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Let's do the Time Warp Again .........

Free Info

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7 minutes ago, Free Info said:

Let's do the TIME WARP again!!!! 


Good suggestion. 

About 30 years back would suit me. 

I saw this show live at the Wimbledon theater in SW London years ago. 

And was lucky enough to be at an Amanda Palmer gig when Richard O'brien was introduced as a special guest. He came on stage dressed as RiffRaff and we all did the Time Warp. 

Awesome night..  :0)


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Yeah I know......but I haven't taken any drugs for ages....


I think that's where I'm going wrong...


I'm becoming boring.........


It is a lot of fun man...... I need some LSD or a psychotic breakdown before I become fossilised in reality.


Maybe I need to get out of this terribly sane country where I earn a lot of money.


Seriously..... I miss the madness.......It was fun.




Now I'm in full control something seems missing somehow.....







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I need to do the timewarp again.......


I hate it when that happens.


It's kind of hard to arrange. It's not just a jump to the left and a step to the right.


It's much more complicated than that.


And putting your hands on your hips doesn't even factor.

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Then again....maybe not.




After seeing the second night's performance of The Rocky Horror Show in the Theatre Upstairs, Jonathan King produced the original cast soundtrack in just over 48 hours during an off-stage weekend, and rushed it out on his UK Records label. He also became a 20% backer with producer Michael White, who put up the remaining 80%.[8]

During this period, O'Brien and his wife Kimi Wong recorded and released pop singles under the name Kimi and Ritz.[9]






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