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clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski. "Before the big war in the world, people will be afraid to breathe"


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I would like to present here the visions of the polish clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski. In Poland, he is rather widely known, poorly abroad. I haven't found much info about him in the English-language Internet.

Who is he?

The guy lives in northwestern Poland, in the small town Człuchów. He's been a clairvoyant since the 90s I guess (I haven't checked the info exactly). Mainly his gift is to find missing people, alive and dead. For years he has been helping the polish police in investigations. On his website https://krzysztof-jackowski.info/dokumenty-policacyjne/ has congratulatory letters from the police for help in solving the investigation. His second gift is foreseeing the future, but he says he isn’t so talented in that like finding people or objects.

What did he foresee?

For example, the financial crisis in 2008. Evidence? Article in the local newspaper „Gazeta Pomorska” of 30 December 2007 https://pomorska.pl/widzenie-roku-2008/ar/6937291


Jackowski has been uploading his videos live on YouTube for 4 years. Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles added. (his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbS8vsbx1MSl1aGrja2-4kg/videos) He talks a lot about his finding people, various paranormal phenomenas that happen to him, (but he also laments about politicians, officials etc. ) But he also makes live visions, sees. In one of his videos, he announced that 2020 will be the first year of unrest in Europe and the world.


The years 2020 - 2023 will be bad for the world” he has said. I know these are just generalities so let's take a look at the details. What did he predict in 2020 and what happen?

In January this year he said that a dirty bomb would explode in Israel or somewewhere around Israel, that it would not be accidental, it would be a provocation. Six months later, there was a chemical explosion in Lebanon.

In May, in this video said that we will see strange military movements in Europe. It happened. Two weeks later, the Americans decided to move the army from Germany and partially relocate to Poland.



So what awaits us?

Jackowski has been consistently repeating for 12 years that he sees a large war somewhere in the world. He is afraid it might start this year in November. In the vision, he saw 3 conflict zones in the world. He said war will start at the seaside, in the air. It will be night in Europe then, but there will be day. „We people in Europe wake up and when we turn on the news in the morning we will be shocked that the situation is so serious.” (I quotes from memory). He once mentioned that in a few or a dozen years it would be referred to as the 3rd World War. 

 Here's an article from 2011 https://pomorska.pl/jasnowidz-z-czluchowa-nadciaga-rok-niepokojow/ar/7261852 where he says: "


Wiosna będzie zatruta. Coś się będzie działo z powietrzem. Może nie w Polsce, ale bardzo się będziemy bali powietrza. Będziemy się bali oddychać

which means: "Spring will be poisoned. Something will happen to the air. Maybe not in Poland, but we will be very afraid of the air. We will be afraid to breathe"  saying in relation to 2011 but then nothing happen. He claims that in 2008, predicting the banking crisis, he said to his daughter: "Before the big war in the world, people in Poland and in the world will be afraid to breathe." During last year in Poland, people wore masks because of the smog. Now the whole world because of Covid. Maybe that's it?


In another video has seen big protests in some country, crowd of people will carry their dead leader. He think that he know who it is, but he does not dare to say it publicly.



Regarding conspiracy theories and the coronavirus...

In the video in March and April, he mentioned that he have a feeling this pandemic was someone else's plan. He said „it is all prepared, planned, not only the virus, but also preparations for war. Governments know that, the polish government too.”

Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki in June said in the parliament that "in front of our eyes it is being created a new world order, world after the coronavirus" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxkviLQf5fk&feature=emb_logo

in other speech he said "the world after the coronavirus will be completely different" (I can’t find video)

From today's perspective, I believe that the expose of Prime Minister Morawiecki from November 2019 is gaining new meaning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrE1XvfpmSQWe don't know yet, how world will looks for 5, 10 or 15 years. But we know that Poland once again before a historical challenge and historical chance. It depends on our decisions whether Poland will be among the states which will form new order or someone will make it instead of us.” What did Morawiecki mean? Does he know something's coming?


What else...


- In Poland, long lines to sign up or get a receipt (?), there will be problems with food supplies, reservists will get the call to the army. The someone 's plan is that ruling party PiS (Law and Justice) will disintegrate the coalition in the government in a time that elections cannot be held. Poland may, in a sense, lose its sovereignty.

- an island in the Mediterranean surrounded by military ships

- Suez Canal cut off

- in the future many military troops in London


The second provocation will be a short intensive bombarding on a small country, outrage in the world, China and Russia will demand the convening of the UN Security Council. „When this happens in many countries sirens will sound, presidents will deliver messages to nations,

3 countries will become involved militarily, might be Israel, Turkey, USA, other NATO states on the alert


There will be problems with electricity during 3 years, a lot of things will be rationed.A powerful explosion in a large city with a high tower. It will be 100% a provocation. After that, it will be difficult to stop what is to happen.

