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Who are the deep state? Who did 9/11?


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To start off the deep state are Jewish congressman with CIA.... They are working with the people in the afterlife and Lockheed Martin is an afterlife company that brang down stealth fighter technology because China and Russia are way behind as the F-22 raptor can lockon to enemy radar and jets before they can be seen/locked into. So yes the stealth fighter is even more stealth but they are letting electronics be detected now by China to claim they ant stealth... BS as they can't be detected by enemy radar or jets. Enemy radar and jets can be locked on and seen first why firing missiles at enemy then turning around so they can't be detected.


Afterlife Jewish hacked the computer system that an Computer. The brain is an quantum computer with electrons and atom's in brain and quantum computers....Computer system got hacked by Lockheed Martin with Jewish in Afterlife.


Want proof There's an afterlife? The brain is an quantum computer well Computer at least as electrons and atom's are in brain like quantum computers. We are uploded by the wavelength signal receptors called the hidden frontal lobes.

The hidden frontal lobes make chemical reaction. An wavelength signal gives off and is an chemical.... So hidden frontal lobes is your uploded and download.


They Lockheed Martin tried wiping out the Soul Creator God down here but my operations failed to wipe me out and subconsciousness consciousness is my other weapon that is stopping them from hurting me....They had to cut something out of my body or brain and it set it off.


Double Slit shot test is my weapon and it's spiritual and consciousness.... It's what you call spiritual and electrons and atom's think "yes" think.

Slit shot test shows it thinks because no electron or so on ever hit the same spot on the detecting screen twice "+" they randomly hit 5 spots on the screen 


9/11 from what I got told was to get Afghanistan's minerals and deposits. I also herd the people in the afterlife say it was to give God self belief... Something I can't get.


To understand why I was God is down here and why they are trying to wipe him out read below.

First I can't add photos but have Facebook post dates proof that I can do premonitions.... crazy I know. Go to Oblique weapons fb page to see proof and an live premonition..  read below.


Proof of an afterlife and God slit shot test is consciousness and I can do premonitions.


First I'm Psychic and asked the afterlife how we get there.

They said what's an quantum computer made of? I said electrons and atom's. They said what's in the brain / made of? I said wtf electrons and atom's also. I then asked them how we get to the Afterlife? They said looks at the hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes as photo below shows them.

So now they said look at the lobes that take an wavelength must have movent inside them....So what ever is in the frontal lobes must move crazy I take it.
Now someone said the stuff in the frontal lobs moves from chemical reaction? Yes because the lobes take an wavelength that's radiation is a chemical making the chemical reaction in the lobes.

Photo of hidden receptor frontal lobs. Below attachment photos.

After looking back on my life with the impossible events happening once or twice a year, I couldn't believe what they told me and who I am after I moved into a house next to a petrol station I premonitioned when 14 years old...The people in the afterlife reminded me I forgot all about it...crazy.

I'm told I'm God = Soul Creator Psychics tell me.

Yes we are computers but also spiritual consciousness after I was uploaded and born none stop the Jewish trying to out smart me "but" it failed.

The events in my life would make you freak out. But them events happened why Yong and like one or 2 things a year back then, that I dismissed them when youger as I was not very intelligent...One of them my mum shouldn't off dismissed, and that was me and my sister turning around why driving past the Adelaide Brighton Ampol petrol station in 1993. We turned back almost screaming that the petrol station had blown up when driving past on way to grandma's. Mum looked back and said know it didn't "but when we got home" on the news it had blown up after we said that an hour or so After.

"Read part of double Slit shot test being a like computer subconscious spiritual afterlife Afterlife. They the government never kept slit shot test secret because the Jewish in the afterlife need to crack it "like" they hacked my first basic computer program, and are trying to wipe me out..read on." Problem is it thinks first "pridicts" and knows your every move.

God Afterlife and a takeover in the afterlife unto the Soul Creator unleashed subconsciousness then threatening spiritual awakening.....End of universe.

Me and my sister premonitionsed the Adelaide Brighton Ampol petrol station tanker blowing up in 1993, hours before it happened. It's now a petrol station called Caltex with logo of Sole Creator "red tick on star" and star represents a God.

I also born myself in the city of churches Adelaide South Australia to send a message to the people in the afterlife that tried taking over.... City of churches can do premonitions? = God....I clearly couldn't help myself lol. Photo of proven premonition attached below.

Anyway now that caltex petrol station sign of soul Creator and a God uses a fuel tanker to fill up the underground tanks called K & S energy.  My sister's name is Kelly and my name is Scott. K & S energy and we both turned back clamming that it had blown up at the same time.

K & S "energy" means nothing dies "it's" eternal...my message to them... eternal. Photo of tanker attached below. fb open profile /ryanscott0123

The fule tanker guy standing on pumps next to explosion only court alight and rolled him self out from it blowing up in his face "beyond a miracle" and a force field protected all the people around from the explosion and fire ball. How the f didn't he die standing right next to it? He only court allite for 10 seconds and rolled himself out with fuel? it blows up in his face impossible? Other people meters away didn't get burnt but houses across Brighton road got melted paint dripping down walls...... something huge happen here. My message to them that consciousness and spiritual canTarget certain people only.

Proof of my premonitions is in photo attached..click on it and find original post on my Oblique weapons fb page with time and dates. I did it after the people in the afterlife asked me to do a premonition seen as they are in shock also. I said a volcano will happen in New Zealand outskirts....Not near the city, and it come true. I asked them if they wanted people to die and they said yes. I made the earthquake in America as an warning to America about starting wars murdering people.

Ok back to petrol station.

Did you know I moved into the house next to that petrol station 2 years ago and just moved out months ago? I moved in there by creating something like Destiny or knowing the future. The people in the afterlife never lined it up for me to move in there and would if already have changed the sign to no God 95% connecting star.

At all Caltex there signs are different thick read tick and solid star 2 colours. Photo shows the original petrol station sign changed after I moved in at my next store petrol station, to say no God anymore, but they messed up and left one original sign up top. Etherway signed would of been changed before I moved in there not 4 months+ after I moved in they told me who I was God.

Subconsciously I couldn't let them know information or who I was but they use psychics to find me again/computer program surely they don't need psychics' to find me push enter... hackers.

In 2018 I moved into the house next to that very same petrol station forgetting about my premonition in 1993....I kinda didn't no what to make of it at the time after we got home and see it on the news. More forgot about it over 20+ years. But the CIA had the owner change the sign after I moved in that as far as I can see in Adelaide, that same petrol station is the only Caltex to change the sign in Adelaide "&" that petrol tanker didn't ever go to that petrol station unto after I moved in and spotted it before hand...it's like an enemy company going to it's enemy's shop supliing it "proof" that what I clam is true....ask all Caltex workers and customers what or when the sign changed at one store at the time, and why they got an energy company to refuel the petrol station when it never went there before? Because it's a message from me to them "burn for an eternity" if you mess with me.

The CIA with people in the afterlife started doing things to me, so I made an crazy premonition that would stop them hurting me forever....I said the universe and world will end if you don't stop. I also said to prove it chuck me off a building and I'll survivor....Crazy I no.

After I survived an 6 story building fall, they stopped hurting me because the Mind control frontal lobs is like being hipnotised or they can charge your electrons Burning you. I survived and they stopped mostly after that but 1 time when I fort I was going to have an heartattack..They just think there getting an eternity so panicked...years ago now.

