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Polish Government prohibits abortions (Polish People Protest in 100 Towns / Cities)

Basket Case

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2 minutes ago, Forsaken Bankzy said:



The only 'Forsaken' aspect of you is the ability to read plain English and to comprehend their true meaning.

Either that or you are happy for the State to force women in Poland to give birth to defective babies and endanger their health / life..?

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11 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

Poland to give birth to defective babies and endanger their health / life..?


No, i'm not happy because i've seen what's happened in defective newborns in vietnam and I don't have answers for such controversy. 

You are just blind to the fact that the controversial topic of abortion in the liberal world is to do with 'WOMEN's rights more so than to do with defective babies so I doubt you have any answers yourself. My post was not about Polish Laws, but more to do so about people who have abortions not because deformed fetuses or emotional implications from rape but because they were irresponsible on a night out or any other situation where sexual tensions collided. As the fella said, this is an excuse so they can have freedom to fornicate like rabbits.

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