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One section of Jeremy Lees speech on the New World Order reminded me exactly what the Black Lives Matter Movement is all about.


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Starting at 32:19 where he talks about the new social order/new value systems.

As with his examples, i can see the exact same thing with the Black Lives Matter Movement.


"Black Lives Matter" is a term that already is in itself racist and does not combat rascism. It produces the very thing, you thought it fights against.

Because why specify Black Lives Matter, when in fact all lives matter and no seperation should be made in the first place.

What does it even mean when you say "Black Lives Matter". Do i need to say: "Brown lives matter", "White lives Matter" and so on? Of course not. The very seperation of the colour of your skin already produces devidence and in turn rascism. Because lets be real, a sane person knows that colour, heritage, gender and all of these doesent make you better or worse, you are as valuable and important as everyone else, regardless from where you come from or how you look.

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