After I survived the fall, they dilibretly put me into a comor because I had no head damage people's? So why was I in a injused comor for? I woke up in MRI mechine and sat up and started saying what's going on here feeling 1,000% fine in the head, body bobes sore. They made me wake up feeling like I was so sick after I woke up from comor, but it was mind control wavelength signal that's lobs, so my family wouldn't believe me. Mum already confirmed to Dr and psychitist that I told her something blow up at petrol station before it did, but yet still finds this to hard to believe... She's under hidden frontal lob mind control that act's like being hipnotised.

So I claim I'm the soul Creator known as God and the people claim to be the Jewish, are trying to wipe me out and takeover the afterlife. They hacked my first computer program like we the brain are computer's, but didn't know about double slit shot test, that's consciousness and it thinks.....Yes electrons and photons think "almost like being entangled none stop as soon as one dies it's info is passed onto the others entangled one....They think and can prodict first.

The last time I was born they wiped out my memory they claim "psychics in afterlife" because they did things to me and tried wiping me out and I woke up without memory but had consciousness. We are not spiritual yet? I think we are or soon because if they do it again we are going to be number 11 the number of my room when they were going to kill me... Spiritual awakening.

I am and use must be spiritual now.

Ether way i set it off consciousness to stop an 100% takeover from the so called Jewish in the Afterlife. Consciousness is hurting them and stopping them from hurting me as after they gave me operation after the building ball I believe they cut something out my brain which set off subconsciousness and is driving them nuts and they can lie hurt me anymore...bring himself to her me "it was bring themselves to hurt me" but they edit this none stop as you can see I can see an error... Not that hard really to fix "no point" because they just edit other words after.

People's the brain is an computer and subconscious is spiritual.. Now look at hipnotised people following commands from soundwaves telling  the brain what to do...the receptors.... Just like the Jewish hacked my computer program that can control human's thinking movement, and canmove objects and control weather. The Jewish in the afterlife claim they didn't know about consciousness double slit shot test spiritual "umm call it an " program when it's not... Spiritual.

Apparently what the psychics telling me from Afterlife Is that i new most things and left them a message this time around because consciously I knew roughly know what there trying to do to me.... wipe me out. Petrol station is an message...fireball that they will be a in it for an eternity.

The petrol station was beyond a miracle and I believe I've created Destiny because even music clips and stuff like that have relevant things to my life and what I'm trying to tell them in the message sending them a message.

I caused the New Zealand volcano after the CiA and people in the afterlife asked me if I could do another one this long after. I said there would be a volcano in the outskirts of NZ away from the city...It come true. The problem was they asked if people would die? I said it was up to use.. People died so I got angry and sent America and the afterlife people an message. I said an earthquake would happen in California and it would be an medium earthquake as I didn't want People to die....It come true the and is very very rare in California to have an medium earthquake.

anyway check out my live fb post saying There could be an earthquake there then the after post the next day...posted it 2 days after but happened the next day...look at photo below. You can find original post on my Facebook page oblique weapons fb.

After I made premonition that they couldn't kill me or freinds or family or hold me in mental/drug hospital or put me in jail for more then a month this happens.

They put me back in there the short stay drug recovery and mentally ill ward/because bribed dr said so...  They wanted to hold permanently the people in the afterlife keep saying to me. Anyway I stayed in room 6 and they said they would hold me permeability the CIA/psychic Afterlife people....I said 'something will happen". Soon after my room filled with water. Next they put me in room 11 moving me because of the water with no sign of how it got past cement walls, and said to me they were want to kill me. I said if you do petrol station burn for an eternity and the water come up out of know where.

Anyway a new guy come in for weed. He was telling me that he was someone in the last life and that number 11 had meaning for something and he didn't know what it meant or something like the end or new beging. Anyway I only picked up on it because the people in the afterlife told me that I was in room 11 after being forced to change rooms. Google 11 number? They said before we were going to kill me but one person picked up on what 11 means? It's spiritual awakening....kill me & if it's not spiritual now it will be after my death that means the end of the universe that my premonition said.

We are subconsciousness now but will be spiritual if I die. If they kill me or my friends you all coming to me "or" lock me up for longtime "like jail or bribed putting me in a mental hospital....Bang spiritual awakening time.

Anyway i felt as if something bad was going to happen after that, so I just reminded about the petrol station and water in room and room 11 and all the rest? I got reliced shortly after they moved me again from room 11.

So I'm God or better known as Sole Creator "probebly" because I'm not up myself.

Yes I can do premonitions but Psychics told me I'm "wait for it" that I'm God.

Crazy people's but I am the sole creator = God "yes I know what your thinking" wtf is he on? Sadly nothing good.

I can do premonitisons and things since I was a kid, but as a kid it was more impossible things like one time defining gravity on the gravetron ride. I walked up to guy in middle why ride was spinning and touching the non spinning poles around him telling him to stop...I could walk upto him and hold onto Poles why ride moving, not ripping off my arms or gravity stopping me by force as other were stuck up the side of the walls...I'll never forget the look on his face like he seen a ghost.

I guess it was also knowing things and things before they happened. I have been like this since an teenager prems and now adult can still do them..

So in 1993 me & my sister premonitions the Ampol petrol station explosion. To add to it me and my sister turned back at same time clamming that, and our names are Kelly & Scott and now the fuel tanker that fills up the storage tanks at that petrol station is called K & S energy... energy never dies and us eternal. K & S Kelly & Scott.

The petrol station is now a Caltex petrol station logo of star = God.

The point is here is my premonition with service station is an message to them. The now Caltex petrol station logo of God star and soul Creater a red tick, is me telling them I'm still and always will be a God.

I born myself in the city of churches Adelaide and live here.....I can do premonitions? Jesus Christ was said to do premonitions and I can? I'm telling them in every way that I'm a God in everyway possible.

Check out Oblique weapons fb page for my premonition that come true like photos attached on this page or proof.

Apparently I was set up by a powerful company and the Psychics tell me the Jewish. Subconsciously I can tell if there lying to me when people or Psychics talk to me....it's true..... Jewish come to power in America congressman Jewish rigged votes and CIA full of Jewish...9/11.

So they hacked my computer program but once they tried removing some electrons and atom's from my brain and glands they claim "after 6 story fall or first amited to hospital and had operations, I believe they tryed to wipe me out. It set off spiritual subconscious that is like an different upload and I can answer people/reply to people before I even hear what the answer or next word is going to be some times. People close to me and trusted it doesn't seem to happen much....them psychics I talk to are also the people trying to wipe me out and consciousness makes them tell me partly the true and tell me what's happening because it's consciousness that's been activated....They claim now after operations and cutting something out of me setting off subconsciousness, that they can't bring themselves to hurt me anymore are feeling very scared.

I have backup ideas and checkout what I think my backup spiritual weapon called "google" double slit shot test. Electrons and particles think "yes" think.

Scientist try record the test results with a camera but the electrons think and start going crazy and like split into two like teleporting. I believe it's a coded spiritual consciousness computer program of mine. We are computers and the Jewish in the afterlife hacked my computer program 100% that can burn your body and as I said above stop you from dying or getting diseases but it's more like it can stop diseases from affecting you but if they reverse what I call frontal lobs mind control, you will get the disease and worse as it doesn't stop it aging but symptoms stop why on mind control.

