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A generalised reply. I have read the other threads on this board and have chosen not to participate in any of those discussions. There seems to be an interpretation/push by certain people to constantly want to pin "evil" on certain aspects of Christian religion. I put evil in quotes, because evil does not exist. Let me explain. There is a constructive force, the creator, that is good. The opposite of that, is a destructive force, but such a force would also destroy itself. It has no love for anything, nor itself. What there is, is people who do bad things to others. They seemingly do not understand the consequences of their actions or even in some cases do not seem to care, because they are narcissistic. I am currently staying at a place with such a person. I will get to that later in this post.


The English language was designed to be as it is now. Certain words were specifically chosen because of their numerical values. Not by people, but by the creator. The further very simple explanation is written in the written account linked in the first post.


How is it that I state god/jesus and the devil are one and the same? To understand that, you will have to understand what I am about to write here is the truth. This reality is a construct, created by the creator. A game to be more precise. God/jesus, the devil, of course it then should be clear what blue and red represent, are just names, but they do not really represent nor change what the creator is. He can call himself the Easter bunny, he would still remain the same.


Now, I think I need to specify, for some people at least, how it is, that the place called Epic(written account) actually matches the 45337 pattern in the number pi. That was NOT arranged by people. To understand it, I would need to explain events that happened outside of time and space(yes, it does exist.). It can be seen as a staging area for this reality. Anything the creator wants to have happen here, DOES. The 45337 pattern was known and the numbers with 10 and 11 iterations had been studied. The other numbers could be used as an address etc. as seen in the written account, but the 11 11 and 11 required something extra. The creator than SAID: I need two women that match these numbers. So, the door opens(yes, there are doors outside of time and space. And not star trek sliding doors. Just a regular one.) and lo and behold, two women come walking in. He asks them their names, Kateryna and Kimberly. Now, as already written, Katerynas last name is Kremko, so that was fine. For Kimberly only the first name was important, but, he said to her to use the name tweett at some point, as her name then also fit the 8 and 6 letters. (This was used in Archangel - The puzzle, mentioned in the written account.) He then said to them: 'We are going to play a game. You two are going to hide somewhere and I am coming to find you.' Now, outside of time and space, women are actually nice, because as they are created, they do not get all messed up, sour and defensive like they do growing up in the sick and twisted society you have created for yourselves down here. They were extremely excited and ran back out the door. Now, the creator then SAID there was going to be a place called Epic, at a certain address, a movie that used those numbers as notes, a book and that Kimberly and Kateryna would both be there on a certain night, were he would find them. (People going to call that cheating?). When people are born here, they do NOT remember anything that might have been said to them in that place. Understand?


Now, to write the 3rd testament, linked in the written account somewhere, and link the tracks together, the creator called in the help of Kateryna, yes, still outside of time and space. She was sitting next to him as he was deciding what tracks to use and tweaking some of them. He would constantly ask her for her opinion on how it was at that moment. She then asked if she could go play music down here. She also wanted to be a mother. He answered: 'fine, ok, but don't act too crazy.'


He also had Kateryna with him when 'Archangel - the puzzle' and sequels were created. She, outside of time space, thought they were extremely funny. They were actually meant to be funny. He had decided to bug her with them inside of time and space, which he did. The effect down here was that he ended up at the cops explaining the contents of said videos. Now, isn't that interesting? So, something that is meant, for a large part humorously, is picked up by people in your sick and twisted society in the worst possible way and without even asking the creator of the videos about the meaning of the contents, the police are phoned and all kinds of exaggerated claims are made. And you people are proud of this miserable, asinine trash ball you call a planet?


But, reading the written account, was there an original plan? Yes. Kimberly was the original plan. What almost happened at the Epic was that, when I tapped Kimberly as she was walking away, she turned back and I stepped closer. The effect was like walking into a bubble of static electricity. I clearly remember thinking, fuck the usb stick, the whole plan, I am talking to her. But, I somehow continued the original plan, passing her by anyway. She was NOT supposed to be with some Dutch ass hat, which is described in the written account.


How did that happen then? Well, I will tell you, but will it make any sense to people? As described in the written account, in the beginning, there would be 2 entities created to help setup this world. But, at that workplace, the jewish guy named Peter aka the hat wearing mutherfucker got me to agree that those 2 entities would be bad and against me. Taking advantage of the fact I in the beginning did not know who I was, they made me create an enemy. They were called, the jews. Do people realise that that describes a real paradox?


