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Tommy Robinson arrested (again)


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1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:

Despite what I may now think of him, I still maintain that his autobiography "Enemy Of The State" is worthwhile reading. As well as learning about his background and history, as to why he even started the English Defence League in the first place, you also get insights into how people have tried to 'buy' and corrupt him in the past, to which he refused.


I just looked online and I can see that this book was published in 2015. It obviously took some time to write and prepare for publishing too, so it would fit in with what I see as a transitional period in Tommy Robinson's life, as in from not being PTB corrupted to slowly becoming PTB corrupted. Unless, perhaps, it was published with PTB support, so as to try and give him more credibility in his new 'role'? I don't know and just a thought.



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Mossad boy is due to get questioned again in court, about his mysterious finances, on Thursday 9th June. This is after he skipped court back in March. Maybe his mental health problems will resurface, which may lead to him forgetting where all of his loot is stashed. Maybe he will forget to attend and another 'arrest' could be in the offing. Fear not, though, as I am sure that Richard 'MI5' Tice, The Assprentice, will put in a good word for him. I reckon that little Tommy could well be winning the next national lottery jackpot.





'Tommy Robinson missed High Court date 'due to mental health''


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Pretty pointless addding on £900 to a £600,000 bill, but justice has been served. Little Tommy better start lookng down the back of his sofa.





'Tommy Robinson is fined £900 for contempt of court for failing to turn up to hearing about his finances over unpaid legal costs as he faces £600,000 bill for losing libel case brought by Syrian schoolboy.'


The Daily Masonical is not currently accepting comments on this article.

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I did recently say that the following line was now becoming very in vogue, with the scoundrels of today.


'To protect my family!'


Tommy has also now signed up, it seems. Personally, I reckon that the vast majority of these 'threats', if not all of them, are manufactured or at the very least not serious. Reason being, to give the impression that a proverbial war zone exists around him, so that he really is left alone. If he is so endangered, in his own home no less, then why did he let it be well known that he would be attending this march well in advance?! It makes no sense. He very likely doesn't even want to be bothered by anyone, let alone mildly threatened, while enjoying life in his new mansion. We will probably have to class the turncoat Farage in the same bracket soon. 





'Tommy Robinson refuses to give address in court and claims his family has faced 'serious threats'.'


(Tommy and Nigel fighting it out, on behalf of the U.K. plebs.)


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