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Technology Leads to Destruction of Humans

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In the future people's phones and facebook posts will be buried. 

And their "bodies discarded".

Perhaps it happens already.


This means that the consciousness is not able to be properly houses inside the human vessel, to properly awaken, to fuse into a real Being, a real man.

The "technology" is causing the consciousness to not enter properly into the person to wake up as a person ... it is parasited and leaks into the void with the stimulation and degeneration of technology that pulls it outside.

The general intelligence is experienced outside of the body, outside of me, ... in the ether of the internet.


In the agricultural world, due to the peace and harmony of nature, and the hard physical work people were more Real.  They felt themselves as real beings.   And the became intelligent about the nature of the world, or life.


Today people live sitting down.   They lose their intelligence, they lose their capacity.

They can do less.   They understand less.

They drift into fantasies.

Always have fantasies of changing the world, fixing the world, revolutionizing the world.

One theory, another scientific theory, yet another theory, another ideology.

It means they know nothing anymore.

They have no real understanding of anything.

Not even basic intelligence and understanding of a man planting carrots in the dark earth.

Don't even have that much.

The more ignorant and divorced from life .... the bigger the fantasises.

Soon will believe pink elephant is real and elect Pope.

And of course, the things their ancestors knew ... the things their ancestors could feel, like God ... these things now distrusted and hated.

Only big fantasies are trusted.  

Fantasy world carries on ... because the old foundations made by better men. 
Will last for some time.  But after some time it is finished.  Fantasy can only eat the foundations so much before it finds it knows nothing.

The internet and media and modern world, is a group masturbation by people living from the foundations of the past.

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Revolutions : Agricultural, Industrial, Internet

The "fall of man" I believe relates to the stupidizing of human beings through laziness, cowardice and idleness ... caused by 3 periods of change in their lives, agriculture 10,000 years ago, industry 200 years ago and internet 20 years ago.   These have progressively stepped down the human intelligence to a rainbow idiot. 

It's easy to understand why : only through living well, constructively, actively, and with great challenge ... only then do you maintain your intelligence, otherwise you will change from a man to a gerbil and that is what we are seeing.   People are stupid and not just on the surface, all the way down to the core.   That is the reason for the pandemic, for the rainbow, for many things.  It's also the reason that people imagine they are god these days.

There is no shortcut to maintaining your quality, the same degeneration happens to sheep and mice and all creatures, plants as well.

The whole thing is underlined by either miserable fear, or with a great soaring spirit ... which leads people either down or up.


Human Intelligence : Degeneration and Generation

Our intelligence with which we have taken control of the surface of the planet ... did not come by accident.   In fact it is not a general intelligence, but a hunting intelligence.   This part of our intelligence has evolved quicker and produced the "mind" ... or more properly the "hunting mind".   Why did this part get evolved more quickly, rather than say emotional intelligence ?   Basically it's a question of survival.

What happened most probably is that in extreme situations facing predators, tigers and aurocks, our ancestors were forced to think and think hard in order to save themselves.   That pressure eventually created the mind, and the culture that goes with it.  They evolved themselves through their "work" ... it was not automatic.   If on the other hand they had just laid down and given up ... they would not have evolved.

And you see that evolution needs participation, it is not going to happen by itself.

If nature gives a lizard the first stubs of wings ... well the lizards can either go for it, try to fly with them, try to make a culture on the basis of a little flight ... or they can ignore them ... in which case those little wings will eventually cease to exist, nobody in their culture likes them or uses the.


Same thing in human society.  If people no longer care to be intelligent it will vanish.   And I sense that if humanity carries on like it does ... soon they will simply be monkeys, and frankly if tescos stops supplying food tomorrow they can just take their clothes off and climb into a tree and forget all about it.   Maybe some legends will survive of the big monkey who had magic power.


Any assistance is lethal, you must do it yourself always or you will degenerate and your society will vanish.  You must strive and try like your ancestors and not take it easy on yourself, or you are finished.





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Technology Has No Limit

Food, clothing, peace ... these come from the body and when the body is happy then the desire for them ends, so you can rest.

But technology is not like this, technology just leads to more technology and even more .. in an endless rat race.

What is the desire for technology really about?

You buy a McClaren Sports Car and stand next to it ... you feel good, but why?

Are you different?

Will you surround yourself by equipment and then feel good?

You don't know yourself, because you are the same you are unchanged.

In the minds of others ... they might think you are great with a collection of expensive cars.

Others who are nature lovers might hate you.

But it is not you, all your equipment is not you.

Desire for technology is lack of self knowledge, lack of self feeling ... you just live in the eyes of others.

And because you don't feel yourself ... you can never be happy.

You don't know if you are happy, you don't know anything.

You just know advertising.

You wouldn't know if you were alive or dead.


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