The Jewish didn't discover my real backup spiritual program called double slit shot test unto not to long ago, and there going to get everything they deserve yes deserve.

Don't you find it strange that the military scientist didn't keep this slit shot test top secret once it come about? Yes after Einstein almost ended the world E=MC square they changed there ways.

They the Jewish are desperately trying to crack slit shot test that has electrons and atom's think and prodict, when people are trying to detect how it works. It thinks before. They are telling everyone about it trying desperately to crack it to overthrow me and wipe me out.

I know why after I sent Putin messages why he went into Syria for. He knows all about the afterlife "walks out in public anywhere" without a care in the world. The evil people are trying to get desperate help to crack my slit shot computer program that thinks..... It's spiritual not an program. They say to me how can we build a faster computer if it thinks thinks before you or anything thinks and even"predicts". an computer now even nano has to think first, so it's impossible to catch up/bet it.....do use all smell something burning? I do.

Some prems IV done.

Google CEO death after I sent him a message telling him to stop hidding my emails from sender's or stop delivery of my emails "Gmail" and I said he would die. He died in an rare earthquake climbing shortly after.

Next the 1999 American golfer that died. I seen him boarding the plane and said your going to die as I seen him boarding his plane. He did die on that very same flight in mysterious way, so read the Wikipedia info. They all KO from loss of cabin pressure instantly passing out? Impossible. IV see an huge arliner lose 20+% of its roof and knowone passed out instantly or died without mask diving from something like 35,000ft+? They didn't have time to fly down for min/mins to be at oxygent level? And air mask didn't deploy? So oxygent mask didn't deploy and they KO instantly? Not right at all in everyway. You would need a massive huge decompression in a vacuum to even come close to KOing + the plane had no signs of a huge hole in the plane as it also flyed for 1 hour after they KO on auto pilot. No real big hole as it kept on flying and if memory serves me correctly, another plane flyed next to it and the windows where iced up...The Afterlife can move objects make it cold and freeze &  stuff. That plane flying next to it proves it had no holes in it "+" original recordings and not a ligit recording played on a tv screen burnt on a new original disk from recording tv screen....Proven couldn't KO for a start and the Jewish on the Afterlife killed them to try have people turn on me saying I'm killing people... please don't tell me he was Jewish? The Wikipedia has changed its info since I wrote this and it sounded 100 times more suspicious before so ask going and Wikipedia why they have just changed info layout?  An F-16 fighter jet made it to the plan 50* faster then jets made it to 9/11 Sean lmao proof.... wasn't even a military thing so how did the air port call the military back in 1999 I might add "saying" hey can you check on this plane for us....OMG the CIA are stupid. Wikipedia has changed some of its story and doesn't make it sound beyond suspicious like it said it was months ago when I started using the link.. What tha. An F-16 was on the Sean as it claimed..... Instantly? Yes instantly. The CIA had the jet fighter get to a civilian plan that didn't Radio for help so have know idea how a jet fighter got there so fast faster then 9/11 jet fighters got them 50 fold.....Proof again.

I was in a car crash going 150km/h and we all survived. The girl in the front after I hit the stonby pole at 150km/h hit her head on windscreen bouncing it without getting any head injuries. She and mate in back didn't have seat belts on and she went flying into windscreen at 150km/h to dead stop and didn't get any head injuries at all....Not a miracle something happened. Mate I'n back seat didn't get hurt at all. I had seat belt on and got 6 fractured ribs but was fine and even played on tennis comp grand final game 3 days after crash...we won.

For a start when my grandpa died my watch stopped at 1:13 am and I noticed it stopped and said it happened for a reason to my ex ex girlfriend. About 2 hours after that we got a phone call at 3am and they said grampa had died off a heart attack almost 2 hours ago.

Anyway I was very upset for many hours then out of know where my ex ex girlfriend said "didn't you say your watch stopped for a reason? She is clearly in on it with psychics telling her that "because" my oldest daughter asked her about my watch stooping and she said "I can't remember that far back" sounds beyond suspicious to me....I know she new about it because I remember the way and tone in her voice when she said 3+ hours after "didn't you say your watch stopped for a reason".

My sister was never at mums house awake at 3am. She was there why mum wasn't there let alone up at 3am in the morning. The same thing happened I think with Princess Diana when she died. She was at mums house and awake late rarly happened her being there as she moved out young.

Google CEO death after I sent him a message telling him to stop hidding my emails from sender's or stop delivery of my emails "Gmail" and I said he would die. He died in an rare earthquake claiming shortly after.

The Jewish come to power in America as planned and American CIA and congressman are Jewish rigged of course "like" G Bush votes got found in a shed but still counted "unless" they faked that to my tv.... longer story Because consciously I seen the Iraq war disaster and sent in letters. They covered it up and used mind control on me stopping me from telling mass people....I was thinking they covered it up because I walked like I was gay from nerve damage back then "14 years ago" but they didn't they did because they new I was the Soul Creator God......I only call my self God when I'm feeling up myself lol.

The Jewish have given up and handed power over... aparrntly or once I'm there premonition force. My grandpa is now ment to be in-charge of Afterlife military and my orders to Psychics was to even up all troops and generals to even religious numbers and none religious people.

Watch an delusional pro video because huge things don't add up well not on this kinda scale.

It clearly states things don't add up unlike my Iraq war starategy 50 coincidences like one coincidence having 8 other coincidence in the same co Nah 3 ish weeks before GFC Iraqi terrorist hacked drones codes when not even Russia could hack them?The page changes headlines to unencrypted camrea signals 9 years after and only after I used the link that not even they would know I used it "so" who told them to change the story and headline for and story? Yeah fucking right. That strategy gives every troop instant air support and is massive.

Am I delusional? We'll according to pros if it makes sense and is not all  fake or not not true then yes I'm not delusional.... idiot's.

If any problems ask me? I posted this link on fb, and as we have people that now follow me on the page, other are implanted "ask anyone" can CIA working with ASIO monitor my internet and pages you go on? Yes and they can even fake your search engine results. just say mentally ill we should pull the post down but then I just reply answer this this this this this this this but nope, we can't reply once I explain everything as proven oblique weapons Facebook page on my wall. Debate it and I win and you will confirm that by not being able to reply after I explain or reply why pages some keep them post up and others take it down when pre implanted CIA people's insult like delusional and n schizophrenia watch video above clears me from being any of them because it adds up.

My lovely mum doesn't no what to make if it after telling psychitist that we did turn back claming it had blown up before it did....Hour or so after...Bang. mums under mind control.

My mum read a post reply from one of my mates on the page. When I or she called me she said "Jade" even said it's delusional what you claimed about doing the Iraq war strategies"but then I check on on my end, and mine and Jade's end it says it "makes sense bro" so "mums end said" it doesn't make sense....I told her that and had ex say to my mum it said makes sense bro "but yet" mum still thinks I'm making up & doesn't know why the dictionary has the word bribed in it for........Editing stuff none stop.

I got a laywer for a hearing but the CIA and ASIO bribed him. He goes to me when I get in there I'll do all the talking, and goes but can you say something for me first? I said what? He said only say: I can't say anything for the risk of Australian national security. I was like no f***** way am I saying that and new instantly that they bribed him......watch delusional video because I can prove I'm not from this stuff to this stuff 100%.

