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Ukraine lockdowns (that are not really lockdowns)


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Hi all,

I am living in the Ukraine where we have “casedemic”. In the red zone I live in they have not closed even saloons or barber shops etc

they were going to and there was a threat of “protesting” which made the government decide they would let them stay open.

I am happy to live in a country where the people and government understand who actually has the power.

what is  the on the ground situation in your country?

good luck to all

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Scandinavia seems almost old normal with no muzzles and reasonable sociable contact (with hand washing) but I think Denmark voted to have forced vaccines and OZ is still on International boundaries lockdown leaving more then 40.000 Australians unable to return home. UK banned population to make leisure flights (so could escape current lockdown nonsense) I hope Eastern Europe is more sensible?

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Hi woodsman,

so far things have been fairly normal here I think it a combination of the people being Mostly self sufficient which makes them less easier to control and also having a very jaded outlook on any authority figure that combined with the post ww2 and Stalin era PTSD makes them less afraid and more prone to resorting to violence compared to us apathetic non violent for the most part Canadians anyway I’ll update if things change.

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