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Brian Rose of London Real exploited and used David Icke for his own gender Video links below

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I've watched the first video linked in OP ... It presents a fairly good case for Rose being a "Grifter"  (not an insider ) ...Just someone who is after your money , lots to be had from putting forth a cause and asking for funding , which Rose has done many times without delivering anything ...


So running for Mayor is another grift , he want's your donations .... 


How Icke fits into all this is not clear . As the creator of the video points out , DI is not someone you want to associate with if you want to win the election ... But Rose is not stupid , he knows he has no chance of winning , but Icke followers may give financial support ... perhaps . 

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What i dont get is that many people that came to know about Icke trough the London Real platform, already need to have a more citiqual or open minded outlook.

Yet, now its these same people that fall for this either shill or fraud?

I mean the moment this guy talked about "more testing is needed", that moment i knew something is very wrong with Brian Rose. It really doesent take much.


Now this "new major" crap is the iceing on the cake, where every alarm bell should ring.

I dunno, i find this strange that he got 1,1 million in donations from people that are into freedom of expression. I really dont get it.

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8 hours ago, Michael said:


I mean the moment this guy talked about "more testing is needed", that moment i knew something is very wrong with Brian Rose.



Well that doesn't mean there's something wrong with him ... He just has the same views as the man on the street about testing ... 


He probably is just a grifter , after getting money from the public ... Not a government paid agent perusing a cabal agenda , which some people here  believe 


Grifters always take great care with their dress ... Dress to impress 



David Icke and Piers Corbyn no Savile Row suits , just a message 



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11 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

I'm not going to be giving him any money... 


Nor ever would I.

I do consider that he has only his best interest at heart.


11 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

And I appreciate that he interviewed David Icke. 


I agree with that and am glad that the interviews happened.


On 10/29/2020 at 3:20 AM, karl said:



I don't like Rose but at the end of this video, which is not stated, is that Dacast states $61K for 30 mins of live stream to 1M.


So the video just ignores that and the length of the Icke interview.

Thus the video is also as biased as Rose in what they report as correct to their 226K subs! (who maybe give them money)


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