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The Divine Silence - Transhumanism - Pure Consciousness - Transformation of Consciousness - True Evolution - Soul Trap Meat Prison or Gateway?


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3 hours ago, DannyUK said:

This is subjective as you’re dealing with spiritual matters not upon the physical plane but outside it.

that was some reply, way too vague, something about outside the physical plane but dna too, your story needs details, not just name drops, i have read almost every single religious and spiritual book in existence, twice, i would rather hear the details of your experience with the infinite

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2 hours ago, killing raven sun said:

that was some reply, way too vague, something about outside the physical plane but dna too, your story needs details, not just name drops, i have read almost every single religious and spiritual book in existence, twice, i would rather hear the details of your experience with the infinite

So what do you make of Elijah? Was it a delusion he suffered because of faulty DNA? Funny how Elijah never met Darwinian oblivion. It turns out Elijah who could perceive what was not there and it was those who could not see who was there with the faulty DNA.


"Genetic disease" is a sciency way of saying "a curse upon your family". This mad nazi ideology when I was young and BNP were considered the loonies trying to resurrect Hitler. Looks like they won.


"Mental illness" say those who cant be reasoned with who use tricky tricks to deceive those who know the world doesnt add up to what it would have people believe.


You claim you know everything because you've read and read and read. Explain Elijah. Explain Job. The world as it is cannot make sense to you like it does those who would acknowledge that Elijah and Job experience something ordinary, something that condems great experts to be nothing more than fools.

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9 hours ago, Steph said:

So what do you make of Elijah?

another one of yahwehs pets, clearly being used to advance an agenda


i suppose you have a different view, something more grandiose, but the raw truth is that yahweh was an asshole that set groups of people against each other, nothing more than an interstellar politician


9 hours ago, Steph said:

You claim you know everything because you've read and read and read. 

bullshit, only you make that claim, books form a very small part of my knowledge base, most of what i know was shown to me by the future perfect self after years of meditation and asking for knowledge, a handful of shrooms removed the final stumbling block


9 hours ago, Steph said:

The world as it is cannot make sense to you like it does those who would acknowledge that Elijah and Job experience something ordinary, something that condems great experts to be nothing more than fools.

superiority complex, not good


this world makes perfect sense to me, it holds no mystery at all

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11 hours ago, killing raven sun said:

i have read almost every single religious and spiritual book in existence, twice


21 minutes ago, killing raven sun said:
9 hours ago, Steph said:

You claim you know everything because you've read and read and read. 

bullshit, only you make that claim, books form a very small part of my knowledge base

Is it just me making that claim?


I mentioned Elijah and you say "Yahweh's pet".


So Yahweh is no delusion, but something which is, that you say makes Elijah into a pet.


Yahweh exists according to what you have said and what I'm getting at by referencing Job and Elijah is that the word of God comes to them in a manner that systemic blasphemy of the holy spirit renders to the minds of the deceived to be a delusion that tortuous practices in hospitals with bars on the window can fix. The world is systemically deceived about the existence of the spirit by which the word of God is addressed. God's people are being persecuted by national authorities under the guise of healthcare. If you see this as good and Elijah's God as evil, are we to trust that you approve of witch burnings, persecuted saints and the various abuses against spiritual people recorded throughout history while the workings of psychologists in Nazi Germany deemed people mentally ill and unfit to live should be hidden in sensationalist race bating going jew jew jew like there was nothing but jews being murdered assisted by physicians to death?


You criticize Yahweh and Elijah but make no criticism of those who persecute the worshippers of God. It's not like some superficial idol on a TV screen but a being with no ability to engage in such superficiality due to the nature of the spiritual plane. Where can El Shaddai hide from those within it? Its shocking that El Shaddai is hidden from those who won't believe, none the less who can avoid it and at the gateway the unprepared look back and ask, if the world doesnt know this, what use has all the knowledge in the world?


Did you come across Cerberus at the gateway or did an Eloha tell you about it? Tell me this if you know so much, if Hades dog ate human body parts, which of the following body parts does Cerberus like to chew on the best?


1. The liver

2. The spleen

3. The brain

4. The heart


Have you seen the face of El Shaddai or are the tales of Yahweh like the tales of a man who speaks in an ordinary fashion? Are the words within Holy Scripture the word of God or the word of scribes who wrote down the word of God. What has cerberus to do with the word of God? A rich history like this going back to ancient Egypt, Greek paganism, Zarathustra and many others suggests that the psychologists are at best deluded and at worst the most dangerous lunatics on the planet and this, in disregard of whether you like Yahweh or not.

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8 hours ago, Steph said:
20 hours ago, killing raven sun said:

i have read almost every single religious and spiritual book in existence, twice


8 hours ago, Steph said:
9 hours ago, killing raven sun said:
19 hours ago, Steph said:

You claim you know everything because you've read and read and read. 

bullshit, only you make that claim, books form a very small part of my knowledge base




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I can tell by the lengths of your posts DannyUK that you are a very deep thinker. Religion vs spiritualty wars, I would never compare.


People find love in different things. All that one must truly realise is love and compassion is the only religion and are far higher forms of intelligence. Practice both daily then that sets us on the right path. When love and compassion are also practiced, it removes fear. When fear is removed, then the shackles of control are removed becuase each other is only interested in uplifting our fellow human. It is a difficult journey to persuade those that are not ready, but all we can do is try to show them the way via love and compassion. I am pleased you study Thich Nnat Hanh talks. The man talks alot of sense. 

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Finally. Their isn't no politics, only freedom.The only religion is love. To those whom take a different path to find love based on their self beliefs, then we all end up at the same destination; to uplift others.




