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Theresa May speech on new lockdown measures


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1 hour ago, Oremiz said:

I am not a fan of Theresa May but she made some very important and valid points here, BoJo walked away during her speech.


Hello. Nice to meet you. This is called a 'psyop'. Without a shadow of a doubt, Theresa May, who genuinely worked so hard to get a Brexit deal done (not), is as PTB and as nasty as they come.

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Mentioning Theresa May and Brexit etc, I di think there is a specific Brexit context as part of the COVID19 scam.


The aim is ultimately Hunger Games style city states, but for now they'll be satisfied with carving up trading blocks and then a few nations (England, Scotland, Wales) and the final stage will be Manchester, London, Basingstoke etc. The UK is the pilot.


As this progresses many people will want to leave the games and head back to Europe.


I did wonder if this was what the 2003 song Fortress Europe by the Asian Dub Foundation was really about.....the perfect convergence of COVID, being unable to travel to the continent and AI sentry posts...





Keep bangin' on the wall 
Keep bangin' on the wall 
Of fortress europe! 
2022 -a new european order 
Robot guards patrolling the border 
Cybernetic dogs are getting closer and closer 

Armoured cars and immigration officers 
A burning village in kosovo 
You bombed it out now you're telling us go home 
Machine guns strut on the cliffs of dover 
Heads down people look out! we're going over 
Burnin up! can we survive re-entry 
Past the mines and the cybernetic sentries 
Safe european homes built on wars 
You don't like the effect don't produce the cause 
The chip is in your head not on my shoulder 
Total control just around the corner 
Open up the floodgates time's nearly up 
Keep banging on the wall of fortress europe 
Keep banging 
Keep banging on the wall of




........very prescient!!!


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