided he also needed to do something more formal. He asked me if I could help produce two video programmes from the UKC studios: Humanity versus Insanity, and Fracking Nightmare.
With a very few exceptions, no matter where he was in the country, Ian always managed to get back to Plymouth in time for going live at 7pm. The commitment was spectacular.
The fact that Ian had abandoned his worldly possessions gave him certain freedoms. He became the centre of a series of court cases involving fracking companies. In May 2016, Rathlin Energy bankrupted him in an effort to recover legal costs incurred during a challenge to their July 2014 effort to evict a protest camp outside its frack site at Crawberry Hill in East Yorkshire.
Ian didn't care. "Good luck collecting", was his attitude, since he had nothing they could seize.
Eventually, that fight against fracking was won; a win which could not have happened without Ian's unceasing support.
In the meantime, each year since 2008, Ian ran the Alternative View conferences. A unique event, Ian was very keen that AV would bring together inspirational, informed and enlightened speakers from around the world in a residential setting, where the audience would mix with the speakers and engage with them and each other on the issues of the day.
Brian's first AV was AV2 in 2009. Other speakers have included everyone from Len Horowitz to David Bellamy, Cynthia McKinney to Johnny Ball and, of course, David Noakes.
David Noakes always blamed Ian for getting him involved with GcMAF. It was Ian that metioned it to him on the sidelines of one of his talks. And as the MHRA launched their campaign of terrorism against David Noakes and Lyn Thyer, it was Ian that was right there, once again, offering all the support he could.
Sadly, Ian's health got to a stage where he could not do as much in person. But he never stopped. Even when his illness was causing him extreme problems, he fought to be there for everyone.
Ian was amaxing. I haven't even scratched the surface of all he did. He was an inspiration. His determination and energy, right until the end, were an example for us all.
Ian, you will be missed.
(Thank you to David Ellison for the photo at the top. This is Ian and supporting crew having a celebratory pint after winning a court case against Cuadrilla and their 'protest pen'.)
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From the family of Ian R Crane

We're devastated to let you know that Ian passed away on Thursday February 25th. He fell asleep peacefully with his son and partner by his side, and he knew that he had the love, thoughts and prayers of those that couldn't be with him at the end.

A son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a partner, a friend, a colleague, he played a role in the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of others and will not be forgotten by anyone who met him. He will be dearly missed.

Founder of the incredibly popular Alternative View conferences, others will pick up this legacy and ensure it continues into the future.

His family and loved ones send their thanks to everyone who loved and supported Ian. Details of the funeral will be posted when known.

From Dan, Nic, Tristin, Erika, Kelly, Jasmine and John - Dan Crane



A great guy who has done a lot of good work 😇

Anyone who reads my posts will have seen I’ve posted a few of his videos on the David Icke Forum. One of which I think was removed due to the past attack on the forum attack I made not long after the announcement of this COVID plandemic if I remember right 🤔

Documentaries from 7/7 false flag and the scam of the medical industry upon food, vitamins and the push of corruption sold as medicine - Codex Alimentarius. Just a few things that stand out I personally know him for, his own angle of exposing the same globalist monopoly and control system imposing itself upon humanity!
Just say no to the vaccine” - The Truth Injection particularly stands out to me and left an impression when I watched it a few years ago. Obviously more important now than it was at the time it was made!
Also, check out Conspiracy Machine - Free on Amazon Prime - ironic ain’t it - and you’ll get a good idea of the style of Ian Crane, who is worth checking out if you follow David Ickes work.


I can’t imagine this type of content will be available much longer on both YouTube and Amazon Prime so maybe eventually something can be done to archive Ian’s work on the Ickonic platform in the future for whoever deals with that, I’d hope it’s considered.


The Truth Injection


Conspiracy Machine. Check it out now on Prime Video! 


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^ Ian R Crane-The 9/11 & 7/7 Connection ^


The Current type of Censorship where and when it is on MSM platforms such as YT


Say no to the Vaccine by Trillion - Song from Truth Injection Documentary 

Here’s are some videos of Ian’s that hopefully people on here will be interested in and I’d recommend watching 👍


Karen Douglas - “My concern is not for the truth🤔

Police State - Corporate Shills doing the bidding of the establishment without question and it’s only getting worse...

Hi Vis Foot Soldiers - The higher their vis, the shorter their vision!


These are the ones I’m familiar with, I’m sure for now at least, you’ll be able to find more on YT if you deliberately go looking for them



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