I could be here all night showing coincidences like headlines on my strategy of 24/7 air support was sabotage by CIA and then headline change 9 years after I used the headline and come out claiming it was hacked "I proved impossible" 9 years after tagging the story and they changed story and headline to unencrypted which is like saying half of the military computers don't have spyware but they decide to leave a half the drones cameras undecrypted so people can see them? Yes they new they were putting drones over troops heads "but" would leave half drone cameras available/open for the Iraqi terrorist to see witch group of troops was a trap ambushing the terrorist instead? So it even confirm what I clam on FB page and strategy?. How stupid is that there is over 100 coincidences and 7+ coincidence in them getting the spy drone camera footage.....oblique weapons fb page people mass more proof.

That's only some of the things. Let me know what you think.

Subconsciously I have memory but don't.....If I brang it down with me they could of got info out of me....Only what I needed comes to me "like" doing Iraq war strategies watching the news I was thinking made me try turn it around "something's wrong" because I think they planned GFC as I herd it as I call "pop in my head like Psychics hear" say bankrupt your country....it makes sense because of timing of events.

GFC & American drone sabatge.....They are trying to give me self belief but are failing big time.

Iraq war strategies back on late 2006.. Massive turnaround. The psychics in the afterlife say I just sent in the strategies subconsciously how far is watching the news seeing the disaster and wanted to help "but" read up on consciously...it just gave me the feeling to send in letters "as if I even fort I could turn that war around" but new the troops and civilians had nothing to lose but gain from me sending in basic ideas.

So the GFC was dilibretly done. Answer this? How did the debt liquidators buy $5 - $10 trilion dollars of debt to meet banks debts or obligations like 5% pa safe banks interest fund on trillions of dollars and so on? Liquidators couldn't even afford to buy the debts let alone banks afford to pay shareholders? They most surtantly didn't recovery any $2+ trillios of dollars of debt for years before disaster, so why bust in an instant disaster?

How much did they pay them share holders and interest payments in last months or years? Money in bank making interest? New loans where did this money come from? Seems to me that it was impossible or they started printed up fake banknotes? Don't you people have abrain to see proof....Have you asked anyone and questioned about or thinking of replys after they reply? Who am I kidding you haven't even asked one pro how why possible or impossible.

liquidators could not afford to pay or buy 10% of the debt value  not even $500 billion dollars of debts that lost mass trillions...busted busted Busted "+" they never recuperated there Money?

So bank's meet with / payed interest fund payments and share holders money even when for a year or 2 it was bound to happen.....HOW?

The bank's lost 75% then 87+% of all income but meet payments? CIA are tripping ask for a reply?.

How did the bank's loan money in the last month's? They had none.

Seems to me America is printing up money illegally and it's proven sabatage like 3 weeks earlier the terrorist getting the drone camera codes.

So I won America the Iraqi war in 2007 thinking I just seen the disaster of the war on the news sending in ideas...they the psychics in the after life say they never lined that up but I just sent them letters to turn it around.... subconsciously new or the chances of that is crazy.

So we reached a point where America never planned on winning the Iraq war in full so I said stop using my strategy's? They said ok clearly because 3 weeks after they sabataged my strategy's I said I'll leave Australia if you don't go bankrupt money whys, like I was about to declare bankruptcy...CIA was getting me $8k credit cards why on gov payments so I'd go bust and not have the money to flee Australia....They needbe here where they can put stuff in my injection trying to wipe me out.

So the CIA handed the Iraqi terrorist the drone camera codes because my strategy called for troops to only go out on walks for 2 hours having instant air support for 75% of troops+. That means the CIA handed the Iraqi terrorist drone camera codes because all drones have encryption just like all military computers have spyware. So lmao that the CIA called them up and said quick changed the headlines & story from hacked to unencrypted because it's proof that they had spyware on the drones and that not even Russia could hack them...proof the dumb idiots change the story completely on the page 9 years after story/news post clamined, and only once I used it 9 years on.

If you check dates you will see it was weeks before GFC. If use take 5 hours out and read all post on my page there is so much proof "like" no shit they did change their story after he used it "and" it does make sense if a deal because 3 weeks after was the proven dilibret GFC. Your all stating I have the best memory and out this together over 9 years? Wtf are use on it adds up everything does. If so they are clamming I made an video to prove a strategy 9 years ago in a house I got kicked out of 9 years ago, and that U shut my mouth for 9 years only to come out and say they started doing things to me 9 years on " but I'm delusional"? If true schizophrenia delusional disorder as link video tells you, why didn't I say anything for? Delusional and schizophrenia disorder don't work like that at all what's so ever 100% proof.

After making a page as proof because they broke the deal, the 9 year old page headline changed 9 years on after I used it as proof. It said Iraqi terrorist hacked drones. I stated that if even China or Russia couldn't hack drones, but terrorist in Iraq could it was proof of sabatge. Give me a brake....so as soon as I used the link, they the page changed the story to say that 50% of drones cameras where unencrypted? BS and already mass coicedances in coicedances. Let's not forget that if only 50% of drones failed, why didn't they Finnish off that war or Afghanistan? They could win both wars by making my Iraq full proof i'd cards, then using drones to cover 30% of Iraqi troops "because" 3 fly's a day when they can do 12 makes it a 90% chance a encrypted drone is overhead ready to strike have any second order that I given?

Are use stunned at how smart i am?

So Afghanistan patrols would use the drones wiping them out. If they have I'd cards and troops go house to house, they could kill them off out of areas lock up everyone not allowed in that area or without an I'd card. They dilibretly left this world in a disaster to try help frame me scumbags. All they had to do was code them drones so story never should if aired....tell me one story they confess that without being Busted?

So I did the Iraq war strategies in 2006 subconsciously knowing I come down to make the world a better place.

Subconsciously I did not know who I was and they did not tell me who I was until I moved into the house next to the petrol station I premonitioned with my sister and mum whenI I was 14 years old. To read about that go to my FB page oblique weapons or FB open profile /ryanscott0123

Watch this video on schizophrenia and delusional disorder then read my wall post and reply......click on link / lady below. If things add up you ant above.

It clearly states things don't add up unlike my Iraq war starategy 50 coincidences like one coincidence having 8 other coincidence in the same coincidence which = proof? Nah 3 ish weeks before GFC Iraqi terrorist hacked drones codes when not even Russia could hack them?The page changes headlines to unencrypted camrea signals 9 years after and only after I used to he link that not even they would know I used it "so" who told them to change the story and headline for? Yeah fucking right. That strategy gives every troop instant air support and is massive.

People's answer the question right now....How am I delusional when the video says I'm not because things add up, and do make sense even when looking at what I and Kelly said to mum....it blow up there trying to wipe me out and are putting shit in my forced to take medication that is white liqued then clear another time......I told my worker it's changing colours but the CIA and ASIO will never give up on trying to wipe me out...crazy.

Frontal lobs is mind control and wavelength and yes quantum computer have the same stuff in them as brain does.... Don't mean shit that people claim there biomory because the brain is an prove computer 1,000% as it contains same crap as a quantum computer....anything more in them is more stuff added onto brains ability.

My mum read a post reply from one of my mates on the page. When I or she called me she said "Jade" even said it's delusional "but then I check on on my and mine and Jade's end it says makes sense bro "mums end said" it doesn't make sense....I told her that and had ex say to my mum it said makes sense bro "but yet" mum still doesn't believe it can be true but confirmed to Dr/psychitist that I did turn back saying something about the petrol station blowing up and it did later on that day..wow really? Humm mind control to the frontal lobs people's..