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4 hours ago, kestrel said:

I can tell by the lengths of your posts DannyUK that you are a very deep thinker.

i laughed hard at this one 🤣


4 hours ago, kestrel said:

All that one must truly realise is love and compassion is the only religion and are far higher forms of intelligence. 

love and compassion are not comparable, compassion is the recognition of need and the yearning to help, love is a narrowing of focus on a certain object


universal love, one love, love for everything are all illusions


if you love someone then you must love their absence also if you want to love everything


if you love life then you must also love death


love is simply a state of emotional obsession


not a higher intelligence, or any intelligence at all for that matter


5 hours ago, kestrel said:

Practice both daily then that sets us on the right path. 

no, the right path is appreciation, unlike love you can appreciate everything for what it is, one appreciation cannot be set against another as is possible when you have two conflicting loves


5 hours ago, kestrel said:

When love and compassion are also practiced, it removes fear. 

wrong, love is the basis for the illusion of loss, the most basic fear, as all lovers fear the loss of their love


5 hours ago, kestrel said:

It is a difficult journey to persuade those that are not ready, but all we can do is try to show them the way via love and compassion.

why pester those that you have identified as "not ready"? would it not be more loving to respect who they are and the path they are on?

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7 hours ago, kestrel said:

I can tell by the lengths of your posts DannyUK that you are a very deep thinker. Religion vs spiritualty wars, I would never compare.


People find love in different things. All that one must truly realise is love and compassion is the only religion and are far higher forms of intelligence. Practice both daily then that sets us on the right path. When love and compassion are also practiced, it removes fear. When fear is removed, then the shackles of control are removed becuase each other is only interested in uplifting our fellow human. It is a difficult journey to persuade those that are not ready, but all we can do is try to show them the way via love and compassion. I am pleased you study Thich Nnat Hanh talks. The man talks alot of sense. 

Thanks mate, although, thought is the wrong place entirely but ironically the place that needs to be exhausted in the individual to understand and explain the nature of the corruption of thought and this reality, that is where the matrix reality on one level is projected from within ourselves, our ideas, or what we feel are our ideas which can be conditioned which is what is done via so called education, media, religion, prison and they essentially become prisons for the mind when they’re not used as a tool or mechanism but become confused as the be all and end all of reality, it’s this that has people spending their time chasing their ideas, an illusion, the fantasia they believe to be real but it’s no different than Alice in Wonderland.


Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 


This projection within ourselves is a replication of a projection from the heavens, the cosmos that exists which has created this physical reality. It has created this reality based on the principles and precepts of a higher reality but has become less perfect, more imperfect. I may have mistyped this elsewhere 😆

This is the result of a lower being or power trying to mimic a higher power and build civilisation as it sees it to that of the higher civilisation but with it playing “God”, master or whatever you want to call it.

This is what is being imitated again now with A.I. and how a certain people or force at any rate is trying to build a technology that mimics us as close as possible but has certain “flaws removed” and “upgrades” added.


But how this all works I don’t know only that such a situation exists and to my mind, it exists to harness energy via the human condition which is most desirable within it’s lower forms of vibrational state. 



Religion to me at it’s purest, is trying to systematise the spiritual in concepts and understandings of a reality that can’t be understood by way of the physical, by explanations, myths and analogises of a higher existence, in how they can be related to in ways they maybe understood by imitating that which can be understood by this physical existence.

Instead, the corruption of this is, we rationalise higher spiritual truths and insights down to physical existence and what makes sense we accept because we can comprehend it via the five senses and what can’t be rationalised by the physical is reduced and removed as though it’s “fake news” and has no capacity, worth or credibility because it can’t be comprehend by those restricted by a closed mind and loop back system of this physical existence and so, this state of affairs will maintain the cycle of physical existence and suffering and seek no real means of transcending it spiritually, but will seek to transcend suffering physically by way of the body and in doing so, becomes more imperfect and creates more suffering because it’s based on a delusional ideology of the a fantasy being the upmost real, which is an imitation and a trap for consciousness, a place where consciousness is fractured and not whole.


The point here is if you’re seeking spiritual understanding via the physical construct you can’t find the spiritual within this limitation, unless you essentially deconstruct your mind and appear to everyone else to be having a mental breakdown of some sort as that’s exactly what is happening, you’re minds breaking down from these traditional patterns, conditioning and construct and it removes your foundation of existence which can leave you feeling incredibly indecisive and insecure about everything 🤔

After going through this change you may then be able to see the physical construct in a different way and means and therefore be able to see the spiritual nature and purpose which wasn’t witnessed and was confused by the very nature of this fantasia reality hypnotising the mind which it no longer does anymore.

Those of the physical matrix reality would like to convince anyone in this situation it’s always purely a mental condition and never spiritual because of this deception. That’s not to say mental breakdowns of people that need help doesn’t happen, but for the most part, those individuals are used as a means, a mechanism to promote the myth of mental illness and attack all of society likewise, just as terrorism is used to remove people’s freedoms and rights. Institutions exist for the benefits and comforts of the institutions not the individual “being treated” if it’s within a prison or a mental hospital. It doesn’t mean those mentally ill aren’t used to promote those benefits and comforts. That’s exactly what is happening for the most part while they’re tested on like guinea pigs by those whom don’t understand the mind but only deal within the physical construct, for the most parts.

This movie does a good job of conveying this...

While true spirituality can’t really be spoken of without deceiving upon the spiritual by way of the physical construct and constraints.

If this isn’t understood and accepted in the first breath as a sort of “disclaimer” for all which follows, none of it will make any constructive sense if it’s confused as the spiritual itself and not a potential path leading to it.

So, we make religions by way of the guide being taken too seriously in the physical aspect and less sincere in understanding the spiritual or a higher plane of existence, while people confuse this and a perverse force which seeks to control and condense human existence down to the physical, rob us of our senses for predictability, conformity and repetition, exploit the spiritual understandings for that of purely physical merit and this seeks to perverse the spiritual content altogether. So a control system can reign supreme over people’s minds, by a misdirection a mass of collective consciousness, as that shattered form of consciousness is attempted to be guided as one, reconstructed by a form of system, even by perverse ways such as A.I. Transhumanism and what can only be described as the demonic or upmost evil.

