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Happy Halloween and Welcome to 1984 - Demolition of Man


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Happy Halloween and Welcome to 1984
∴ A Full Moon -  Halloween - on the Sabbath 

This must be one hell of a night for the Globalist Death Cult Satanists?
Must be as happy as a pig in shit!






Just a hint at the above video here...
“A Million New Yorkers can no longer afford food!”

Remember, this is supposedly after the insanity Humanity tried to destroy itself?🤔 and the Globalists Technocracy Social Credit System is within full swing...

It’s about time more people awake to the madness instead of complying with It...🙄


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Quick Rundown


1) a polack found an author called Ingersoll Lockwood. this author died in 1918. he has written the following books:

a) The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar (Boston, Massachusetts: Lee and Shepard, 1890)
b)Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey (Boston, Massachusetts: Lee and Shepard, 1893)
c)1900: Or, the Last President.

2) read all three of these books. links:

3) these books have mentioned that there is no existing record of baron trumps death and that he discovered a time traveling portal in the middle of the earth.

4) not spooked yet? here's a picture of barron in the book. 
>pic related

5) these books mention that barron lives in "castle trump". 

6)and most importantly, this book predicts that socialists and anarchists will start rioting in NYC from November 3rd and that Trump is the last president.


previous >>134009975



It looks more and more like that Back to the Future scene was based upon the above story and Trump...

Although, it could just all be coincidence? 🤔



Flame of “Liberty” or something/someone else?



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The more humans are divorced from real work (rather than robotised health and safety flow charts) and real nature real culture real divinity .... they become quite desperate.   That's whats happening to many NHS staff.

They are nurses and doctors who have been so heavily robotised they are suicidal and don't get anything from their work.   If they don't follow the flowcharts they are ex-communicated.

This is the pattern of a grave disease ... that is in most parts of Westerner society.

It is soul killing in every area of life.


And the twats who direct the expert industry to torture people in their lives ... those fools are the lowest soulless vermin.

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1 hour ago, Fifth element said:

Boris Johnson was possesed last night and hancock was the sacrificial lamb.

But I don’t like that it makes Boris appear somewhat acceptable and as though they’re all saying what we are thinking, especially about Hancock 😆 they’re all in it together, accessories to crime and mass murder and systematic deprivation.


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You know, waking up is a lot like a dam breaking.

Once it has started you can’t stop it and a great chasm of ignorance shall make itself manifest. Like a veil has been lifted...

Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 



Fire Sale

Don’t worry all you homeless people in California 👌
I have a sneaking suspicion, “God” will be along very shortly to fix everything and cleanse the earth “of your sins” - the sin of being homeless within a decedent society, built around the systematic failure of Cartelism and Monopoly sold as “Capitalism and Democracy” - while implementing a state of crisis, emergency powers, to “postpone” something and create widespread anarchy, rioting, civil chaos systematically designed to lead to civil war, creating a dominoe effect to completely crush the old financial system, on the back of COVID of course, while this will perpetuate the state of homelessness far and wide - Survival of the Fittest, The Hunger Games Society, Millions without electricity and water, the new gold?

Designed and desired to create a state of transformation, to make society desire the solution of those behind the Chaos! 



While the solution to take away these problems that do very much exist will be Fascism.

That’s if a people are divided and don’t see through this!

But thankfully, due to harvesting Genetic Materials by way of the otherwise fraudulent PCR Test, we have a Noah’s Ark and a means to practice eugenics that’s been made to appear acceptable to the majority of society, most of whom are ignorant because they’ve swallowed the lies that seek to justify this clear and blatant exploitation, the great deception behind the reset...



V - is for Lucifer 


You’d think someone had systematically planned and thought this out, to create a state of ruin, mass homelessness and depression, in advance of a symbolic “accidental cleansing” which, unless you’re a conspiracy theorist, it was just a coincidence ✌️most likely a good guess an’ all ay?
You guess often enough, you’re bound to be right sometimes?
When was the last time you guessed and what would your guess be based upon to develop any sort of accuracy? 🤔

This is based upon a system of control you often deny exists, if it doesn’t, nothing of the sort should happen.
This shouldn’t be planned and this sort of thing shouldn’t be embedded within a string of Pop Culture Movies.
Yet it is and it’s there these things are seen in advance and subconsciously promulgated, leading us into MayDay - “Going Down”,- The Fall of Man...



The “Guess

The wars via technology, upon the energy of awakening, kundalini, energy felt in the spine, just a coincidence though...


After Genetic 🧬 Manipulation 

(2012 - New Jerusalem - Zion Olympics Seems to play a prominent role, in creating a world stage for all of this)

But, let’s hope not 🤞🏻

The fact of the matter is, Agenda 21-30 ID2020 and getting the masses into FEMA style concentration camps, isn’t going happen all by itself.
How do you think it will happen? 
Or don’t you think anything of the sorts planned at all?
Would you go willingly?

🌈”It’s, the perfect storm”🕊 
WHO knew?



There goes your flushing toilet @rideforever

World Wide “Taos Hum”

(Trump Tesla Video - Cellophane used with technology and Ultraviolet Light?
The Fire Break and Covering “nonessential” produce with cellophane, could these things be connected?)

It’s like the Occult version and use of the Seven Laws of Noah? 🤔
Noahide Laws - No place to hide, from the New World Order!

This is the state we are being systematically led to, we need to wake up and stop complying with the deception behind this campaign!

Our Salvation - Our Utopia ^ Demolition of Man ^


‘What your government is doing is false imprisonment of healthy living innocent men/women/children with false information.