Why does the dictionary have the word bribed?

Watch this video now proof of if you are it are not delusional with or schizophrenia things will add up.


A reply from someone.

1. Why when you asked them did they tell you about afterlife or that your God.

Why? Because the Jewish tried to take over and have for 200 years ish.

Why 200 years because they fort they found a loophole of just reborning me none stop because we are uploaded and download..... I'm very smart and before I come down I set off consciousness and I new they could just upload me and download me none stop, so subconsciously I did premonitions to let them know that I could only be born free times and the house that I lived at the petrol station next to the petrol station numbers is 321. 321 is 3 lives they claim. I have used reverse psychology on them a lot and it could be the other way around 1 2 3 lives bang spiritual awakening.

This world/unevirse they/us in the human body's/ brain is an computer. Quantum computers have electrons and atom's as does the brain. An wavelength hits the hidden frontal lobs and you are down and uploaded none stop unto you die.... wake up signal stops.

Why did they tell you that you are God?

Because of multiple reasons. 1 They told me about Petrol station I premonitioned when 14 claming it was me telling them what I would do to them if they didn't stop doing things to me.

They also told me I was God because they needed me to have self belief they claim. I have no self belief for a consciousness or spiritual reason they won't tell me but it has something to do with taking away my premonitions powers I think..... Can't self believe for long time or at all.

Why I lived in that house they asked me to do a premonition. Stupid me at the time did on and said it would be in the outskirts of NZ....It come true the volcano.

my computer program that can act as mind control "burn your chest" must heat electrons up" and put a knife to your throght "yes" they did that to me under mind control like Freddy's nightmare on Elmo's street...I kid you not. It can stop you from dying of cancer or making it spread, but for some reason can't stop the aging of Parkinson but stop the symptom why on what I call mind control...Once you come off mind control the symptoms hit you "or" they wanted Adolf Hitler to look like a chicken...They did it to them Frame me and did the holocaust to them selfs to get support clamming my subconsciousness consciousness made Hitler do the holocaust....I was framed from the start, so was Hitler they did it to themselves 1000%.  They need to win full support because in the afterlife your brain and you can't be put in pain as the brain in the afterlife doesn't have charges I take it.

They gave me an op and claim they cut something out my brain after my building fall, that has triggered full scale consciousness as if it's a spiritual upload and I never told them we are spiritual.....They tried to wipe me out when I come down here.

Well what are people Thinking?

It depends because the CIA and ASIO are holding me hostage in Adelaide forsay....Mind control is used on my mum and she hasn't even looked at one bit off proof. She gets angry instantly when I try talk about it and mind control on me, makes me talk in a stupid way...My house mate and some mates know I'm 100% telling the truth "but" my what I call basic computer program that they hacked was made to do everything...I mean I never Burt anyone but just put it in place Incase. So they ether implant people on pages like this saying mentally ill delusional band him band him, because they think subconscious and consciousness is computer program and they still got time to Hacked it, because they think I will put them in pain for an eternity, for what they've done to me. Other then that mind control stops them and they bried the CIA fake media because all tv stations didn't even return contact me after I just claimed I did the Iraq war strategies, with like 50 coincidences and me having proof of doing a strategy before they told the public/air it on tv like they deliberately did Trying to cover it up by people thinking "well the strategies was all on TV" first war and history with mass strategies told to the public.

The problem is that video was made before it aired on tv and the blody bribe psychiatrist just said it was a coincidence to my mother/me who is under mind control, even after knowing I turn it back at the petrol station saying it blew up with my sister and it didn't to later on that night..it must be mind control all the way.

You going to tell all your mates and start protest with me out the front of sunrise morning show with the windows open for all too see bro? I got signs made up but it's like some people lol. subconsciously I must have done the Iraq war strategies.I seen the war on the news as a disaster and just sent them letters and turn it around, but the CIA deliberately lost the war they didn't want me to look like a hero winning the war but turned that war right around.

In last life they ripped out my spinal cord that they so called claim is memory storage.....I call BS but can't answer that... Subconsciously sometimes I can actually tell by their voice even if they talk normal and slow but sometimes I wouldn't have a clue.

Consciously I block things out because they could get info out of me like how to beat it or get around it or ideas that may get me killed and other people, so subconsciously I can only consciously let myself know certain things.

Things in my life would trip you out.

That golfers plane crashing and me saying he was going to did trips me out.

They did the GFC to try give me belief and to make me look nuts if I come out claming they sabataged it when I said I'd leave the country if they didn't because I was thinking I had to go bankrupt at the time... probebly needed my brain to try wipe me out.

How did the Iraqi terrorist get the drone camera codes? Did the GFC happen 3 weeks after? Was there a deal made so I wouldn't leave the country and did the sabatge showing an top secret strategy by showing the Iraqi terrorist witch drones now had instant air support? Yes it does show and prove that.

So I made a deal for them to stop using my strategies. They handed the Iraqi terrorist the drone camera codes to see the strategy of Instant air support.

So go to this link https://m.facebook.com/CIA-crimes-and-cover-ups-765132717159266/ now read the cover photo or post and original is on Oblique weapons fb page, and answer below how they hacked the codes?
Now after I used the 9 year old story / news post after I come out 9 year after and 10 years after I made an video recordings of strategies, why did they change the headlines on wall post on the link and cover photo that I used to prove an deal was made?
So you can stop patrols from walking as often "ambushed" and make patrol times less. So you now have instant air support over troops heads 24/7, and will kill them all.

I did the strategy and was fine not telling anyone about doing them as if I didn't care. It was as if I was a spy and just shut my mouth.
I didn't shut my mouth after they did the GFC with below coincidences, I contacted the "fake media" and they left like human rights ignored the 50+ coincidences.
One of those coincidences was me making a video of a strategy just seconds after it aired on tv. I couldn't of written it at all that fast or in such detail but that strategy I sent them was saved in my documents so I rased to start recording it seconds after the strategy aired..
. it's in such detail you know I come up with the strategy before they used it by that and because it was made seconds after it aired live on tv as video on Oblique weapons fb page shows. The Jewish CIA "that no we are just people in the afterlife coming down here" don't care if your fake DNA says you're American...They will murder you 9/11. Anyway I got forced to see an psychitist that couldn't even answer or reply to me making sense. I told him what I new at the time and that was I just sent in the strategies but walked like I was gay so I fort they covered it up...had nevre damage take heals itself over 12 years time....healed now I walk fine. The psychitist got told all info and what I said I have proof of an video I made in a house that proves I did the strategy "no different from an predictions or claming I'm Psychic. You would say you were very Mentally ill "not at the beginning of mental health coming on because I already was so delusional to make a video for taking credit for it 10 years before I come out and recorded it to day nothing "huge coincidence" if not solid proof......Ether way the problem is i made that video 9 - 10 years before I come out after they started doing things to me. So why was I diagnosed as delusional 10 years after already making 3 videos seconds after the war strategy stroy run? It run that is so detailed it would have taken me hours to do? Because I can prove I was ether Psychic or already new the strategy.
Also at the time I had documented computer files with file dates that time on the Computer. That Computer got fried after I come out getting rid of the dates that the psychitist said he didn't want to see and that the video is just an coincidence?. He claimed I new about it before it happened but it was an coincidence? Yeah right. He now went on to say they had people to do the strategies? I said nope I can prove that because after they got into the city's the Iraqi terrorist started attacking and killed 250,000 civilians and 4,500 troops within 2.5 year's..... complete disaster. He couldn't reply to me and just said your mentally ill even when I proved him wrong and had proof of it and or doing a strategy before they used the very same tactic? Yeah I think use know the truth now. PS that war they showed the world so many strategy's it's a first in history of showing them.
PS I reached a point where I new the CIA didn't want to win that Iraq war 100% and they left inside fighting to keep country a bit unstable to keep U.S troops in Iraq. I said sabatge my strategy's or I'll contact the media....So they did sabatage them. They handed Iraqi terrorist the drone camera codes so my strategy wouldn't work just showing me they stopped using the strategies. 2 weeks after I said your military contractors made mass billions from me and I'm about to file for bankruptcy? If I go bankrupt you go bankrupt or I'll leave Australia to Russia they bankrupt their country "only to hold he hostage because they tried and needed me her to wipe me out. They then one week after "check into what I claim it will be confirmed" sabataged there economy. All I can say is.....I was in shock.
Subconsciously didn't kick in unto they threw me off a building gave me a brain operation removing something from my brain like a electron or a charge trying to wipe me out.

