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Organizing on a local level


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2 minutes ago, Cristo said:

Hi Im just wanting to see if I can get some information on good ways to organize with like minded people in my area. Maybe ideas to break the ice when approaching someone with a mask on to inform them without conflict 

Just go round smiling at people.


Don't confront


Create leaflets

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35 minutes ago, Cristo said:

(Full disclosure) I think the post was just an icebreaker to strike up a conversation in this forum




Just say... ``have you heard the scientific evidence that says how bad masks are for you.``   If you get a weird look and a shielding behaviour...avoid. 


If they respond and interact positively...you're on a winner.

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If you approach random people you may provoke outrage in the unawakened


So maintaining a some distance isn't a bad idea. This can be done by 'reality hacking' for example by leaving short chalk messages on walk ways or by making up leaflets and posting them through peoples doors


I'd recommend max igans full circle project as a way to link up with other people but i think its been discontinued. You could try setting up 'freedom cells' as outlined by derrick broze on his conscious resistance website: https://theconsciousresistance.com/

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