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2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

it all theatre or is Jordan Peterson being sincere. I hope the latter.

up to you to decide,but if i can push the discusion to the limit,those are only words,we can't confirm that(i know he said "take the vacc") just saying 


his dauther "had covid" twice 


i think they played a" game",they knew or had been told to shut up at the start 

and now that the plandemic had been pushed through, they are "coming out" with true,meaningful opinions 


both had a very good topics in the resent past(podcasts) for a curious people to analize them 


is it enough for us to say that they are on "our" side ,i don't know(i know what some members will say)


here's one vid 



condesending or sincere???

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