So back to sabatage of drones camrea codecs and econemy proof of sabatage.
How many liquidators were there for the GFC deliberate sabotage of America's econemy after they gave the Iraqi terrorist the drone camera codes that them getting them even support's my claim of sabatage of an strategy?

GFC sabatage.
So in English you would have needed 50,000 bill gates + to have the money to even buy 35% of the bad debt? America and the world don't have that many billionaires to make up well over $10 trillion dollars of debt? Yes let's loss trillions of dollars let alone not have trillios of dollars to buy 15% of bad debt like we would have had too collect well over 50% in the end to even meet banks low interest fund "+' mass share holder value didn't go down every month for years unto bang? That means the liquidators must have been collecting 100% of the bad debt "which is" an 100% proven lie. I have proven it in one second flat? The economy went bust in one second because of all liquidators which buy debt, is an proven lie, because you must have had 5,000 liquidators which is physically impossible money whys like America not having 50,000 bill gates so it's busted and proven. Let's not forget all companies worth $500 billion = 1 company Apple in America "mainly share holders money" and not the owners + all money tied up, couldn't of been used? Why didn't Apply or bill gates & Microsoft sell for $700 billion dollars at it's peak? Once again because nobody has that much money and who are these mass trillioair liquidators? Please you don't have to Awnser that because you can't and above already proves it was sabatge and I can prove it all know matter how crazy it sounds. Let's not forget the hidden frontal lobes take an wavelength signal from the movent in them. From what I read "if CIA" great Wall of Nazi America didn't fake it to me, is that an wavelength is an chemical so don't worry about it proving movement with is proof "but it proves why we have chemical reaction.

People's you might wanna take another look around or leave the CIA that kill their own people.

How on earth did I make an earthquake as photo attached has the proof and original fb page proof/post @ oblique weapons facebook page? Please tell your friends and family a out this. Try read the proof that is beyond clear on my profile wall a d Oblique weapons fb page p.

Your family and friends might wanna take another look around.

After me & my sister premonitioned that Ampol petrol station back in 1993, I moved into the house next store to it 1.6 years ago and only just moved out months ago. That petrol station an logo of a 🌟 = God and the fuel tanker that goes there now is the fuel tanker exploded when we preministioned it, the fuel tanker now going there is called K & S energy. My and my sister's first names Kelly and Scott.
K & S energy is also a message for them trying to wipe me out. K & S "energy" means nothing can kill it energy is eternal.

There is so many more thing's it's not even funny. Go to my profile that's open and read all post 6 down or so is the one explaining everything or how many thing's/coincidence there are.

The Jewish are trying to take over and even tried operating on my brain after I jumped off a 6 story building claming I would survive because the unevirse and afterlife ends if they wipe me out and spiritual awakening takes place.

By the way America's stealth fighter jet are technology from the afterlife. It's 100% stealth as it can lock onto and fire/destroy all radar towers and jets before all other enemy or friendly jet fighters can detect them.

Afterlife Lockheed Martin company and Lockheed Martin here jet fighters electronics on the right setting would probably make them 100% undetected but there playing dumb I think "ether way" they can destroy all enemy radar towers and jet fighters before they are seen "because" they lockon first fire and forget...get out of there after firing them. 

The Jewish withch run America CIA 9/11 brang down the technology 100%.

PS Lockheed Martin has the only stealth fighter "they are definitely leaving on an system that lets them get detected" and they say there 93% stealth? That's because Lockheed Martin from afterlife sent down technology to CIA to build an stealth fighter.
Lockheed Martin and the Jewish are trying to wipe out me God....Fat chance of that.

The company in the afterlife is Lockheed Martin I hear working with the Jewish. Trying to wipe out me the Soul Creator God but have failed....you can just click on Scott Ryan my name and go to my open profile wall and read 4 post down and proof that I'm the Soul Creator known as God...deadset serious.

The gov knows double slit shot test is an program and are only showing the public because they need help to crack it....They are beyond evil the people in the afterlife in charge working with CIA down here are trying to wipe me out... They communicate like psychics hear voices....The hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes are how the communicate down here and can put people under mind control to lobes like hipnoting people also "Adolf Hitler" 9 years of Parkinson disease in 4 weeks. Why? Because on hidden frontal mind control, they can stop you from dying from diseases and as it doesn't stop the DNA from changing, it allows the body to ignore disease's why not showing any symptoms unto you take them off mind control. Hitler had to take cyanide pill to kill himself and the war could of been one faster "but" they took him off mind control so he could take the posion or everyone would have known that it wasn't working for a reason.

The hidden signal receptors called the hidden frontal lobs are what uploads you non stop. They take an wavelength that goes to the Afterlife. The frontal lobes work by chemical reaction and the lobes take an wavelength signal that is an chemical.

Slit shot test confuses everyone because when they try use an electron with an camera that detects the pattern it goes crazy mixing up the area it hits, and the electrons go crazy brake up into 2 like "teleporting" one electron to an different area, when only one electron is fired it teleports an new one out of thin air turning to Two hits on that wall. It's an consciousness program for the program we are spiritual...crazy hu.

The hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes take an wavelength signal that uploads you to afterlife 100% like photo shows

Are you clamming this is just a lol coincidence? Or are you seeing red flags of sabatarge from the people that did 9/11?

So prettymuch they change the news headlines that 50% of the drones were unencrypted from hacked massive changes in story, which is like saying 50% of military computers don't have anti-spyware spyware protection which is there like beyond the joke.

So once I realised they were not going to win the Iraq war I told them to never use my strategies again.... sabataged the best strategy in history instant air support over troops heads 24 7. After they broke that deal and conveniently for me I was going bankrupt at the time, I said all them strategies made the military companies $100drs of billions of dollars. If I get no money you bankrupt your country or I'll go overseas? So they sabataged There economy the CIA. Proof of that is there is not 50,000 bill gates in America to have 50 liquidators collecting the mass trillions of dollars.

So I'm clamming they change the report and changed the headlines is a coincidence along with the GFC happinng 3 weeks after drone codes got out? It's another coincidence that the story actually make sense and it all adds up and paint a picture.

