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Child Circumcision


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Suffering for no reason. Poor baby.


Israeli baby requires complex surgery after circumcision gone wrong

The baby required long and complex surgery performed by three surgeons to treat the circumcision damage, but it is unclear if it was successful.

A baby was rushed to the hospital in northern Israel on Monday after his circumcision went wrong, with his genitals being almost completely amputated during a brit mila - a Jewish ritual circumcision, Israeli media reported. The mohel was late found to be uncertified and did not undergo required training.



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There is a deeper reason for circumcisions than what we just see on the surface. I can't remember if it happens on the 7th or 8th day of life but it creates in the infant a subconscious hatred of women. That baby has been comfortable with mother and feels like she will protect him from anything. He feels safe, then he is tortured. Mother wasn't there to protect him, so he grows up hating women. I don't know how circumcisions are still debatable. It's evil. If we are made in the image of God and he is perfect, why are we torturing baby boys, removing vital body parts of them and removing their spirit. Torturing 1 week old babies will kill their spirit. 

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Circumcision is primarily a religious thing. I have not found any occult teachings/material that recommend it other than pricking of a finger to form a contract with santa. 🤪

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