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the stories in the bible are much older than suspected


they run concurrent with the era of the megalithic cities


the destroyed megalithic cities are the remains of babylon



armageddon happened a long time ago



the elohim abandoned the solar system


taking what and who they wanted


leaving the rest of us to die



armageddon was the final catastrophe


that destroyed the paradise machine


also described by the tale of ragnarok


"the death of the gods"



we live in the last days of earth


the sun will nova soon


stripping the earth of air and water



make travel plans now

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1 hour ago, pi3141 said:


Where should we go?


The only possible place to avoid the consequences of a Super Nova would be space.


We can't all go there.


your conscious energy is immutable and can travel the universe


everything is connected by tendrils of magnetic charge


from the stars to our minds, it is all the same


it is possible to control your journey here


that is one of the first lessons to learn



when you leave your body you can go anywhere you want


by following the magnetic web between stars


there are many lifes to live in an infinite universe


but it takes intention, a well developed focus



the bright light of near death experiences,


is the birth canal of your new mother



when you are not consciously choosing your destination


you will return to what is most familiar


most of us have been on earth a long, long time

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13 hours ago, Given To Fly said:

how does evil occur ?

evil can only live in the hearts of men, there is no analogue in nature


the assigning of good and evil to experience is a personal bias, it is borne of ignorance of self and its connection to the universe


believing in good and evil is a powerful mental disease, forcing one to narrow their perspective to what is deemed good and exclude the evil, a degradation of awareness


the problem is that evil will always conquer good, evil pretends to be good, and since the adherent is focused on the good it does not fully understand evil intentions, good people are soon doing the works of evil without awareness, they are convinced of their own righteousness regardless of their actions


good and evil pave the way for the most destructive mental disease, love


love is obsession, often to the point of self harm, and allows one to commit unspeakable evils, such as war


love demands hate... if you love your country, you must hate its enemies, you may kill those enemies without remorse, even though they are otherwise good people who also love their own country


appreciation is the cure for love, the opposite being ignorance, a benign condition


everything can be appreciated, it carries no emotional weight, it is the first step towards enjoyment

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5 hours ago, alexa said:


OK, I'm booking a one way ticket to the moon as we speak :classic_rolleyes:

If the sun is (allegedly) going to supernova, then I don't think the moon will be far enough away. Can you change the destination of your ticket? I'd try Orion's belt, not been there, but heard it's amazing. 👍🏻

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2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

If the sun is (allegedly) going to supernova, then I don't think the moon will be far enough away. Can you change the destination of your ticket? I'd try Orion's belt, not been there, but heard it's amazing. 👍🏻

more like 'micronova'


we are beings of life energy, most people sense there is very little life on the moon, you will not want to go there, instead your energy will be focused on similar conditions to those you most recently enjoyed, you will be attracted to another planet like earth, the only way to avoid this process is to consciously take control of your soul energy, then you can choose where to go


also, a body made of light does not rely on planetary interaction and is not subject to gravity

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