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Why you get a cold and why you won't if you do this...


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28 minutes ago, Steve H said:

How is that possible in this world?  I would have to go blind and deaf, stop drinking, eating and breathing.  

Well yes we know that this world is now full of harmful substances from the air to some foods we eat. But the key is to limit the toxins we wilfully put in our body.


Eating fast food, Red meat, high amounts of fat, sugar, salt, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, drinking too much Juice and the list goes on. 


You can drastically reduce the amount of toxins in your body. 


Eating a diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, fish, grains, nuts and seeds. 


Not getting stressed and living a life filled with as much joy as possible - I struggle with this.


Also... Not wearing a Mask. 

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you get a 'cold' because it's cold... or because of a sudden and noticeable change in temperature because it irritates your respiratory track if you're not enough accustomed with staying outdoor in all climates... then it reduces or blocks air flow and bacterial proliferation starts at the opportunity of the 'confinement', but the nature was well designed and by the time the irritation healed bacteria were dealt with by your body and what's left of them gets killed by the end of the LOCKDOWN...


those prone to colds and flu are urban populations passing most of their time indoor, if for instance you're a lumberer cutting wood in the forest all the year long then you're not likely to get colds, because you got no time for it... 


to my few knowledge toxins cause intoxication which neither cold or flu are... why not just sticking to common sense ?



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Things we call "cold, flu...' are the effects of the body expediting toxins from the body which have accrued (or a new particular toxin has been recognised by the body) to a point where the body decides it's neccesary for a more 'rapid-response' over tge usual bacterial, paraxitic methods.

In these cases the body produces particular viruses, dictated by the mitochondrial DNA, which forms the virus from proteins in the cell. These viruses are replicated within the cell until the cell cannot contain them, then they are released into the body system to go to work communicating via their RNA to the other cells to act in kind.

The extent of the toxic overlozd determines the severity of the symptoms experienced as the 'cold,flu...'


So called seasonal colds, flu, occurr, not merely due to temperature drop, but by general change in seasons. The body, being in perpetual communion with the cosmos, responds to the changing of the seasons. When the body recognises the approach of Winter, less sunlight -less natural energy - it will take care of any toxins accrued, by creating viruses to expedite their dissolution.

Viruses communicate electromagnetically via their RNA, people don't infect each other, we communicate that we have recognised tbe presence of toxins. The 'recipient'of such a message, if in good health will not exhibit any symptoms, such as a cold, flu should their body decide to create 'like-virus. Should the recipient be in poor toxicity, then a 'cold,flu' will be experienced.


The ever increasing disruption to the electromagnetic field of the Earth, organic life - of course disrupts, corrupts this communication system. Most recently with corona - which in electrical engineering means "electronic radiation field."

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I forgot to mention swelling as the middle-stage in cold so my here above 'demonstration' wasn't complete…


The irritation provoked by the cold induces inflammation that causes body tissues to swell which is what reduces the air flow in the respiratory tract, thus easing bacteria proliferation… looking further into the UNFATHOMABLE and absolutely FRIGHTENING properties of the human body, swelling in wounds is cause by blood accumulation in the wound's location to help reparation or healing, which means 'bloodletting' when it was practiced had no other result or purpose but to compromise or prevent healing…


By the time it takes for the inflammation of upper respiratory track tissues to heal, 'cold' may degenerate into 'flu' if bacteria proliferation reaches bronchi (bronchitis), but it all soon heals on its own with the recovery of a normal air flow and without passing through the stage of pneumonia ('COVID') which is bacteria proliferation reaching lungs in either very old, weakened people or those keeping themselves exposed to wet cold despite 'flu', all conditions slowing the healing of the initial inflammation…


You even wonder how anyone may believe in 'pathogenic microbes' or 'viruses' when things appear so evident when explained this way : they're all mere physical processes and phenomena with no 'magic' in them but just LIFE, the study of which Medicine is or should be… 'microbiology' or 'virology' are parts of our modern and pseudo-medical polytheist religion with its 'gods', countless 'martyrs' and fanaticism…


All living forms need one thing to exist : water... you may plant and grow seeds that were stored for years but what are seeds ? they're sealed envelopes able to keep water molecules within for years until a friendly environment helps them release their contain and grow… now guess how and in which hidden cove of their unfathomable selves could such infinitesimal particles as 'microbes' or 'viruses' store 'water' or 'MEMORY' ?... even living bacteria in the same range of size can't, so it's all pure MYTHOLOGY and FAIRY TALES…


Once bacteria's environment runs out of water they become the same dead and powerless particles as all microbes AKA 'viruses' are…

Maybe people can't change the world, but they may change their mind and it wouldn't cost them anything, yet they keep believing in fairy tales at the cost of their life because they themselves live in lie and 'fantasy'…


Religion at least had some humour since not even priests themselves seriously thought there were 'angels' in the skies or a 'hell' underground, most people knew it was all symbolism to promote human values and it did work for a while… but humour got lost along with common sense in 'Medicine' which has you firmly believe that unfathomable and evil 'zombie' particles are lurking out there hoping to hit the mankind with 'infectious' or 'viral' diseases… BILLIONS were made out of it and it's now used to silently enforce dictatorship on free citizens…



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By a cold, we generally mean a blocked stuffy nose, yes?


On every occasion, I've come across so called "colds" in family members, it has been possible to "cure" it immediately. This can be done in one of two ways: acupuncture on colon 5 on the hand or using a salt inhaler. The former being more likely to work immediately with the use, by yourself, of an electro-acupuncture device. Electro-acupuncture being more powerful in my experience than needle treatments though they may work too.


From what I can gather, in both instances, you're activating a sluggish/bliocked colon. Brought on by diet or excess and the like. The colon meridian starts on the index finger, runs up through the arms, over the shoulders, up through the neck, around the mouth and, most specifically here, up either side of the nose ending at the top. Hence, a blocked or sluggish colon creates an energetic block in the nose. As is often found, "colds" do not always produce phlegm and so could be said also to be an energetic block in nature. Activating colon 5 has always, in my experience, immediately removed any feeling of having a blocked nose or cold.


The way a salt inhaler clears a cold, or flu, is similar but coming from a different angle. You cannot have a colon issue without also having a lung issue as the latter meridian precedes the former - lung meridian high phase is 3-5am and colon meridian is 5-7am. Therefore, when you greatly soothe and relax the lungs using a salt inhaler, this meridian is then free to flow smoothly into the colon meridian and free that up too. Normally this will present as a bowel evacuation and your nose will clear as the colon meridian terminates either side of it.


When looking at health issues this way, you can easily diagnose and treat many illnesses. For instance, stuttering is caused by bowel issues as the colon meridian flows through the voice box. Similar also to Tourettes. Both likely the result of vaccine damage to the bowel. Hence why asthma is one of the results of vaccine damage as the lung meridian is closely associated with the colon meridian.

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