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World Leaders, corruption and manipulation


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Not sure if this right forum. So I've discovered an alogrithm that dictates the price of every world currency I have analyzed against the USD dollar. The algorithm is based on pure mathematics and harmonics using weighted moving averages and PPO, which is the difference between 2 moving averages in percentages.


I spent years working on this for crypocurrencies, as I could see patterns. I also realized over time, when an up cycle ended, news would be manipulated or bad news would surface to justify why the price was about to dump.


When the crash happened in March, I was expecting it to happen on crypto currencies as my algorithm was indicating it would happen. When everything crashed, I became suspicious, as I'd never analyzed anything other than crypto currencies. After analyzing GBP to USD, using data back to 1970 I cross referenced certain events against the algorithm and what could be determined:


1 - by early 2015 and possibly earlier than that, it was possible to calculate the the GBP USD was always going to severely dump sometime in 2016.


2 - David Cameron anounced in 2015 as part of his election campaign that we'd get a referendum in 2016


3 - on 20th Feb 2016 - David Cameron anounces we would have the referendum on 23rd June


4 - by the time of this anouncement, it was possible to determine with about 1 weeks accurecy that GBP USD would crash on or around 23rd June.


5 - on 20th April 2016, an event occured on the GBP USD price that was the event you can calculate was going to occur from back in 2015, that is like a ticking time bomb. To calculate this event you need to process over 32 years worth of data.


6 - GBP USD crashed perfectly just as the alorithm shows it should


7 - the crash that occured on March 2020 was always going to happen - and is clearly visible when analyzing GBP USD again. But, it wasn't mathematically ready to dump before it did on 12th March


8 - When I analyzed Gold, my algorithm shows that when Gordon Brown was selling off our Gold, the algorithm shows it was the absolute bottom price he was selling it off at.


Based on events of 1 to 6, and having studied this algorithm, I have no doubt in my mind that the EU referendum date of 23rd June was determined so that the crash of GBP USD could  be explained. If the price crashed without any explanation, people would have been asking WTF


I therefore have no doubt in my mind that David Cameron and the Goverment know this algorithm, but also use and manipulate events to explain events.


I am therefore of the opinion that Boris Johnson and the current government are also acting upon this alogrithm. By the end of Feb 2020, it's possible to see the crash was coming, but a few weeks away. The UK goverment could have locked down earlier, but they had to wait to accomodate the crash, the lockdown came the week after the crash.


Now I am in no doubt there is a virus, and I am also in no doubt that it affects and kills a small percentage of people - but probably less than 1%. But if you're old, and maybe not too healthy - your odd's of survival decrease dramatically. If the lockdown had been introduced at the earliest opportunity, the virus would not have spread as quickly and silently as it did across the country - and the world. If an early lockdown had occured, the fear, and the impact would have been so much less, that people couldn't have been manipulated into the events we've seen this year.


So, to profit as much as possible from this event, the virus had to be allowed to spread, without an early lockdown. The result of that is so far over 40,000 deaths.


When you start to look at all of the events - I am in no doubt that this government is corrupt, and guilty of so many crimes. They will put making millions amongst their buddies a priority against everything.


I've been paying attention to this guy on Twitter, and it's outrageous - but I suggest people pay attention to the corrupt dealings of this government


By sharing this information, it is taking away years of my work that was to better my life, as I lost so much during the financial crisis, my house, marriage and impact on my kids. There are many other people who know this information, but relatively very few. I am probably also the only person that is prepared to come forward and share it, as I believe the needs ot the many outway the needs of the few. I care about the world we live in and the world we are leaving to our children, and I couldn't live with myself if I stayed quiet knowing what I know, and allowing our country to be run by the corrupt paracites I believe they are.


I am preparred to share this information, and how it works, but would every much like to discuss with David - I've tried contacting the moderators,  on this forum, but no replay as of yet.


I have also tried disclosing this to journalists, but no one seems interested - not sure if they think I've got some sort of scam going - but it's not - I just want share what I know.


The good thing about this, is the evidence is in the market price history - which cannot be changed, and the proof is in the algorithm - which is purley maths - so no conspiracy or hmmm, not sure. I invite mathematicians to independently verify what I have found.


I have also analyzed other world wide currencies from the following countries which all historically follow the algorithm:


AUD - Australian Dollar
CAD - Canadian Dollar
CNY - China
EUR - Europe
JPY  Japan
KRW - South Korea
RUB - Russia


I hope this gets some traction, as I believe this is absolutely massive in terms of impact on a global level. I believe the major world leaders are all working together with this information, and imposing strict lockdowns to inflict as much hardship on their citizens, so that as many business and people as possible go bankrupt, so the rich can come and buy up everything dirt cheap.


When you look at how our mainstream media reports on foreign countries being corrupt - it's clear our mainstream media are reporting on what they're allowed to. But one thing their reporting has given us, is how things usually unfold in those corrupt countries. In very few cases, does a corrupt government just step down. It requires enough people to protest - and possibly more. I fear what lies ahead, but I am preparred to stand up against this corruption and tyrrany and do what is right. What I am concerned of, is the NWO, and that exposing this corruption on a global level might actually help make that become likely, and if it does, I know it be will the same corrupt people behind the scenes still in charge - except it will be easier for them to do it.


If anyone who reads this knows how to get word to David - please do so - as he really needs to see this and what evidence I can back it up with. I'm also keen to hear from any programmers, and mathematicians, so I can provide the information needed for them reproduce and independently verify this.











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