Did you know why the dictionary has the word bribed in it for? This is why.

I seen psychitist and he asked me some things....In the debate he couldn't even reply.

First I simply told him why they were covering it up in/if my knowledge at the time "changed now" and what proof I had.

I said look I sent them strategies to build a roadblocks around the Iraqi markets and to put checkpoints at each entry side "so instead of 4,000 Iraqis dying a day from car bomb attacks" that only 2 checkpoint cops could die refusing to let the car past? He simply replied "American army has people to do the strategies? I no way do they. I said just look at the first 4 years before the strategy turn around came? 4,000 dead troops and 250,000 dead Iraqis? It is proof that they didn't have any strategist? He the psychitist couldn't reply again.

I said We'll look don't you think there is reason to question, how after 3 years of a disaster that this gen come up with 45 strategies one after another but couldn't do one for 4 years why being a gen? Does the evidence point to someone new come along and did them then?

In the end after things adding up he couldn't reply. My last bit of proof is on oblique weapons fb page and is a video of a strategy I told them to do in Sadr City area. Build a cement wall all the way around and chock them if food and weapons and they will walk out unarmed and we lose no troops.

Now I made that video 1min after story aired "and at time had documents date on it" unto I said that and then suddenly my computer fried it's self... Just a coincidence I'm sure you will agree to that. Ether way I couldn't of written in such detail of the strategy and people in charge within 1 min, so 3 video recordings made and shown what was on the news timed and dated. The psychitist said that was just another coincidence "wow" big surprise.

So now reply after what I said with evidence unless your clamming courts don't go on coincidences let alone proven ones with a couple of coincidences, and say your delusional but it adds up, bro in video with link us wrong?

GFC sabatage.

How did the bank's meet running cost, interest fund payments when mass shares or investments failed? How did they get money to hand to the public "65%" of income was cut years before GFC "unless" everyone at same time just stopped paying, did they meet interest payments being one firm of payment? Are you saying that the liquidators had 5 trillion dollars when 50% of people didn't pay to buy the debts and bad loans? Incorrect and they couldn't if even paid $500 billion off bad debt because there was no other lender. I'm saying they sabataged it but we're already printing up more bank notes not reporting it.....anyway?

By the way America's stealth fighter jet are technology from the afterlife. It's 100% stealth as it can lock onto and fire/destroy all radar towers and jets before all other enemy or friendly jet fighters can detect them.

Afterlife Lockheed Martin company and Lockheed Martin here jet fighters electronics on the right setting would probably make them 100% undetected but there playing dumb I think "ether way" they can destroy all enemy radar towers and jet fighters before they are seen "because" they lockon first fire and forget...get out of there after firing them before being detected. 

The Jewish withch run America CIA 9/11 brang down the technology 100%.

PS Lockheed Martin has the only stealth fighter "they are definitely leaving on an system that lets them get detected at an distance, but the detectable distance is to late when they also have technology from the afterlife for lockon first missiles" and they say there 93% stealth? That's because Lockheed Martin from afterlife sent down technology to CIA to build an stealth fighter. I'd say the SR-71 from 30 years ago has that Afterlife stealth technology. 30 years on Russia and China & the U.K still can't make it yeah right.

The company in the afterlife is Lockheed Martin I hear working with the Jewish. Trying to wipe out me the Soul Creator God but have failed....you can just click on Scott Ryan my name and go to my open profile wall and read 4 post down and proof that I'm the Soul Creator known as God...deadset serious.

The gov knows double slit shot test is an program and are only showing the public because they need help to crack it....They are beyond evil the people in the afterlife in charge working with CIA down here are trying to wipe me out.They communicate like psychics hear voices. The hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes are how they communicate down here and can put people under mind control to lobes like hipnoting people also "Adolf Hitler" 9 years of Parkinson disease in 4 weeks. Why? Because on hidden frontal mind control, they can stop you from dying from diseases and as it doesn't stop the DNA from changing, it allows the body to ignore disease's why not showing any symptoms unto you take them off mind control. Hitler had to take cyanide pill to kill himself and so they took him off mind control so he could take the posion or everyone would have known that it wasn't working for a reason. So Hitler last 3 weeks+ is proof that the Jewish did the holocaust to themselves. The CIA claim they didn't show any fotage of him shacking but that's an complete lie because he was filmed with shacking uncontrollably with what appears to be 9 years of Parkinson disease in the final weeks.... Can't edited film so busted Jewish are trying to say my Subconsciousness made Hitler alert to the Jewish trying to kill me so he started killing them all.... Rubbish framed 100%.

The hidden signal receptors called the hidden frontal lobs are what uploads you non stop. They take an wavelength that goes to the Afterlife. The frontal lobes work by chemical reaction and the lobes take an wavelength signal that is an chemical.

At the end of the day I can prove double slit shot test is consciousness because it thinks. Only 5 lines are made and they only fire/hit them spots and it clearly thinks because 2 electrons or photons never hit the same spot twice...... Consciousness.
Forget that double slit shot test screen sees two electrons or photons never hit the same spot twice? It's very much consciousness. Not only that it has 2 slits for The electrons to go through but creates 5 lines apart why randomly hitting screen, and they never hit the same spot twice and go separately? Very much proof it's consciousness program forsay.. . proof of an cover up as  not one scientist has pointed this out his out? Huge cover up.

I made the New Zealand volcano because the people in the afterlife wanted to see if I could still do them. I said an volcano would happen in New Zealand in the outskirts away from the city and it happened instaly. They said to me would people die the CIA and Afterlife Jewish and I said only if you wanted them to...They consciously clearly did because people died. I got very angrey with CIA and Afterlife Jewish that I made another premonition that an stand out earthquake would happen in America California and it would make America shack to feel my anger but not kill anyone. The earthquake happened the next day an rare rare medium earthquake that stands out.
Click on photo to see premonition come true all Facebook dates and Facebook run pages. Photo is an post on Oblique weapons fb page before and next day. This is an screen shot to prove it. Original posts on fb page for 100% proof.


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Hi SoulCreator,


  -- Just responding to the headline topic here: 


would you agree or disagree that this is a good start for people to make up their minds about deep state and who was potentially behind 9/11.


BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI by Fritz Springmeier (one document) (psu.edu)



Please explain concisely why or why not in your opinion/ psychic knowledge. 


Thank you! 

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... i think  Epstein , Clinton , Weinstein ,  Tonic Bliar  , prince Charles Andrew and royal knight Jimmy Savile were raping somebodys  kids in World Trade Center , ... and then  parents of was kids hijacked the aeroplane and hit the building . 

 Because in American and Britain  there is corruption and no justice , rapists are controlling American and British politics and system  ,

its a United Slaveowners system .

now again epsteins-weinsteins clintonian paedophilian friend Biden is  president of America .

you see  that saudi sex harem  slaveowner have killed journalist Khashoggy ,

fuckingthem palace savilian paedophilians have arrested Asange because Asange exposed  evidence and was speaking truth .

I think they moneypulate news and hide something about 911 .

 just look how many kids was raped by Vatican Slaveowners Imperial Oligarchy Paedophilian Church  and  then Vatican Slaveowners  Imperial Oligarchy  Paedophilian  Church created nazis to secure Vatican paedophilia and to kill those poor children parents .

Can you  Imagine what they doing to naked nuns in catrhedrals and  young boys and girls with vatican holy orgy projects of group sexorcism .

