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Operation Lockstep

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15 minutes ago, James Freeman (of the land said:

Anyone know where I can get a copy please?


Guess you mean "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development"

which includes lockstep?




which is available many places.


If you can't find it then I shall give you a we transfer.


If I am incorrect and you mean another document then sorry.

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To get a decent analysation of the paper i recommend this page:



It also includes the whole "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development"  Iake mentioned as PDF. (it includes Lock Step)


Lastly: Sry for the third post in a row, i just couldnt find the PDF Link on the web anymore. (its always good to immediatly save everything of importance on your harddrive, you never know how hard it gets to find it in the future)



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5 hours ago, James Freeman (of the land said:

I'm not sure its the right document then!

Some bloke at an event in Liverpool a few weeks ago read out a 2010 prediction that the vacsean they relese in early 2021 will cull the worlds population by about 15% and they will call this new pandemic covid-21


Im pretty sure the document he meant is precisly this one from 2010, as to my knowledge there are no other puplicly available papers related to this topic that do come from an official source.(and from that year)

The vaccine world depopulation at this point in time can not be confirmed and only be speculated on. The Lock Step scenario is about the measures of governments in such a "crisis" and not so much about the initial threat that is used as a justification.


To understand current world affairs, it is not enough to look at one document and look for all the answers. Its upon the researcher which dots are connected with one another and they come from different sources and timelines.

The bloke (which i didnt hear speak personally, i cannot confirm it) either mixed up a couple of things, talked about two different things, or connected for himself the dots.

(Means he took the Rockefeller document and used it as a tool to make a prediction)

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