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Proof reality is a dream


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Nope cannot be done, yep I sorta click bated you, haha.  But now your here you may as well read on...


Firstly you should already know that nothing I or anyone else can say in a subject line or post on this or any other topic anywhere in life can be taken as absolute truth, why?  Well mostly I think this is because any evidence put forward by a party is likely not theirs to give, it would be repeated from a source that was repeated from another source etc, but wait you say, if what is trying to be proved was observed first hand and presented as evidence and agreed and could be reliably repeated independently as true it must be, well yes and no, you see as I will attempt to get to it's only true to the rules of that system (or reality),  This is so important to our understanding of reality  I need to elaborate..


Let us setup up a scenario to try make sense of this point.  Imagine if you will whilst sleeping in your bed you have a dream, in the dream an angry bear is at your door and about to attack your family; you standing there with your rifle are the only one with a chance of stopping the bear.  Totally afraid and shaking, your arm raises and you point and make your shot, the bear cops an unfortunate blow to the head and you the hero has saved your family. A weird sort of typical dream you may agree.


Lets analyse this dream for a moment, the dream much like our reality had rules, like gravity!  The bullet had to fly through the air to hit the bear,  it could not fly around a corner (unless the rules of that realm allowed it to).  This is how science works, something is observed to be true multiple times reliably, like the trajectory of bullets and effect of gravity and is agreed upon by scientists and therefore rightly proven, and they are right, but here's where it gets wierd, they are only right to the point of following the rules of that system (or reality).


Now back to the dream;  you were so emersed in the dream it was real to you,  the bear was perceived as a threat and you were afraid, you didn't just think, hey well now this is just a a dream nothing can happen to me, come what may, no it was your family at stake and as real to you as this life at the time and you were scared as hell in that realm while really in a galaxy far far away you lay in your bed dreaming.

So you can meditate, know conspiracies, be open minded, know more about control systems and what goes on behind the scenes than average joe public, go to the supermarket without your mask or whatever,  but you are never truly awaken until this reality ends (you die), then you might well see that it was all a dream, or what I can best describe as a dream anyway,  you had to follow the rules of that realm to survive - work to feed your family etc.  It's my view and of others as well as many of religions that we are here basically only to learn lessons and move on.


I probably make sense or no sense to you the reader and obviously offer you no proof of anything.   I'm not saying I believe life is literally a dream just that being human with our limited minds, it's a good way for us to liken this reality to a dream in an attempt to understand what's going on.


In summary I believe two possibilities exist, they are duality or non-duality.  Either i'm wrong we live in a physical realm where once I die life and this universe (realm) will just continue on, or not, you are all just a product of my imagination and I possibly yours, but wait then if that is so now I am effectively only writing this post to myself and I am effectively god (all is one, non dual).  I cannot begin to convey to you the hours I've spent In many states contemplating existence.   I decided no way of knowing until my life is done, and I'm in no hurry to find out so have decided to just be the best person I can be and enjoy it where I can, hope you can too if your really out there:)


I also want to big up Leo at actualised.org where I got the bear example from, his videos are inspiring and explains way better than i ever could:



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You should avoid actualised he is one of the new breed of ... internet fools that lead people astray.   The world is always full of such people and many people have their journey's destroyed because of it.


The problem with your ideas is that you are look for a fixed description of "what it is", rather than seeing the process of growth.  It is said "as above so below", if we look at the natural world around us ... what does it tells us?  This natural world innocently follows the principles of life ... we should learn from it.


For instance there are many acorns, but how many become oaks?

And how easy is it for an oak tree to grow ... does it not also have many challenges?

And do all oaks grow in perfect conditions, or do some grow where it is difficult?


One thing you should bear in mind is that if you look at the journeys of the famous spiritual figures be they Ramana Maharshi, J Krishnamurti, Milarepa, Jesus, Buddha, Laozi ... these people had great trouble, and witnessed great evil, and they worked hard.  And finally they entered an eternal state.

It was not for free, not for everyone, and it was not a very nice journey.


When you sleep someone in Australia wakes up.

Life continues, but you do not.

What does this tell us?


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I was teaching primary school kids once, and we were talking about dreams and one of the kids, must have been about 8 or 9 years old, said 'Life is a dream, and when we die we wake up'.


I've no idea where she got this from, I have since learned that Alan Watts said this too, but this was an inner city working class area of London.....


I'd be surprised if an 8 years old had checked out Alan Watts.

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Sure, I don't think it hurts to look at possibilities and be open minded , i am new to this forum and not sure if this is the place for out of the box ideas yet or not.  I too always felt like that as a kid and learned others had same ideas later

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