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Forced Channeling aka The VIEW

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When someone is typing can you force someone to think its a demonic channeling?  As if some force must interact with influence every bit of communication with humanity without any acting medium?  Is this always some form of heathen activity, and isn't the only action available for a person would be to send a negative vibe thus disturbing the entire initial intention of this action.   I thought some forces would eat this.


Today I am debating this previous idea about the Akasha being a living entity, or at least discovering this after attempting to realize this in my own life as I tried to define the changes in our personal dimension.   So to say.  Because I have learned there are two ways to describe the elements (Eckasha, Akasha) I started to relate the name E A as well.  Since E A is more closely related to Enki, with so many Christian influences around this just creates entities that automatically do that above - and more.  They'll even say they are dragons and Gods..... these energies claiming to influence the channel.  Neither are always viewed as 'evil'.... but this circumstance forces this association.  I'm trying to correct this and hopefully this is the year.  The 'sun' side of it disputes which is normal but as easily as they have come in via 'myself' why aren't they on board with the idea that they should be more positive rather than just disputing evil?


So this 'sun/son' disputes .... but my human mind doesn't get the smoothness.  Or at least doesn't feel like trying to put it into words.  I have many of these children who think/say they are Saturn now (not Satan) and with Christmas coming up it would be in my best interest to at least make a strong effort to discover a higher side of life.  Right?  Being surrounded by lower forces doesn't mean I have to stay in a position where I cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel?  They act like they will die if something good happens, yet they seek pleasure. Akasha can be beautiful and not just because you didn't call Innana an abomination.  These are the patterns that only make sense.  Maybe this is the true hold on my reality since they all like to always view spirituality from a Christian point...     


Well....   soon I'll upload a longer journal, but they cannot continue to blame Covid on me...


<See that last part was something trying to immulate a dragon circle again>

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