We in Europe will feel like under martial law. Governments become dictatorial to citizens. Preparing in Europe for something that many of us will perceive as preparing for war.


At the moment, the last preparations for something that is going to happen are in progress. Jackowski said „There will be a great provocation, everything will start from there. Some kind of combat gas will be used.” I would like to add here that already in February he said that he saw burned soldiers, probably from Turkey. Furthermore, he claims that the pandemic is also someone's plan to get people used to the restrictions.
Restrictions which will be due to the threat of war.


In his visions he speaks not only about this year but a period of 3 years (2020-2023). Says visions can overlap and can not exactly put them in time.



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That’s interesting - thanks.


Makes total sense that we are being softened up to feel like restrictions, food shortage, military in communities is a normal thing. 

I genuinely think a lot of people got sick in March/April (my family and friends included) but I remember very fine powder everywhere and my air quality monitor in my garden was showing some really bad pollution. For this lockdown I don’t remember the same poor air quality and I don’t personally know anyone who has got sick. 

Already people are so accepting of the restrictions and seem to be welcoming more in. For example, people - including teachers - seem fine with soldiers going into schools in Liverpool to barcode, test and then secure children as young as 11. Some of the parents are actually thanking the army for doing it!


It never made sense that Rishi would spend so much money but I suppose if paying it back doesn’t matter then spending it doesn’t either.


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Really interesting post. I wonder if his prediction of military ships surrounding a Mediterranean could be Crete maybe or Sicily?

Makes me think of that front cover of Time magazine all alluding to a Great Reset and, as I think someone pointed out on here, a chunk of the Med being lifted out by the architects/workmen on the scaffold.


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1 hour ago, Ozymandias said:

Really interesting post. I wonder if his prediction of military ships surrounding a Mediterranean could be Crete maybe or Sicily?

Makes me think of that front cover of Time magazine all alluding to a Great Reset and, as I think someone pointed out on here, a chunk of the Med being lifted out by the architects/workmen on the scaffold.


My first thought was Cyprus due to the Russian, Turkish, Greek, British interests in that area. And the RAF air base.

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  • 9 months later...

Regarding the things I’ve written in the first post, vision for Suez Canal has come true. Half year afeter I wrote this topic. But I have wrote „Suez Canal cut-off” . Let me explain, polish word „odcięty” I translated via google and I get „cut-off” but in polish it also mean „surrounded” or exactly „blocked”.


Since than I haven’t watched his auditions, lack of time etc. But at that website  https://www.radiozet.pl/Rozrywka/Plotki/Jasnowidz-Krzysztof-Jackowski-o-nowych-restrykcjach-w-Polsce-i-sytuacji-w-Afganistanie  (website of polish radio station RadioZet) is today’s article about Jackowski’s visions. So…


original article:


Jasnowidz Jackowski: prowokacja w Afganistanie
W pierwszych słowach Jackowski odniósł się do sytuacji na Bliskich Wschodzie, podkreślając, że wycofanie się USA z tego kraju oznacza, że Amerykanie nie chcą podkreślać dotychczasowej polaryzacji sił na świecie, kiedy stali na jednym z jej biegunów. Teraz, zdaniem jasnowidza, chcą się schować, ukryć, bo wiedzą, że zbliża się bardzo trudna sytuacja na świecie. "Nie wygląda to dobrze" - zaznacza Jackowski.

"Mam od jakiegoś czasu przeczucie, że to już się zaczyna. Że w tej dziwnej sytuacji, to, co było jeszcze spokojne, co nie wzbudzało w nas takiego lęku, kończy się. Teraz wchodzimy w następny, bardziej brutalny etap. Konflikt, o którym mówiłem przez kilka lat, się zaczął. My tego jeszcze nie widzimy (...). Kojarzy mi się pełno wojska na granicy. Po tym, co się stało, świat zacznie być w pełnej gotowości militarnej. Skończyły się żarty. Widzę Kabul otoczony. Mam wrażenie, że to nie koniec, tego, co się stało w Afganistanie. Tam szybko zapanuje wielki chaos. Tam się coś jeszcze wydarzy" - przepowiada złowieszczo jasnowidz z Człuchowa.

"Nie wiem, czy to będzie związane z Afganistanem, ale świat zacznie montować wojsko, że będzie powszechne ruszenie. Raptem stworzą się dwa odrębne konflikty, pozornie niewyglądające groźnie dla świata, ale od tych konfliktów się zacznie. Nikt nie będzie uważał, że mogą doprowadzić do czegoś większego, ale od tego się zacznie" - mówi tajemniczo Jackowski.