Yes, love unconditionally is the highest form of intelligence as it doesn’t seek it for self desire which is based on self as an individual apart from the other. This way theirs nothing to gain beyond potentially seeing you’re seeking a higher form of feedback loop which this lower form is based upon, which is outside the bounds and construct of this matrix reality.

This way, consciousness manifests within a higher plane of existence and so, self and other is seen as the same in achieving this, by seeing that consciousness here is a a fractured and fragmented single form of consciousness like shattered glass, or a broken precious gem stone maybe more appropriate.

Yes you’re right, this can only be a guide and understood and accepted on an individual level or else we are just removing one physical script for another that’s still bound by the limitation of the state of affairs we have now, just as what happens after every revolution. More of the same.



Perhaps it should be love/compassion, that would make this a deception on truth 😆

Video in parts maybe a bit strange for some, but significant of a parasite upon human consciousness...


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7 hours ago, kestrel said:

Finally. Their isn't no politics, only freedom.The only religion is love. To those whom take a different path to find love based on their self beliefs, then we all end up at the same destination; to uplift others.


“V” is for Lucifer - Combined with the mouth of madness here 🤔

The Mouth of Madness


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Thought you’d appreciate this, thanks for recommending the movie even though I’ll have to watch it a couple of more times to appreciate it more I’m sure, definitely not for everyone unless you’re trying to appreciate the symbolic and psychological aspects.


The prison of/for, our minds...


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7 hours ago, shabbirss said:

@DannyUK much of what your saying -  i just watched here in the first clip



Thanks for the video.

Wow very interesting and a lot of this I definitely needed to hear, I’ll be watching the rest of these videos.


I’ve only listened to the first video thus far and made some notes and some of this was explained a little later in the video.


I definitely agree with what he is saying and can see where he is coming from but it’s a different angle and slightly different perspective than I have.

Neither one is necessary right or wrong, it’s a matter of perspective where you’re coming from when talking about and identifying this info here.


The sacred knowledge and tools of say, the kundalini, yoga, tantric practices, where handed down to people by these Nāga, or cosmic serpent beings.


This is what makes such knowledge perverse and evil in some people’s eyes as a whole because it can definitely be used for evil and was given to us from a source of evil and a strong desire to control and possess.

Ultimately, so was the Internet and electrical grids in our homes sourced from what we could describe as the same evil, yet here we are and ultimately they have very negative and sinister intentions if the tools aren’t understood and used incorrectly, which is really how those that have given us these tools, desire such to be used, negatively to enslave, trap and harness/transform human energies or, even if you look at what they believe they’re doing as being for the benefit of the collective of humanity as they see it, it is the false paradise of physical immortality by way of Transhumanism. Which because this reality is a dualistic construct, this will result in creating a dead reality, the walking dead.

While this guy I also feel is genuine in his attitude towards self empowering of the individual by remembering self, taking back authority, reconstruction or resurrection of the human body and psyche, this can also be a tool that could be abused to power that very technological model as being our state of resurrection if this is misunderstood or abused.

As a satanic means of the worship of self as the isolated ego and willpower to demise of all else and that’s a danger.

As in the age of Set as described or The Age of Self.

It really depends on how you view what self is that potentially makes this such a problem and open for exploit.


In any case, they were most definitely a serpent being of some capacity, cosmic, interdimsional or not and actually underground etc

For me, a lesser being, or hybrid form may exist underground the more earthly realm of such beings and as energetic parasites upon certain bloodlines that are entrained to these entities by their blood and ritual orientations.

By repeating certain rituals to precise means, they’re seeking to draw energy fields or imprints of information performed by anyone else who has performed such a ritual before and these can open doorways of sorts by following patterns of consciousness based upon an understanding of the nature of this construct within some capacity or another.

The same understandings of how information such as the akashic records may exist as a imprints of consciousness which have been accumulated by some sort of intelligence whatever that maybe.

If consciousness is simply “the gods” electricity, we are within the computer of the gods and these are cosmic server farms for consciousness.

But this is really a physical understanding, while something of this sort undoubtedly exists as part of the artificial construct, it’s still harnessing and seeking to exploit a power which is beyond it.


By how the energetic grid of humanity by the chakra points is mentioned in the context of that video, to act as a parasite system for a host.

But these demonic forms are upon the lower base chakras not all the chakras.

They seek to leech this energy and understand the process of consciousness transcending levels of being they can’t manifest themselves as means of doing so, mimicking or imitating such. But they don’t harness all this energy from the chakra system, nor is it all negative, this is why they’re trying to close them now and attack the body by a whole host of means, I believe to stop an awakening process that’s occurring which is beyond their control and their attacks are to counter it, while maintaining humanity within those lower base chakras they can control.


Interdimsional and space travel are really the same thing as time and space are an illusion of the artificial construct and so, that which is outside it, travels back and forth interdimsionally and this should always be called Interdimsional but the very nature of this reality is hidden from people so they’re disassociated.

While to do this, portals or stargates exist, whatever we want to call them.

For them it’s like tumbling down the Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole until they find themselves here.

The most prevalent seems to be the Orion Stargate that corresponds to a sacred trinity or the three suns, which is imitated throughout religions and occult design for a change in consciousness, or harnessing energies.





These reptilian beings are very wise in terms of their understanding of the nature of our reality and the artificial constraints and construct itself and I feel they genuinely gave this knowledge to mankind without it being tarnished at least originally, as an experiment to teach what in their eyes is a more innocent being - us humans - than them, that has the capacity, the potential to transcend this lower state of consciousness into higher states of consciousness, if only they knew it and the method.

