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Self funding public cost and government body's saving the public $60k pa within 7 years7

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My self funding system is easy and will make every country rich within years.


Self funding in English... save the public big bucks. 
If we self fund I can save the public around $31,000 in 3 years time.

What you do is go into debt and borrow AU pop size 25 million people $460 billion dollars then self fund public cost like water & power then an government's budget to cut taxes like  self fund all hospitals.

Anyway I worked out $460 billion to every 27 million people will self fund them things for life within 3 years. As we collect bill money and taxes weekly, monthly and quarterly 3 months, we end up paying no interest at all, because we can borrow money for 6% pa but make 7+% pa. So as we collect bill money because we self funded them things, we put it into an interest fund that makes 1% more and pay it back in 3 years time. In 4 years from charging people there normal bill money we will have saved up $460 billion dollars. We first payback loan $460 billion max, then go into debt of ather $460 billion dollars to do the same thing to other public cost. They get self funded over about 3 years and we keep charging them for them bills or taxes for 3 more years after it's self funded for life.

In the end we are always up $460 billion and every 3 years we can save the public after water, power & hospital taxes $25,000 pa. So in ruffly 7 year's time the public will have saved $57,000 dollars pa.

Self funding for life is this.

Adelaide water department makes profit clear of $320 million dollars pa. We hand it $11.5 billion dollars in a 5% interest fund making $575 million dollars pa. Now we take $320 million off to pay for everyone water bills, and leave the leftover $255 million dollars in the interest fund making interest interest 5% pa. Each year that will ruffly make $15 million dollars pa. So now the water department can have a rise of $30 million dollars every 2 years or $180 million dollars every 10 years for ever...self funded for life taking care of population growth and rise in cost and profit.

So we can make every class wealthy again.

Big tip after spending $1.9 tillion dollars on self funding saving the public $75,000 pa? Buy 1 big brand shopping centre like AU Coles to supply the public poor and mid class with cheap country brand food. Coles has been making their own everything products for 15 years now easy. If we buy Coles that already owns mass farms, we will 100% force and keep price's down down lol.

This is what you call making the "world" great again lol.


So we Australia borrow $450 billion dollars and self fund people's water bills and self fund power stations collecting every month the public's bill money that means we are paying back the debt all but 1 months. We put the bill money into an interest fund making 6.5% pa.....Now can can borrow and payback debt within 3 years and for interest free.


Every 3 years we borrow $460 billion self fund it still charge public taxes for next 3 years, then payback debt within 3 years.


Within 7 years from bill cost and government taxes cut the public will 100% save $60,000 dollars pa every year for life.


The good thing about self funding is that you pay for an rise in budget cost of 38% every 10 years, making it full proof idea and econemy strategy.


Any questions fire away I'm full proof.

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To fix this up in the last 2 years only about $100 billion will need to be paid at 10% interest.


What we do is self fund it and keep making the public pay their bills for 6 years. Now in 6 years time the public saves $60,000 dollars and we have saved up $460 billion dollars....no more needs for loan's.


It's so technical but worse case public pay an one off $300 to never pay for mass bills again. The self self funding side of things is spot on.

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