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My MP, Jeremy Corbyn (2007-2014)

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Why is it that when I write something in Word and C&P it onto here, the writing is always so small no matter how much I try to increase the size? 


I lived in Islington, London from 2007 – 2014 and I had a two or three surgery meetings with him as well as attending a town council meeting for the public about a year before the Charlie Hebdo murders.


I couldn't stand Corbyn ever since I saw him from atop a bus that was going past Islington Green in 2005 a few days after the 7/7 bombings addressing a huge crowd of Muslims. (I was living in Cape Town but had been returning to London for four or five months of the year between 2004-2007 in the summer to do cash in hand, tax free work. ) I found out later through the local press that Corbyn had been giving a speech pacifying Muslims ensuring that they were safe etc. Nauseating, but not nearly as bad as Galloway.


Corbyn in his day, was one of those guys standing outside the South African embassy in the 80's campaigning against Apartheid – that same political ideology that Israel now adheres to. At least he's consistent.

I met Corbyn through his local surgery meetings where he let slip to me that South Africa was a basket case (under the ANC black government.) I didn't have the confidence or nerve to challenge him and I bitterly regretted it the moment I left Mildmay library. I suppose I was just grateful he was sitting listening to me.


In December 2013, Islington town council held a meeting where the audience was made up mainly of immigrants in and it was a question and answer type meeting with Corbyn sitting alongside the usual suspects banging on about the glorious and intense orgasms they all have daily regarding immigration, immigrants, multiculturalism and diversity.

I stuck my hand up and asked the panel (headed by Corbyn) what he thought of Jack Straw's outburst which was first picked up by his local paper in Blackburn before the Guardian splashed it on the national press. (There were only two other people in the audience who could speak fluent English so I had no competition really.) This little spineless, repellent creature Straw had said that 'mass immigration was a spectacular mistake' a few weeks previously and I hesitantly blurted this out - aware that there was a good chance I'd be knifed upon exiting the hall.


All these black and brown faces in the audience turned to stare at me before Corbyn looked up at me and said ' I know nothing about that but thank you for your question'. Everyone gave me that same, intense look that a queue of women give you when you open the cubicle door of the toilet only to discover that in your inebriated state, the missing urinals didn't register as much as the desire to empty a chronically full bladder.


Prior to this meeting, I had been in contact with some American female who was taking calls on what the meeting was about, time date etc and I got into some deep discussion with her over the phone so half of me was interested in trundling along to the Islington town hall on a cold wet December night to listen to these councillors and the other half was wondering if there was any chance of me getting inside this American female's pants. (I was a serial shagger in my day.) She sounded nice but I suspected that she was a bit of a bunny boiler since she was pouring out her heart to me about her chronic housing situation in our first conversation. I really wasn't too concerned about that as I was only after a month of unbridled and uncomplicated sex.


I went down to the floor where the speakers were after the 'show' had finished and introduced myself to the councillor Richard Watts who had earlier told the audience that he just loved the fact his children went to a multicultural school (where 70% of the school children couldn't speak English.) I also managed to speak to the American female who I had spoken with on the phone for twenty minutes and who turned out to be pretty fit looking - definitely shagable.

I called her two days later with the intention of asking her out for a drink and my phone started to glow red before exploding. She told me to f*** off in no uncertain terms ending with a 'don't you dare call me again'. I'm extremely handsome and had never been spoken to like that before by a female so I managed to call her a f***ing lesbian in retaliation to console and satisfy my bruised ego.


Four weeks later in January 2014, Corbyn flew out to Iran as guests of the Iranian government with a delegation of four people to talk about nuclear disarmament, one of whom was JACK fucking STRAW.


All the while he was telling me he knew nothing of Straw's effusion, he was arranging flights, hotels, itinerary, speeches etc with him. He was practically sleeping with the little f***er.

I arranged another meeting with Corbyn after he came back from Iran but when asked what I wanted to speak to him about, I stupidly told the truth and said I wanted to know why Corbyn feigned ignorance about Straw stating that mass immigration was a mistake.

His secre...sorry assistant Ruth met me instead and said 'Jeremy is indisposed today'. I had photocopies of the Tehran visit, put them on the desk and told Ruth it was impossible that Mr Corbyn didn't know what Straw had said when they were the best of buddies. I just wanted to know why Corbyn lied to me. Ruth puffed, sighed and rolled her eyes and asked me if there was anything else that she could help me with.

I just walked out but there was that anger in me that was ignited when Corbyn, after campaigning vigorously for years against Apartheid, admitted to me (without me telling him I had lived in three countries in Southern Africa for 25 years) that 'South Africa was now a basket case'.


Inside a decade, South Africa went from being the the most stable economic powerhouse of an entire continent where law and order reigned over crime and dishonesty to just another African crime ridden, corrupt shit hole where nepotism, cronyism and corruption overruled any semblance of a stable democracy.

With 55 million Blacks and only 5 million Whites something had to give. The major problem was that Hendrick Verwoerd gave the segregation policy a unique name whereas the clever Jews in Israel didn't.


The amazing thing is that even today there are millions of people who think that the first settlers in what is South Africa today were Black Africans but that's another topic.


I learned from David Icke that Kier Starmer is a rabid Zionist – that the 'Labour Together' office is in the same building as the CCDH (Centre for Countering Digital Hate) and that Starmer's campaign manager is also a director of the CCDH. Another director of this organisation is Kirsty McNeill whose maiden name was …..Rothschild. I also learned from Icke that the CCDH receive their funding from the Pears and Schusterman Foundations, both ultra Zionists 'charities'.


I'm willing to bet my life savings that Corbyn is also fully aware of all that David Icke has exposed and of Jewish extremism in Western politics. As the saying goes, there's good and bad in everybody.



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Guest Gone Fishing...
On 10/30/2020 at 10:43 AM, Smokestack Lightnin' said:

Why is it that when I write something in Word and C&P it onto here, the writing is always so small no matter how much I try to increase the size? 

The sizing is perfect for my laptop.
And - it's also in the correct 'Politics Section'...  👍 

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