I feel there’s still known foolproof methods on this repeatedly being hidden from society now, while it can still otherwise be possible by very long and tedious training practices that people may otherwise maintain a false sense of pride about, perhaps until they’ve achieved it. When in reality, this could be triggered via much speedier means and apart of this being a slow process in some respects, has been accepted as a means of readying the mind, that the change in consciousness will only come at the right time when the mind is ready to prevent many people from losing their nut like many people whom start to wake up spontaneously, like is happening now, people can genuinely be perceived in such a manner and feel, or made to feel such is happening to them when, in the context we are speaking here of, it’s a spiritual process and what they’re losing is their previous association and entrainment upon reality which they thought was real and so, it’s like their grounding and self identify is removed or altered which definitely doesn’t always feel spiritual when it first happens, especially if you’re not a spiritual already and this happens as a result of a shift in your awareness caused by one thing or another. 

Such should actually make you seek a more spiritual perspective and understanding, psychiatric help or suicide. It depends on the individual.

Trying to keep calm and carry in when it happens is just an impossibility, it would be less damaging to the spirit and life force to commit suicide and start all over again from scratch than continue.


Yet, very often this is a mild form or a trigger in such an awakening, that people themselves try to put a lid on by way medications and the social construct, the system people themselves are trying to sedate society into a form of comfort and treatment of the profound, as being that of the profane, an illness, people’s minds are actually trying to wake up from from such an illness and this reaction isn’t always an illness within itself if you can identify with this.


This brings me back to this, for me, very addictive song I’ve just recently come across actually 😆 



Think of this in terms of the Elixir of life 

also known as elixir of immortality and sometimes equated with the name philosopher's stone, is a potion that supposedly grants the drinker eternal life and/or eternal youth.


being a flux between, monoatomic gold and Adrenochrome - blood of the innocence.


If the bakers dozen is actually 12 as it’s supposed to be and not 13-14 because of facist tyranny by the state and Orwellian imposition before Orwell had even wrote the book on it - then you have the 12 disciples, the 12 apostles, always the 12 followers, the symbolic representation of the zodiac, in connecting society to systems originally introduced by the engineers, the anunnaki.


Queen of Heaven - Queen Semiramis 



The flag has 12 stars because the number twelve is the symbol of completeness and unity.
1 + 2 = 3 - The Trinity 


Them being wrapped up to go



The removal of the memory and the forgetting is forgetting the ancient engineers and our ancient past, like forgetting certain parts of ourselves that are still causing suffering in us today we are trying to alleviate, ignore, coverup or escape from and this is what can cause addiction in many people, and/or what we call mental illness, which is actually the angle of the song and video caused by an internal parasite or beast causing a self destructive process, where we continue to seek to sedate this beast as a means of containing it, when really, we are feeding the beast.

Perhaps most significantly signifying trying to subdue the reptilian brain that can maintain these negative states of emotion persistently but we externalise this pain, this suffering in physical, material things that do not hold that internal substance at all which we identify with as that pain, externally.

In short, we confuse the symbolic with the reality.

Or, we confuse that which is within our control, or means of doing something about it, with that which isn’t in our control and what we can do nothing about and this seeks to maintain this situation by creating such a relentless pattern of self destructive behaviour.


Just as the videos of Revolver are essentially getting at.


We have been abandoned, our roots, our history whitewashed and any civilisation that did know and held these roots of knowledge have been destroyed and “civilised” colonised by our new world order engineers.

While this been done in the name of good and removing the evil of such knowledge due to a perversion of religion and those seeking such knowledge only for themselves and a select small minority.


This song supposed to represent addiction and drugs but it definitely goes, at least in my mind, at some point I’ll have to create a video for it 😇


It represents the same state of mind of suffering and seeking to escape certain unknown conditions of our own being, on an individual level but yet this is common place amongst society and is egotisticalised as an individual problem, when if the same context as this is occurring to the destruction of our environment, we call this human caused climate change and we are all equally made responsible.

A false sense of responsibility is placed upon us to render us powerless and impotent unless we fall the script of our social engineers.

Yet, we are not all responsible for exactly the same thing, the same pattern repeated within human consciousness when it exists upon such a wide scale?

It’s looked as apart and isolated.

That would be like, if this COVID virus was real and we instead chose to blame the individual for being sick and not identifying a common pattern of illness that exists means it actually isn’t just upon an individual basis but something more deeper and far reaching.


So what’s the difference?

At any rate, an exploitation is obviously taking place here which shouldn’t have to be said.

The most obvious COVID 

The second Climate Change 

The third, Mental illness.


Or the other angle is, using such drugs seeking to understand certain unknown conditions of our being, by say the use of the exact same “drugs” as those whom are self destructing.


It’s exactly the same for me with the knowledge of the ancients and the kundalini energies. Drugs are the best analogy and how a certain group say it’s all bad it should be illegal get rid of it, criminalise and marginalise those whom use this path, to me is part of the control system and it’s exactly the same when such is done to practices involving working with energies of awakening, if we say they’re all bad and essentially, only exist as a like electrical wiring of the body as circuitry for consciousness to be harnessed by external forces.


It’s a war on humanity, a war on consciousness, a war on ancient knowledge of awakening and sacred plants that, especially if natural if we use that word in its traditional context, should be protected as sacred plants with a spiritual and/or religious purpose and therefore should never be offence to learn and understand their implications in whatever capacity by consenting adults, instead of being treated like isolated children needing protection from ourselves and our state of existence by big brother, oversight committees whom should stick to what they’re good at, licking and kissing arse all day long, bunch of brown nose twats!

They know who they’re.

The only potential oversight should be fair means of guidance of some form.

It should be an offence and illegal to marginalise and criminalise this understanding of ourselves and our own nature.

If people like it or not, this was massively achieved through the Vatican as this knowledge base seeked to undermine their clergy, by way of “witch doctors and savages whom should be hunted down like beasts, in the name of God.”




