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I planned have expanded my family from Rothschilds and Waltons to just Waltons with a few Rothschilds.......


"Its whats on the inside that counts"..   The blue of the water, should dominate the passionate red.  The idea that there is something so eager as to claim to accept the Rothschild influence 'badge' against the blood is insane.  I created those Rothschilds in the first place.  What is the pointing to a 'battlefield'?  The foundations and principles aren't something to be fought under through just one person?  No.


What, other than chaos was it going to be anyway?  


-----  Next


I'll be back to talk about this 'primordial' line that I have which is having a problem, but not as much since you all came over with the Ishtar_Hawke (also Horace_Grant) but I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong between the Ekasha and the Enili, outside of the overly Christian mega evil difference in a small town.  Well it has turned into Mordor.  


Stay tuned for News from Mordor.  

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