Maybe it was raped kids parents which also burned Notre Dame cathedral in Paris . 

French movie production made lot of movies with young lolitas  , and then there was  Lolita Express at Virgin Islands .

And why now  we should talk about 911 planes and not talk about  prince Jimmy Andrew Savile Epstein  and Lolita Express aeroplanes.

It is obvious that international united slaveowners oligarchy royal paedophilian society is the virus which is attacking humanity .


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On 12/25/2020 at 9:33 PM, DarianF said:

All I know is Bin Laden didn't shut down NORAD from a cave in Afghanistan.


bin laden is in the same boat as them.
they needed to destablise afghanistan because there is spiritual power in those lands.
the army of the mahdi will be from around this area. (khorasan)

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On 3/26/2021 at 10:08 AM, shabbirss said:


bin laden is in the same boat as them.
they needed to destablise afghanistan because there is spiritual power in those lands.
the army of the mahdi will be from around this area. (khorasan)

How are u sure Mahdi will come? How are u even sure Islam or any other religion is not  made by those who control us?

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Israeli POLICE suggest security for Ayalet Shaked AFTER Naftali Bennett says he can form a government which would remove Benjamin Netanyahu from position as Prime Minister. Apparently, the police are afraid that Benjamin Netanyahu may order special forces or the MOSSAD to kill her.


Police request Knesset give Ayelet Shaked a private security detail

MAY 30, 2021 22:34
By instruction of Israeli police, Knesset Officer Yoav Griff announced on Sunday evening that Yamina MK Ayelet Shaked will receive a private security detail following her party's decision to work towards forming a unity government.
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United 93, released in 2006, is a riveting 'in-flight' movie that portrays events said to have occurred on Flight 93, or at least those according to the official narrative. The film depicts the skyjackers as practicing jihadists, as opposed to professing monotheists who only days/weeks prior to boarding the commercial airliner, it was reported some among them to have been in search of paradise (carnal pleasures) right here on earth...apparently placing into question the sincerity of their allegiance to Big Al and perhaps putting to rest the theory that these martyrs died as virgins-seeking do-it-yourselfers.


According to the work of the late great Philip Marshall (one-time independent 9/11 investigator/Boeing 767 captain), whoever these (mostly Saudi Arabian) hijackers were exactly, that they were well-trained in piloting these planes Marshall's research had indisputably shown.


Curiosities surrounding these alleged culprits have been duly noted, what with all these polysyllable, hyphenated Arabian names -- either Mohamed-this or Ahmed-that -- and with their similar-looking mugs that make the process of distinguishing one from the other ever more difficult...so it isn't surprising that there would be some mix-ups and discrepancies within the official reports, in their trying to keep track of all these goons.


That the official conspiracy theory with regard to 9/11 is a load of BS is fairly obvious to anyone who has examined the information and who has even an iota of critical thinking skills.


At the other end of the spectrum, however, you have outright, far-out, ungrounded theories designed solely to mislead and to throw off the truth-seeking professional or amateur researcher whose job it is to sift the facts from the fiction.


Naturally, the Arab lobby, as one such example, would like for us all to believe that 9/11 (which was an occult ritual, more than anything else) was the master plan of an Israeli agency. This politically correct, woke-friendly theory originated soon after 9/11 and seems to have been started with a former member of Pakistani intelligence heard spouting incoherent gibberish. Non-Arab Jew-haters the world over quickly jumped aboard the donkey and ran with it, much to the delight of the anti-Zionist, Mohammedan propagandists, whose spin-doctoring machine and financial influence is estimated to be astronomically more powerful than anything the Jewish lobby could muster.


For starters, the U.S. administration in power at the time of 9/11 was headed by some oily cretins with close ties to the House of Saud, bonded together by a mutual interest in petrodollars. That the 'Elders of Zion' were somehow ultimately behind this event is as ridiculous to me as saying bin Laden was the the conspirator.


The 'Nineteen' (or however many there were) were probably only used as patsies, anyway, as the authors of "The Project For The New American Century" report would no doubt conclude, were they to tell the truth. Albeit, let us not forget that the 1993 World Trade Center attack was itself masterminded by a jihad-driven sheik.


For the sake of argument, however, even if Israel did play a role in orchestrating 9/11, it's important to note that many Muslims in the Middle East at the time believed bin Laden had planned it and there was much celebrating by Muslims in the Middle East over the collapse of the towers and the deaths of nearly 3000 victims, whom surely they must have known were not imperialists themselves.


Outside of Israel, anti-Americanism is rampant in the undemocratic Mideast and in various parts of (largely Islamicized) Europe, when probably it is not so much the U.S. itself that is despised as its (anti-American) Deep State/Shadow Government, comprised of a particular war-mongering intelligence agency.

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Re: Who some think were ultimately responsible for 9/11 (those popular scapegoats of theirs) and why they say they did it...


I would like to make a few comments in regard to the treasured conviction held among a number of (mostly UK-based and European) (9/11) researchers and their impressionable, rabid, vocal followers, who seem to derive tremendous satisfaction from zeroing in on this one particular, arguably speculative, motive behind 9/11 which they love the best and that keeps them ranting and raving endlessly like good little malleable mouthpieces on the front lines of this diabolically lop-sided information war.


Although I do not discount this possibility entirely, my own feeling is that too much focus has been put on it, to the point that it causes some to see only what they want to see at the expense of failing to notice (either unwittingly or deliberately) a Trojan-horse after much territory itself. Buraq whinnies, yet how many of us are awake to the steaming manure?


One thing I've noticed in the course of my studies is that when it comes to 9/11, it's often been the case of anti-Israel intellectuals co-opting this tragic event in order to suit and promote their own ideological agendas.


On one level, these mostly (far)leftist academics and revisionist historians pretty much all seem to share the idea of a global Jewish conspiracy (including the belief that 9/11 was orchestrated by Jewish masterminds), or strictly are opposed to the state of Israel.


However, in their response to 9/11, these crafty devils often begin by posing to their readers their much-loved 'rhetorical' question along the lines of, Why do they [meaning the Arab world/Muslims] hate the United States so much that they would want to attack it? They ask this as if they sincerely believe this themselves when in fact they raise this question only as a means of leading into an often lengthy diatribe in which their own anti-American biases are clearly made evident.


While they themselves do not believe the perps to have been Islamists (or if one or two of them do, they simply glaze over it and treat it as a triviality), they respond to the question which they've raised as a pretext by commenting that the motives for the attacks were in response to imperialist U.S. foreign policy, without ever acknowledging that much if not most U.S. imperialism that has affected Middle Eastern countries negatively, has been caused by rogue factions within the U.S. of whom it could be effectively argued are anti-American themselves, or who at the very least are not representative of the American people (i.e. the U.S.).


It's always made me wonder, are these intellectuals (in and outside of discussing 9/11) so apologetic of Islamism that they couldn't give a damn about western freedom? Conveniently, these ones never seem to question why in recent decades there has been such a steady stream of Muslims fleeing their native lands for western parts from countries whose human rights records and totalitarian laws make places such as the U.S. seem like heaven.


Not to excuse the actions of the rogue imperialist factions operating within the U.S., but want to talk imperialism and expansionism, there's been no greater example of this within the last 1400 years than the Islamic Empire. This is still going on today, although not as militantly as in the past, but primarily via stealth jihad.

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