Those Nāga wanted to study this as they’re incapable of what we may say is seeing on the other side. They wanted to use humans as a vehicle to study this and potential mimic a sort of technological design or replication into themselves to allow for the possibility of transcendence or, by making hybrid beings to achieve this.

Sort of like sending a monkeys into space with cameras strapped to their heads or down a well. This sort of process was carried out with humanity into other states, realms of consciousness not reachable by the Nāga.

This is my feeling and understanding of this, while there’s also an artificial system that collects and recycles consciousness for whatever means and purpose that doesn’t ascend beyond this realm, they desire full control over this process, that’s why they’re seeking to understand that which they don’t control in my opinion.


So in a funny round about way, we have the tools for our salvation handed down to us by our controllers, those behind this containment field and they of course did this for self gain and means of exploitation, as a collective group, while genuinely they may have more positive beings among them just like any group.

To my understanding, they’re outside of intentionality, causality.

Either this is by their own design and this is why they can’t ascend because they won’t put themselves in the same trap they’ve created for mankind or it’s being inflicted upon them. They understand the principles of causality so well, they seek to get humanity to do their bidding so they don’t have to pay the consequences of their actions, while this maybe how they operate outside of causality, their doings, by using slaves or vehicles as the human body, as the most evil is actually carried out by humans being deeply deceived and in very delusional states of consciousness. This is seeking the lesser human and more robotic human to act as a more perfect host.


I can definitely see why and how you’d perceive it this other way as described by the guy in this video, it has been made as a containment field trap as is stated, but, it isn’t a complete trap as these tools used to contain consciousness, if we reverse the polarity or energies, this is transformation and transcendence by using the tools of our own confinement.

Such as the kundalini energies.


You’re reverting the polarity of the fall of man in a sense, to rise consciousness, using the electromagnetic field used to enslave humanity by reversing the polarity. 

Just as this is done here by mankind to reach a higher realm, lower realm beings are doing this to get into our realm and this is where we get a whole host of phenomena from in this physical reality that is swiftly ignored of overlapping realms and frequencies etc 


How I see it, you’re sending energy, think of it as a bolt of lightning ⚡ from your being back to the source, like Lucifer fell to earth and is associated with the bolt of lightning, you’re reversing this energy and not as a matter of control, anger or vendetta. It’s ascension of the same energies by reversing the process and this is what’s aimed to be understood by freemasonry where I believe it exists in its more positive form which is being exploited by this global death cult.

This transcendence is only possible by being within a higher state of frequency, consciousness that basically overwhelms the electromagnetic field trap that enslaves the human repetitive cycle, the limited state of consciousness, the feedback loop, it’s a frequency, an energy this loop can’t control or maintain, and blows your mind and it stays blown as a higher state of consciousness is realised.

This is like destroying the energetic shell of enslavement.

This is symbolised like many things in the matrix, the hall way of the resurrection and breaking the shell of the matrix symbolised as agent smith.


It’s like using the wrong artificial tools that exist here to enslave humanity, or human consciousness and energy in the correct manner, with the higher intention than that which is based here within the time loop trap.


But this is theory here based on something on a certain level I instinctively know but don’t know how to “do” this, to bring this about, I feel a part of it has to dawn on you and you have to seek it out upon an individual basis anyhow but that essentially, somewhere knowledge is maintained that could make this potential possible for far more individuals in a lot quicker time.


Continuing the theme 😆

United we stand we never shall fall ✊🏼



TBC I didn’t mean to write this much 😆 

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Some of this I’ve put in other posts and some of it I’m part way through making but I’ll put some of it here as it obviously fits as you’ll see and the context needs further understanding, while also, there’s a positive and negative aspect to the same symbolism.


As within so without 

As above so below

Microcosm and the Macrocosm 

You could view this as the sacred feminine here an interdimensional gateway between two worlds that actually overlap but have been laid flat in this image of an 8 loop ♾

Here it is again shown as the reincarnation cycle 


Infinity Time-loop the artificial matrix here, we are within the V - void - Which the highest power within this void is what many would refer to as Lucifer 



The relentless cycle of reincarnation - the very nature of this matrix being artificially and a fall from a higher state of consciousness, creates a state of suffering here within this physical reality as it’s state of existence.


The cross also is said by Christians when viewed as or with this time loop infinite symbolism to be satanic, evil.
It is I guess or can be if it’s based upon this trap of existence and Christianity in its purest form is about the heavens, not the repetitive cycle, ascension through earthly works which I don’t see eye to eye with to say the least as they’ve become corrupt to feed the very cyclic beast system, which Christians have for many years perceived they’re against when that’s what’s they’re serving.

This form of spiritual Christianity shall we say, is that which is beyond the time loop and satanism along with this fake Christianity, is about worship of the physical, the cycle of infinite, worshipping the reality of the trap and state of suffering itself as God when this is a beast system and at best, demigods manipulate this construct.

Trinity and the Cross  


It represents the four elements, fire, water, earth and air 

This cross also represents Orion, the trinity Stargate

It’s again, as above so below, the Macrocosm repeated, represented ritualistically for whatever purpose who knows, within the Microcosm.

Here it is symbolised within this layout, made famous via The Da Vinci Code



Here it is via Jack the Ripper ritual killings



Here’s the depicted “victim” - 2nd victim, when the media campaign really started to begin, that looks eerily like who?


H. P. Blavatsky?

That which is depicted as “the victim” being like that as the identity of the killer?

That would be a turn up for the books wouldn’t it 😆

Nothing that satanists do or anything, hiding in plain sight, inversion or both.

Notice the three dots on the face also?

I find it all strange is all I can say and I know there’s a certain underlying significance to all this 🤔


Why this similarity, is it a coincidence?

