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Halloween Queen ...


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Now we're in each other dreams!

Isn't love such a SCREEEEEEAM!!!


Thanks to the efforts of Solomon Demonskeeper, the new lockdown measures will not affect Otherworld, as Otherworld does not legally exist.


Witches and wizards are reminded to practice caution regarding bats as they are blind and may turn into vampires if they discover you flying through them.


Be advised that pumpkin heads are a great navigational aid when the moon is hidden behind the clouds. Recent halloweens have seen goblins trying to extinguish the pumpkin heads so if you come across any unlit pumpkin heads, help them reignite their flame and if you see any goblins trying to extinguish them, cast a +5 Light of Lucifer Magick Scroll on them to make sure all the pumpkins are ready for the festival of the terrifying naked flame of destiny and doom.


Ghosts engaged in halloween trickery are reminded that they will be shot on sight the moment someone invents a bullet that can kill a vapourous entity.


Fairies are advised to be careful of pixies trying to turn fairies into homosexuals.


Vampires will be persecuted, werewolves will shot through the head by a silver bullet and Frankenstein ... well you're lucks in this year me old bolt necked pile of other peoples body parts. During the lockdown, your creator has saw fit to mass harvest the human tissue of the peasants providing you with an infinite supply of spare parts. You are advised to stay home and stay safe incase the peasants try to steal their mothers pancreas back.





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