Zdaniem Jackowskiego wycofanie się wojsk amerykańskich z Afganistanu nie jest przypadkowe i wiąże się z tym wielki plan, którego nie można ujawnić. Talibowie sądzą, że to ich zwycięstwo, ale to tylko pozory, bo Amerykanie nie oddają władzy w ręce byle kogo.

"Amerykanie nie oddają władzy w nie wiadomo czyje ręce, bez planu. Odejście z Syrii, z Afganistanu, to jest polityczna taktyka. Jeżeli Ameryka się oficjalnie z tych terenów wycofuje, to może oznaczać, że oddają  wpływy przeciwnikowi. Tam ma się dopiero zagotować. A ten, kto to organizuje, woli być z boku (...). Możemy być bardzo zaskoczeni tym, że świat, obok zarazy ma kolejny problem - militarny. To jest ze sobą powiązane" - stwierdza Jackowski i przypomina swoje słowa: na krótko przed wielkim konfliktem ludzie będą bali się oddychać" - mówi.

"Ten drugi konflikt będzie prowokacją. Prowokacją, by ruszyć kogoś dużego. Jeżeli dojdzie do tej prowokacji, prowokatorzy będą mobilizować wojsko w celu obrony. Nikt nie pomyśli, że to oni są prowokatorami. Jeżeli chodzi o Afganistan, to nie jest to zwycięstwo Talibów. Oni mają to zwycięstwo na chwilę. Nawet nie wiedzą, że są narzędziem złym planie. To, co będzie się działo, to prowokacje, które są częścią większego planu, który ma doprowadzić do konfliktu. To będzie się bardzo szybko rozgrywać" - mówi.

Krzysztof Jackowski o wydarzeniach w Polsce: "Będzie zakaz wychodzenia w nocy"
"Jeżeli chodzi o nasz kraj, to wydawać by się mogło, że lżej to będziemy przechodzić, tę czwartą falę, ale powiem Wam, że to była zabawa - obostrzenia, lockdowny - to było błahe w odniesieniu do tego, co będzie teraz. Będzie zaostrzony rygor, dyscyplina, bardzo restrykcyjne wymogi, w stosunku do wielu z nas. Ja mam wrażenie, że dojdzie do takiej sytuacji, że wojsko i policja będą miały większe prawa. Będzie się wymagało od nich większej konkretności i da się im ku temu prawa. To będzie wyglądało na początku, że chodzi o czwartą falę, ale mam odczucie, że potem przyjdzie inne zagrożenie - z tego, co będzie się działo na świecie. Nie będę ukrywał, że cały czas uważam, że to, co się dzieje od tamtego roku, kiedyś historia nazwie konfliktem. Tkwiąc w nim, jeszcze tego nie zauważamy, choć coraz więcej ludzi zaczyna mówić o tym, że jest na świecie cos nie tak" - wyjaśnia jasnowidz.

"Będą poważne, wybiórcze restrykcje i będzie w tym uczestniczyć policja i wojsko. Będą mieli większe możliwości działania. Poczujemy się jak w kraju niedemokratycznym. Będzie to wyglądało inaczej niż dotychczas, przez te półtora roku. Na pewno jest przygotowywany dziwny rząd w Polsce. W pewnym momencie obecna władza pozbędzie się władzy. Jest przygotowany rząd, który nie będzie się wywodził z obecnej władzy. Nie będą to ludzie z polityki. Bardzo dziwne. Wojska będą mobilizowane i wtedy zaczną być przydziały - nie wiem czy żywnościowe, czy lekowe - czy jedne i drugie. Ale stanie się coś, co spowoduje niedobory" - dodaje wizjoner. "W okresie jesieni i zimy będzie zakaz wychodzenia w nocy bez powodu. Będzie dużo zakazów. W moim odczuciu szkoły będą pozamykane. Ale to będzie już całkiem coś innego, jak było przez półtora roku" - mówi

Jak zauważa Krzysztof Jackowski, w jego odczuciu w Europie nie stanie się nic bardzo poważnego, ale mieszkańcy kontynentu i tak będą się bardzo bali, a strach wywoływać będzie żółty pył.