'Jack the Ripper'
by Aleister Crowley



These three dots appear as if by chance within Jack the Ripper Movies, series and documentary’s, as if something is being shadowed to a people who know to look for this for whatever reason, it appears to commonplace to not be indicating something or another.


Here they’re again - Released 1888 - Same year as Jack the Ripper Killings


The Lesser Lights - The Sun Trinity - The Thousand Points of light simulation 

Basically, the thousand points of light are symbolised by the removal of the blindfold and the all-seeing eyes of the brotherhood gazing back at you.

As above so below etc 

This only happens after the initiation through the lesser lights and before such, he is blind, until his eyes become open, one and the same as that of the collective vision of the brotherhood symbolically. The initiation binds you to your peers etc

This represents a Stargate of the heavens and is represented ritualistically in this manner, as a means of ascension of consciousness outside the bounds of ordinary men where opportunities and privileges are made available due to this ritual ascension of the bounds of our laws, moral and ethical code initiation, to that of self service described as freedom from the bounds of the artificial construct as a trap of which everyone else is within, while they work for and as a part of that construct.

I’m sure there’s other views on this, this is just my opinion and view so far in the information I have and it’s one of the reason I dislike freemasonry. Not because of anything else other than the unfair advantage is wide open for exploitation and seeks to reduce and devalue anyone outside the hierarchy not apart of their special club or not prepared to accept their role and values while their systems monopolise our systems, while this now stretches out through the likes of Common Purpose, for non-Freemasons but working within and towards a same scope and mindset by way of behavioural modification etc 


Here it is 


Here’s the same thing again

While within the Jack the Ripper miniseries of 1988, twice a tongue in cheek comment about more than one secret society being involved, can be inferred also as more than two people being involved as what it’s led to in the context of the film, but it’s really telling you of two secret society’s as well indirectly, as an alternative take on what’s actually said.
You’ll mostly only notice it if you’re looking for it. While I did because I’m weird I guess and picked up on it 😆

One time they’re in the office, the other they’re walking into the station.


But I should be clear on this.

Like the works of Crowley, there’s a lot of truth in Blavatsky’s works, it’s what they have and are being used to justify that is the problem. The knowledge base is being perverted like the ancients knowledge scavenger hunted by the likes of the Vatican and Freemasonry.

They’re being used to shadow Globalist endeavours and exploit prophecy and religion like a convergence point is being made or directed by a Global agenda.

You only get to travel all over the world tracking down ancient knowledge if you’re well funded and Blavatsky like Crowley was funded by the globalists and a lot of roots seem to take place from within New York, hidden hand “Empire State”. 


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On 12/11/2020 at 5:25 PM, shabbirss said:

@DannyUK much of what your saying -  i just watched here in the first clip


Something else you and others maybe interested in that ties together what I’m getting at here...


Speaking about Boris - “His not taking the bull the horns, he is the bull with the horns 😆

Taking the piss by throw away comments people won’t pick up on the symbolic significance of such or not care but it’s a script of course and it’s definitely not by accident.



There’s mention of riding in on a horse later in the conversation, the microcosm and macrocosm is implied by way or the Johnson family to the British public, it’s total symbolism even if it’s depicting Stanley’s genuine views, based on such personal views, it shows such a belief system and the script is designed to show people such a belief system symbolically if they can see it, but of course, we see and hear more Brexit Bullshit and switch off.


The occultists many, even the bad and the good, view this personification as Lucifer in some respects and so they want to be as Lucifer - this has both a positive and negative understanding/implication. It isn’t all bad and pure satanic, it depends on where you’re coming from on the personification of Lucifer, which is often most identifiable as being one and the same as evil. Which is deliberate in my opinion.

The bull representing a god or demigod or such, being tricked by Lucifer to ride it’s back, steal it’s power for itself and this has become a Satan icon in Christianity by those either of demigods in a physical sense or seeking to become as “the Gods” over this realm, or in the more spiritual sense, or better put, as within a higher state of consciousness beyond the limitation of the physical realm, whereas because of this, the false paradise is being made of physical immortality by way of Transhumanism and soul destroying, the destruction of spirit, the sealing up of the heavens, the gateway to the heavens which seems to all point to an Orion Trinity Stargate, the birth place of the physical realm, the fall of Sophia and where the Elohim “gods” seem to have originated from and this is shadowed in a whole host of trinity symbolism.

The idea being, if this is all based on an energetic understanding and this was the fall, we reverse the polarity in understanding this and we have ascension.

This I reckon is what’s being studied and attempted to be understood by at least a part of scientific ilumanism, the occultists and it has both positive and negative aspects/implications.
While symbolically, for purposes of shadowing Christian prophecy in this regard we are having the systematic fall of civilisation in the collapse of the US, the fall of Lady Liberty 🗽 symbolises this and the collapse of the EU as an occult ritual.

That’s why they’ve used such Babylonian Symbolism, that can shadow Christian prophecy by such interpretations.
The rebuild, restructuring of “Build Back Better” eventually becoming a Global EU like system, their NWO.

Like rising from the ashes of a Phoenix, comes the Dove 🕊 of Peace. A true and credible United Nations 😆


To me, Lucifer being the trickster, like Prometheus tricking Zeus and another aspect is Zeus and Europa, this again is Lucifer taking the form of a woman as Europa to trick Zeus, symbolised by riding the back of the bull, riding the back of “the God’s”.

Semiramis and Nimrod also depicts this, Lucifer is also Venus and Aphrodite.
This is also why the planet Venus, is worshipped by the Freemasons.

These are various archetypal figures of what’s gone on to be called, Lucifer and then associated with Satan and some of which, has us at war with our own nature.


It represents Lucifer as commonly you see V ✌️which represents Lucifer like on Lucifers sigil or V for Vendetta and so on.

While V is also an upside down compass 😆 or, the Void, Master of the Void, King of the World, this realm of existence.


