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What Was Manna Bread In The Bible ?


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I've always wondered what this manna bread was that the Israelite's ate during the Exodus from Egypt, it was supposed to be the food of the angels and this guy in this vid maps out the anatomy of the human body to discover secrets of the Bible.




And here you will find more of his Body code vid's, fascinating stuff



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Watched one minute of the video ,that was enough.... One guys crazy interpretation. 


Manna was mentioned in the Koran , but mainly in the bible . Given by "God" to sustain the Israelites during exodus ...


Unless you have forgotten the Jews are God's chosen people .... A special blood line the Annunaki created to form the core group from which future controllers of humanity were drawn ... they were not to breed with the rest of us, they were to be persecuted to keep them antagonistic to the rest of humanity  , traumatized by circumcision to keep them mean  ... The Annunaki (physical ETs) were the ancient "Gods" 


So the Jews had to be kept alive , not many of them , so it was logical for the ET's to give them something to sustain them during exodus . If I remember correctly this Manna was found by the Jews on the desert sand in the morning . No doubt some high energy food created by the Annunaki . The "Angels/Gods"(Annunaki)  came down in craft and put it there in the night  , or more likely flew over in their UFO's and dumped it out. 


Nothing magical or supernatural about this Manna from Heaven , just a concentrated food to keep the Jews alive. 

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There is a lot of conjecture on this subject which range from nourishing food ,monotonic gold  fed to initiates to change their body chemistry and psychedelic plants  that give spiritual visions ,so take your pick ,personally I don't think they will ever find a definitive answer which just adds to the mystery of the mystery schools and their teachings long before the bible

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