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seems like sports discussion on here is few and far between 😧.


thought maybe i'd start a thread to encompass all sports if that's ok.


today ronnie o'sullivan plays michael holt in the champion of champions snooker on ITV4 at 1pm.

ronnie this time won't be sporting a, ahem, thingamajig:



man was wearing that a couple months ago 😮 lol.


man utd beat last night in the champions league. i'm no man u fan (support arsenal) but solskjaer is on his last legs for sure.


dortmund's erling haaland is something else but i can't get out of my head roy keane doing his dad 😂



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6 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

i was hoping to se Rocket play live one day....but i guess chances are slimer by the day....not to mention you need book ticeks year before 🙃(for the WC in Crucible Theatre)


he's on my bucket list too .... never seen him live, actually never been to any live snooker tournament. and chances are i won’t unless it's held in ireland as the bastards are looking likely to impose travel restrictions with their convid health passport.

i have no thoughts on going abroad anyway. did my travels in ibiza 3 times when younger so i think that makes up a lifetime of madness abroad 😃

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ronnie knocked out 6-3 in tonight's session against norn irons very own mark allen.


arsenal won 4-1 at home against molde in the europa but again it was a danny dire performance. there's no creativity or intensity in arsenal even though they might win.


celtic (my 2nd favourite team) got the same scoreline -- 4-1 beating at home by sparta prague !!

i never liked neil lennon getting the job ... we're going for 10 in a row and it's going to be f'ed up :(((((

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ronnie o'sullivan whitewashed leo fernandez 6-0 in the UK championship tonight.


and he also farted during his match last week against matthew stevens 😂 the ref was blamed but ronnie took ownership of it afterwards (he then went on to lose the final to judd trump).

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34 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

have you seen the video ronnie vs slowest player.




peter ebdon. he was one long boring player though. i remember he played a match til after midnight.

he's a bit of a free thinker though questioning the covids on twitter.



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“I was p----d off that I wasn’t able to go to Australia,” said Murray, whose whole family contracted and have now recovered from COVID-19.

“But the wider point is that it’s not just about a tennis tournament. When I am going back and giving the virus to all of my family, I care about that a lot.

“I don’t think people always realise that if you’re not sticking to what the rules and the protocols are, or the protocols that are in place are not good enough, you’re putting people in serious danger.

“... I couldn’t have picked it up anywhere else. I hadn’t left my house or the NTC for ten weeks. And obviously there were some positives cases there.

“I stuck to all of the protocols. I was very careful because it’s not just for tennis reasons. None of my team got it.

“I was the only one to pick it up and none of my family had it before me.

“So how we were behaving there suggests we weren’t behaving badly otherwise I’d imagine one of them would have caught it from me. I’m very comfortable with how I conducted myself.”

Murray said that, after Christmas and before the second lockdown, there were “tonnes of people” in the NTC’s gym, with not much testing taking place in the lead up to his coronavirus diagnosis.





Any Murray. What a bloody tool. Totally brainwashed by the official narrative.

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