So, here's 'paradox - what is wisdom'



But, was it known that all of that would happen? Yes, yes it was. Therefore other women were created. But, since the same situation was still going on outside of time and space, many of the other women created, were created with problems so it wouldn't work out. The first was Isabella, 8 letters, 6 letters last name. Crossed paths with her at a place I stayed. I then left and immediately found another place, Tatiana, last name includes CH. Also a problem. Then Inna. Well, we know how that one works out right? Alexandra, working at the same place as Inna. You know what is not funny? So, Alexandra explains to me in a conversation we had that her roommate had thrown out most of her clothes by accident. I felt like I could help her out, so I had some drinks and left her 100 euros, with the idea she could buy new clothes. Next time I go by, the manager comes out, gives me back all the tip money, tells me not to tip his waitresses and they told me, both Inna and Alex, that they were not allowed to talk to me anymore. What in the fuck is that shit then? Was in Lloret de mar. I never went back to that place. Can someone still be nice to someone else on this flaming ball of goat shit without expecting anything in return? What is this place? Hell on earth or what?


Now, believe it or not, the fact I found all these women in one shot, without any effort, is because it was all scripted. Although people seem to think all their choices are their own.... I already explained how that goes in a previous post no? 


To get back to that workplace. There was a day, when I told people on that department: 'I will be coming up with a puzzle', to prove something to people. The only hint I gave them is: It will have something to do with the number 38. Peter aka the hat wearing mutherfucker, unbelieving as he is, then constantly would try to bother me with, ah number 38, 38 this, that. I then SAID: You will be living on number 38 after. Guess what? People going to guess correctly? I am well aware of the rules of this forum not to post personal details of people. But, this person has a company and this information is publicly available on the internet. This man sat there torturing me mentally for months on end, threatened to kill me so often he should be in the Guinness book of world records, supposedly the leader of the fake Dutch Illuminati and repeatedly tried to get me to get on my knees to kiss his ring in awe of his bullshit godfather crap. I do not go on my knees nor do I kiss peoples ring. He can kiss my ass.






You can check the address yourself. Peter van Weert. Pardon my french, but fuck you and the horse you rode in on.


Do people then know why there are viruses, nasty bacteria and horrible illnesses on this planet? Well, you see, if the creator is having a conversation with 2 entities that are against him and they start forcing him to create these horrible things because he, at that moment, does not know what he is doing... Whose fault is that then you think? 


To get to this ass I am currently staying with who is already described in previous posts. This morning, I figured I would start a conversation with him, because I strongly disagree with what Merkel said. Something about vaccinating the entire world, bla, bla. Over my dead body. I then said there had been a G7 leaders meeting. He then immediately told me I was full of shit, because there had been no G7 meeting, that never happened, my news sources were crap and if it had happened he would have known because he watches the German news. He then googled it with his non existent search skills, after which he told me there had been no such meeting again. I then quoted multiple news sources and after every one I mentioned he would say in a snarly/sarcastic way: yeah, sure. Do people have ANY idea how fucking annoying someone like that is? Now, were it not for Freddy, I mean Mika, with the fantastic lyric: 'Getting angry doesn't solve anything'. In my mind I had already grabbed his head and smashed it on the stove in front of him. Anybody else ever feel like that? I really need to leave this place. 


Which brings me to a repost. Yes, sorry, but, you see, this video I personally recorded has a whole section in it about this ass I just told you about again. Hey pi guy! You asked me a question right? I had already answered that question. Yes, the video also includes a message to certain users on this forum. It does. So, once again, under the label of creative freedom, I repost The REAL Illluminati movie "idea". That is vague isn't it?




Man. Now, if I could only find a woman to come save me here. Yeah, well, I would like to talk to Kimberly about all of this, but she is apparently the secret master of the block button. I would like to play another game after this one. Yeah, without all the crap that got created here. Sounds like fun no? People see "Ready player one"? Great movie right?




For those people, you know those people, that will go something like, that Logan man, he's insane, he's out of his mind. I say: You're fucking crazy! Here:




I'm out.. I think. Thank you for reading once again and ya'll have a nice day you hear? 

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