This is from a quasi, emagamation of an underlying pretext of seamless universal secrets, truths, being scattered amongst many of ancient spiritual or religious groups around the world which are seeking to be rediscovered and placed back together again.

This is almost like an occult game of body parts of the gods being scattered to the winds and resurrected.

Just as described in the video from Egyptian analogy. That we are within a state of chaos already until this accumulation occurs as those behind the pursuit see this.


This of course was later picked up again in more recent years by Blavatsky and Crowley, both of which where working for the Globalist Death Cult and they’ve fed bits of these ties into the New Age Arena that seeks to tie together multiple religious groups without the esoteric backdrop accumulated for TPTB.

It’s as if seeds in people’s minds have been planted so psychological tactics can seek to sow such seeds later on, at a later date at the appropriate time.

I’m sure some good can come from this anyhow, it’s not all doom and gloom. If this is discovered and understood it can have the awakening effect instead of the psychological mindless effect.

Ancient practices and truths they’d rather keep amongst themselves and their initiates. This being the self destructive aspect of the search for knowledge in my opinion as it’s a mad pursuit of power.

To reclaim the power of the Gods in the physical sense in some respects, the power of the ancients.


This quasi, emagamation is what formed the precursor to Freemasonry, the Knights Templar.
The Knights Templar called this Lucifer Archetypal figure Rex Mundi.




They where formed from ancient occult practices of Judaism - The Jewish saviour, their messiah rises from the underworld, not the Antichrist as within Christian description - Gnosticism, and basically a culmination of ancient groups and practices out of the East, predominantly Persia, Iran. Such as Zoroastrianism I’d imagine, good over evil, this would have been sought after and the occult practices of such groups of the East.

As Persia has managed a successful empire, what are their secrets?

This would have been known and studied following Alexander the Greats conquest of Persia, they would have studied their text and ancient practices like an historical context of “Operation Paperclip” if you like.
They would have extracted such knowledge from various individuals, texts, artefacts and so on, alongside the accumulation of wealth and resources almost all these types of war are reduced to, so the occult aspects overlooked.

This knowledge would have been studied by Christians seeking to understand and interpret occult practices and eventually this accumulated groups like the Knights Templar, under the guise of Christianity.

This is like a Christian front for such an emagamation of ancient knowledge and practices.

This also meant they would have been easy to sell out and undermine as heretical, probably in reality as they took on the knowledge base for themselves rather than using it as a weapon of sorts, which is why it was originally desired to be understood to infiltrate enemies.

Apart of this would be exactly like Guerrilla warfare tactics of how best to defeat your enemy than by either seeking to either fight like them, or understand their state of mind and infiltrate from within by understanding their ideology better so you can control them by managing their hopes and fears?

Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 


Uncanny isn’t it? 😆


Just as the Sabbatean Frankists did later on to both Judaism and Islam by playing them at their own game and inverting their belief systems. You can only do that by first understanding the original practices.


Due to this destruction of Persia, offshoots of spiritual and religious groups would have been formed by people fleeing seeking safe heavens.

One of them, would have been Tibet, later becoming Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetans formerly where nomadic groups who found themselves within Tibet, obviously these where nomads due to fleeing some form of conflict and where considered an ancient warrior typed people and later, Tibetan Buddhism was formed. Persia is most likely.




But, I must say, that a lot of what we know about this in a Christian context has been severely perversed from it’s historical routes by the Roman Empire and as such, the Trinity on Earth, Vatican, Washington DC, City of London are all corporations run and monopolised by the Underground Roman Empire and occult agents of the Vatican whom are playing and instigating these manipulations and Zionism is one of them, while Freemasonry has helped bring this into being and aid in construction of the synagogue of satan as it’s all a script being carried out by a perversion, deception and practice/imposition of the will of ancient knowledge for reasons of control and dominance, which as such is a complete state of delusion, manifests as evil.
They’re working with and monopolising on this state of suffering by their way and interpretation of understanding it, rather than seeking to overcome and reduce suffering.

They’re “Realists”.

They see the artificial nature and matrix of suffering as a desirable state of affairs to achieving their goals.



You’ll also see in this link about Stanley basically calling the general public idiots saying the British public couldn’t even spell Pinocchio 🧐🤪

I was shocked but not in a disbelief way anymore at the brazenness of it tbh and if only it was written 2 years later it would have been 1984, I wonder if this was planned earlier and of course we have all the Covid-19 - 1984 - laws which have been a little updated that where created should such a plandemic Stanley had written about could be used to seize power to create their NWO. 

While I’m sure a “2020” Vision for the World has nothing to do with why this play is being made now...

So what, did his book give them tips for policy or what and they said that sounds like a good idea and two years later they lay the groundwork that would make Stanley’s book a potential reality somewhere down the line and over the Rainbow and today we are witnessing it being executed and still, people could say this is all a coincidence and to do so, is to be seriously dis or misinformed. It’s obviously by design and scripted.




This also goes with what Boris Johnson said during his “New Jerusalem” speech again this is NWO.

He said we are within the “teeth” of this Pandemic as if we are within “the mouth of the beast” as symbolised as the virus that needs to be fought, when it’s those doing the fighting obviously that are the beasts, the great inversion.

This represents the mouth of madness, chaos, or the mouth/Gateway to hell that’s guarded by a beast.


This symbolism has been mimicked in folklore at circuses 🎪 and theme park rides, appropriately when you look at the clowns 🤡 behind what’s taking place today.



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how on earth ! ( earth ) would humans ( i.e most of the general pop) mostly kids now 10+ later want to connect there minds to A.I !!!!


