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The SEQUEL To "THE FALL OF THE CABAL" Is On BITCHUTE: Parts 1 & 2 Are Published. There Will Be 17 Parts Total.

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Part 3 was very good and alarming to see the parallels today, with the elite stealing our assets planned in the great reset. After listening to an interview today part 4 appears to be about the protocols of the elders of Zion. This is something I know very little about but people think the 1919 version is a fake and used to promote ‘anti Semitic conspiracy theories’. From the interview I got the feeling that Janet was confident about there being an older original version that dated to around maybe 1500, that is legitimate. She also refers to some of the elite like the Rothschilds as fake Jews, who actually hate real Jews, which I’m sure is something most of us have already concluded. I am very much looking forward to this one 

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1 hour ago, Apophis 2029 said:

Part 4 is out now and its really interesting. Janet says its not fake

Was an interesting watch, I’ll put a link in for anyone whose interested. The original was created by the founder of the illuminati in the 1700s. That is not the one people refer to when they say it’s fake, they don’t even know that version exists! 

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