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The SEQUEL To "THE FALL OF THE CABAL" Is On BITCHUTE: Parts 1 & 2 Are Published. There Will Be 17 Parts Total.

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23 minutes ago, RobinJ said:

Well, the first 4 or 5 of those videos were all about how Trump was going to save the world and was some inside master manipulator. Time has shown quite clearly he is just another lying, cheating, thieving vile human with a massive ego complex.  

4chan- using riddles to try make people think they know something which is just a ginat rabbit hole of nothing.

All the so called arrests of prominent people- or supposed law suits- or alleged deaths -where the proof of that then?


You didn't answer any of my questions though I note just side stepped it with accusations.

Cognitive dissonance- another term so called freedom folks have latched on to that they generally dont know what it means and just throw at everything as a random get out of jail free card.

Perhaps the 'same tiring tripe' is folks trying to give you a hint it may not be what you think it is and to perhaps look further than the obvious ra-ra of those videos which follow a similar theme to a most of the other psy ops- a fair bit of truth mixed with a whole bunch of lies so people are too confused to dig any deeper and accept a nice packaged up little video/ podcast or other media blitz etc. 

Just a thought.

You aren't addressing any of the posts, just the videos posted. Pointless.

All of your questions are based on mainstream and "alt media" tripe that clearly havent read the fucking posts presented.

How many times does someone need to say it? Read. The. Posts. 

By all means pull them apart in great detail 

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