WTF! this is where we are going then we are all truly doomed which is there plan , its enviable! and if you think that 5g is nothing to do with this you are blind


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There's been a bit of an abuse cult going round involving this stuff. Kind of like sleepy angels being attacked by the beasts leading to wakened angels attacking the beasts leading to a horrific war between two worlds but had gabriel never been asleep, alot of these troubles would have never happenned. Gabriel has been asleep since birth so who blinded gabriel? This is the past and the wall of silence is deafening. The silence of the wolves and the naivity of the lambs the beast blinds to this day yet the truth is written in a million tales from the modern to the ancient. You can wake up from the lullaby but no matter how much you wish the lullaby was real, the truth calls on you to get yourself connected. When this song was made, there were no nanobots. Tam O'Shanter can blame it on the whisky if it makes him feel better but whether he believes theres something like witches dancing round an unearthly fire or not, the truth cares not what Tam believes. Better to live in the real world than a delusion that the real is limited to the acts and theatres proliferated through the earth.




Somethin' ain't right Gonna get myself, I'm gonna get myself Gonna get myself connected I ain't gonna go blind For the light which is reflected I see through you, I see through you I see through you, I see through you Ya dirty tricks, ya make me sick I see through you, I see through you Gonna do it again, gonna do it again I'm (gonna do it again, gonna do it again) Gotta do right (gonna do it again) 'Cause somethin' ain't right (gonna do it again) Gotta do right, come on If you make sure you're connected, The writing's on the wall But if your mind's neglected, Stumble you might fall Stumble you might fall Stumble you might fall I, ain't gonna go blind Gonna get myself, I'm gonna get myself I'm gonna get myself connected I ain't gonna go blind For the light that is reflected Hear me out Do it again, do it again Do it again, do it again I wanna do it again, I wanna do it again I wanna through it again Ya terrified (I wanna do it again) Ain't gonna go blind, ain't gonna go blind (I wanna do it again) here we go If you make sure you're connected, The writing's on the wall But if your mind's neglected, Stumble you might fall Stumble you might fall, hear me out Stumble you might fall Interstate five stayin' alive Won't someone try open up your eyes You must be blind if you can't see The gapin' hole called reality Ow, wanna do it again, I know I'm gonna do it again I wanna do it again, come on, I'm gonna do it again Hear me out, terrified Somethin' ain't right, here we go If you make sure you're connected, The writing's on the wall But if your mind's neglected, Stumble you might fall

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On 10/27/2020 at 4:01 PM, DannyUK said:

  Simulacra and Simulation - Profound and the Profane - Interlinked 


Our Salvation is Already at Hand...




 T-Cells - Responsible for the creation of White Blood Cells which fight of disease and infection, immune system response - A T-Virus would be a virus which is upon the T-Cells, thus sabotaging the immune system response and the production of White Blood Cells, which is why it is called, the T-Virus...


Spiders Web

The All Mocking Mouth - Spider, Dracula, Stop me with Adrenaline? 🤔 


Chupa Let me ask one question... how the hell we gonna find these Reapers?

Blade : We won't have to. They'll come to us.

[Nyssa throws Chupa a spray bottle, looking at it he accidentally sprays some in his face] 

Chupa : [coughs]  What is this shit?

Nyssa : Pheromones, harvested from the Reapers adrenal glands. They're gonna key to it.

Reinhardt : They want us to spray on some suckpuppy's nut juice?

Blade II - Quote 






The Fourth Kind


Kundalini Energy - Something is Thrashing 



Alchemical Sex


Transformation of Consciousness 




Base editing: Revolutionary therapy clears girl's incurable cancer


A teenage girl's incurable cancer has been cleared from her body in the first use of a revolutionary new type of medicine.

All other treatments for Alyssa's leukaemia had failed.

So doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital used "base editing" to perform a feat of biological engineering to build her a new living drug.

Six months later the cancer is undetectable, but Alyssa is still being monitored in case it comes back.

Alyssa, who is 13 and from Leicester, was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in May last year.

T-cells are supposed to be the body's guardians - seeking out and destroying threats - but for Alyssa they had become the danger and were growing out of control.

Her cancer was aggressive. Chemotherapy, and then a bone-marrow transplant, were unable to rid it from her body.

Without the experimental medicine, the only option left would have been merely to make Alyssa as comfortable as possible.

"Eventually I would have passed away," said Alyssa. Her mum, Kiona, said this time last year she had been dreading Christmas, "thinking this is our last with her". And then she "just cried" through her daughter's 13th birthday in January.

What happened next would have been unthinkable just a few years ago and has been made possible by incredible advances in genetics.

The team at Great Ormond Street used a technology called base editing, which was invented only six years ago.

Bases are the language of life. The four types of base - adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T) - are the building blocks of our genetic code. Just as letters in the alphabet spell out words that carry meaning, the billions of bases in our DNA spell out the instruction manual for our body.

Base editing allows scientists to zoom to a precise part of the genetic code and then alter the molecular structure of just one base, converting it into another and changing the genetic instructions.

The large team of doctors and scientists used this tool to engineer a new type of T-cell that was capable of hunting down and killing Alyssa's cancerous T-cells.

They started with healthy T-cells that came from a donor and set about modifying them.

The first base edit disabled the T-cells targeting mechanism so they would not assault Alyssa's body

The second removed a chemical marking, called CD7, which is on all T-cells

The third edit was an invisibility cloak that prevented the cells being killed by a chemotherapy drug

The final stage of genetic modification instructed the T-cells to go hunting for anything with the CD7 marking on it so that it would destroy every T-cell in her body - including the cancerous ones. That's why this marking has to be removed from the therapy - otherwise it would just destroy itself.

If the therapy works, Alyssa's immune system - including T-cells - will be rebuilt with the second bone-marrow transplant.





Name of the Game



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On 12/9/2020 at 3:42 PM, kestrel said:

Finally. Their isn't no politics, only freedom.The only religion is love. To those whom take a different path to find love based on their self beliefs, then we all end up at the same destination; to uplift others.






Bruce Lee From Full Interview (Click here) Condensed above - "You Become a Mechanical Man" Method = Transhumanism...






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