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Long-time lurker here: WE NEED TO UNITE

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There's just too many knowledgeable people here, it makes me happy when I find peeps who know more than me and I wish to connect with some of you.


Now MORE than EVER, we need to be united and fight as one. The only thing I gather from the Agenda 2030 / NWO master plan is that, we the people need to oppose these bastards with harsh strength and unbreakable determination.


I was reading the most recent Freemasonry thread and in 30mins I learned a bunch that I didn't know. And I did study Freemasonry for like 70-80hours for the podcasts I made about it.


This forum is full of great folks, but also some undesirables (see the Aleister Crowley thread)


Greetings to all, I'm A. from Costa Rica, a tiny nation in Central America with no army, but lots of corrupt bastards and nonces. We are subservient to China, which is terrifying.


I've been revealing stuff on my own for almost 3 years now. But I've been pretty red pilled since 2005. I'm 34 years old.

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