"Jak się zacznie dziać źle na świecie, jak zacznie się konflikt, w naszym kraju będzie panowało napięcie. Będzie dyscyplina, wzmożona ochrona bezpieczeństwa, ale tu się nic nie wydarzy. Czuję, że będziemy się bardzo bali. Na tyle będzie niebezpiecznie, że będziemy się bali. Cala Europa będzie drżała przed tym, co się dzieje. Fizycznie raczej się tu nic nie stanie (...). Kiedyś powiedziałem, że w okolicy Izraela wybuchnie brudna bomba. To się stało. Ten żółty pył - to będzie niebezpieczne, tego będziemy się bali" - zaznacza Krzysztof Jackowski w najnowszej wizji.


and translate:


Jackowski the clairvoyant: a provocation in Afghanistan
In his first words, Jackowski referred to the situation in the Middle East, emphasizing that the US's withdrawal from this country means that the Americans do not want to emphasize the current polarization of forces in the world, when they stood at one of its poles. Now, according to the seer, they want to hide, hide, because they know that it is approaching a very difficult situation in the world. "It does not look good," - notes Jackowski.


"I have a feeling for some time that it is already beginning. That in this strange situation, that what was still calm, which did not arouse such fear in us, ends. Now we are entering the next, more brutal stage. The conflict that I have been talking about for several years has begun. We don't see it yet (...). I see there are a lot of troops on the border. After what happened, the world will begin to be fully military ready. The jokes are over. I see Kabul surrounded. I have a feeling that this is not the end, what happened in Afghanistan. There will be great chaos soon there. Something else will happen there "- the clairvoyant from Człuchów predicts ominously.


"I do not know if it will be connected with Afghanistan, but the world will begin to assemble the army, it will be widespread moving. Suddenly, two separate conflicts will arise, seemingly not dangerous to the world, but from these conflicts it will begin. Nobody will think that they can lead to something bigger, but it will start from there "- says Jackowski mysteriously.


In opinion of Jackowski, the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is not accidental and is associated with a great plan that cannot be disclosed. The Taliban think this is their victory, but this is only an appearance, because the Americans are not putting power in the hands of just anyone.


"The Americans do not hand over power to unknown hands, without a plan. Leaving Syria, Afghanistan, is a political tactic. If America officially withdraws from these territories, it may mean that they are giving their influence over to the enemy. The situation is yet to get inflamed there. And the one who organizes it prefers to be hidden (...). We can be very sad surprised that the world, next to the plague, has another problem - a military one. It is related to each other "- states Jackowski and recalls his words: „shortly before the great conflict, people will be afraid to breathe" - he says.


"The second conflict will be a provocation. A provocation to move someone big. If it comes to this provocation, the provocateurs will mobilize the military to defend themselves. No one will think that they are provocateurs. As for Afghanistan, this is not a Taliban victory. They have this victory for a while. They do not even know that they are a tool of a bad plan. That what will happen are provocations that are part of a larger plan, that will lead to a conflict. It will play out very quickly, " he says.


Krzysztof Jackowski events in Poland: "It will be a ban of leaving at night"

"As far as our country is concerned, it would seem that we will go through this fourth wave easier, but I will tell you that it was fun - restrictions, lockdowns - it was trivial with regard to what will happen now. It will be more acute. rigor, discipline, very strict requirements for many of us. I have the impression that the military and the police will have more rights. They will be required to be more specific and given rights to do so. It will look at the beginning, it's about the fourth wave, but I have a feeling that there will come other threat - of what will happen in the world. I will not hide that I still believe that what has been happening since last year will someday be called a conflict by history. While stuck in it, we do not notice it yet, although more and more people are starting to talk about the fact that there is something wrong in the world "- explains the clairvoyant.


"There will be serious, selective restrictions and will be a part of the police and the army. They will have greater possibilities of action. We will feel like in the undemocratic country. It will look different than before, by the year and a half. It is certainly prepared a strange government in Poland. At some point, the current government will get rid of power. There is a prepared government that will not derive from the current rulling power. They won't be people from politics. Very strange. The troops will be mobilized and then there will be allocations - I don't know whether food or medicine - or both. But something will happen that will cause a shortage," adds the visionary. "In autumn and winter, going out at night will be banned for no reason. There will be a lot of bans. In my opinion, schools will be closed. But it will be something completely different, as it was for a year and a half" - he says.


As Krzysztof Jackowski notes, in his opinion nothing very serious will happen in Europe, but the inhabitants of the continent will be very afraid anyway, and the fear will be caused by yellow dust.


"When things go bad in the world, when a conflict starts, there will be tension in our country. There will be discipline, increased security, but nothing will happen here. I feel that we will be very scared. It will be so dangerous that we will be there. They were afraid. All of Europe will tremble at what is happening. Rather, nothing will really happen here (...). I once said that a dirty bomb would go off near Israel. That has happened. This yellow dust - it will be dangerous, we will be afraid of it "- emphasizes Krzysztof Jackowski in his latest vision.


I just remind you that another visionary, Alois Irlmaier, spoke about yellow dust over 70 years ago. So Jackowski's visions dangerously suit other visions from the past. I heard from someone that in his vision said that it's time to prepare the supplies. It does not make me optimistic.

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