7 steps to mind control – Sound Familiar??
• Isolation (lockdown)
• Criticism (if you don’t stay home you will overload the NHS…)
• Social proof and peer pressure (Shame those who don’t wear masks)
• Fear of alienation (Bucking the trend makes you an outcast)
• Repetition (Constant bombardment of news case figures & lockdown, release, lockdown..)
• Fatigue (Any one ready for a vaccine yet to make it stop?)
• Forming new identity (The new normal)
Ultimately, manipulators want to re-define your identity. They want you to stop being yourself and become a robot.

All planned in advance folks. 
Fraud virus, Fraud tests, Fraud media ! 
Rockafella TV interview circa 1974 "What's your favorite Governmental system?"
"China, you can get things done."’ - Natalie McDonagh




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1 hour ago, DannyUK said:

But I don’t like that it makes Boris appear somewhat acceptable and as though they’re all saying what we are thinking, especially about Hancock 😆 they’re all in it together, accessories to crime and mass murder and systematic deprivation.


Just some dark humour we need any kind laughter is great healer.

As Mr Boris is on the dark side for real as a few names show up at the end of this very stark video.


Former UN staff member
Claire Edwards: "'The
CV-19 Genocide of 2020'

  - 21:13

Former UN staff member Claire Edwards speaks so eloquently on the paper entitled 'The CV-19 Genocide of 2020' TRUETUBE@NewTube newtube.app/user/TrueTube/2ocfxrR "This is a very informative 21 minute video and I would urge everyone, whatever you beliefs, to please take the time and watch.


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2 hours ago, Eliot said:

If trump is from the future, maybe he can give us free energy.  Haha


It doesn't necessarily mean that...




It means a certain group of people have far superior and advanced technology than what we'd know or may otherwise give them credit.

While the original stories of Ingersoll Lockwood obviously speak of a story of ancient technology and a journey through hell - In the Mouth of the Beast /In the Mouth of Madness and all that - you may have come across this in some of my other posts...





These people, the Globalist Death Cult, work upon a basis of manipulating energy.

Negative Energy, while not distinguished from positive, it is disginguishable as it's the faster path towards achieving material, manifestation and goals etc 


The natural energy of our environment, state of being you may say and the energy of our technological systems are ultimately derived from the same knowledge, that's why there's all this skullduggery and cloak and dagger, as very intelligent people, whom aren't necessary apart of the occult clubs, may stumble upon this knowledge via interests within science and not necessarily, scientific illuminism.

Therefore they become a threat or an inconvenience because of their knowledge of which they've not been initiated into through the traditional paths.

It's entirely the same with the alien principle. If there is a "higher intelligence" other than our controllers, they want that higher intelligence to go through them as they fear losing control over society to such a higher intelligence, hence they desire the knowledge of any such species kept within denial and ignorance amongst society.

They don't give a damn about potentially destorying other people's beliefs, in fact, they'd welcome it.

They care that they're the highest of intelligence maneuvering society and not something else, which potentially has a higher intelligence than them.


So, with this technological energetic manipulation and interference in mind, these people are at the very least, aware of future events by beings, a force which isn't bound by our construct of time, the Death Cult work with parasites upon consciousness.



You may even call them hungry ghost beings, or beings trapped within a lower realm of existence with varying degrees of awareness themselves and ultimately, they desire to get out of that realm of being and so help these Globalists Death Cult, while they essentially surrender their "souls" their energy, consciousness, by carrying out negative deeds to draw these beings in a ritualistic fashion, so they manifest in the first place.



After their energy has been consumed, this is a transformation and trade off of energy and then, that being can transform into a higher state of being.


This is one way of looking at it, but, the underlying message within popular culture that singles this downfall of man by a people exploiting time for financial gain and power trips, shouldn't be overlooked.

Especially when these people are clearly playing a game with us, subconsciously, of which we're not fully privy, initiated or know the intention, implications and direction behind this subconscious manipulation, of which our ignorance is well maintained and our minds hypnotised.


The Key to me, is to simply follow the synchronicities at first and say what you want, you shouldn't be able to find them if there's not some other element or string in the web which is underlying certain manifestations and synchronicities.

While these are both positive and negative.

To my mind, members of occult groups studying the nature of reality privy to ancient knowledge, come across patterns of synchronicities and symbolism and they mimick them into their designs, their symbolism and ritual in accordance to their higher meaning, even for deceptive or negative ends, that such may not inherently within itself mean, represent or symbolise.


One of these ancient quests was the key for immortality via alchemical process and Genetic Manipulation of DNA, to exploit and access dormant or switched off DNA sequences of higher advanced Anunnaki DNA that was spliced into the hybrid of man, while certain limited bloodlines have maintained this evolutionary advancement that lays dormant within everyone else and they may not even know how to activate this evolutionary advancement within the DNA anymore, they certainly wouldn't want to for the majority of people.

While, a more natural awakening process may take place that spontaneously awakens and triggers the awakening or activation of this dormant DNA sequence within each and every individual and this maybe a fluctuation process, not everyone all at once. 


While spiritual such as kundalini energy practices, maybe able to use the direction of your intent to trigger this process sooner in certain individuals, but, there's no foolproof method to do this, as there seems to have to be an unknown element or activation that dawns upon you to trigger this and this may simply be your body maintaining a certain state of receptiveness or frequency for an energetic transference to take place.

This unlocks knowledge and wisdom, which is why it's symbolised as a Snake and why a certain controlling power, which has imitated "God" doesn't want society to become knowledgeable and wise as then they wouldn't allow such a control system to marginalise their life of what they can and can't do and how they should do it etc instead, we can rely upon our own sense of insight and perspective. Nothing could be more dangerous to a control system playing God.


But these comments here are just a guess of mine based on various research and what I feel about what's going on here etc 


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