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On a whim I clicked on the second video .... Excellent stuff ... These people have it all together , a well thought out plan of action , calling for the arrest of Charles Soros , Gates and others 


Claire Edwards is the New David Icke 


I left this comment on Youtube 


"Wow!! hard core truth! A brief background might be helpful for people new to this subject ....

Top institutions ( UN ,IMF etc) and most governments have been infiltrated by wealthy conspirators who are intent on exterminating many of us and enslaving the rest ...the conspiracy theorists were right !
Who keeps deleting comments and resetting the view number ? I'm sure there were 100,000 views yesterday!"
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What do you see for the New Years Eve in 2021??


We have a winter to contend with at the moment, with a very damaged harvest for next year.


Livestock and land is being destroyed worldwide behind the scenes by weather manipulation and agenda based destruction and restriction of food worldwide.


Their plan is genocide and this will be achieved by their historical means by starvation.


We are mostly focusing on rhetorical nonsense as covid 19, face mask, vaccines, as all of these will be rejected by those that have awakened to their motivated agenda.


We already know that covid exists, and mostly lab based creation with different strengths, but overall no more potent than worlds annual influenza.


Face mask is another nonsense which will protect one from nothing and may damage you for wearing them.


Vaccines are destructive and useless other than to damage ones metabolism irreversibly.


Sending hundreds of letters to people who have not the power to swat a fly in the ointment, and the results of this wasted non compliance will only be heard or read by us here on this and other forums and nowhere else in the media.


Most of our civilisations supply of food is through a shops and supermarkets, our water is in as a national supply or bottled, our heating is as a national supply and other small equivalents, as all 3 services can be turned off with a flick of a switch.


Its has been a historical means of obedience to the demands of the socialist communist ideology for hundreds of years, county by country, and now attempting to execute the very same old tactics on a worldwide basis.


Our means of exchange, their money, is being manipulated to the value of useless paper, that can be destroyed with a flick of a switch worldwide, destroying accumulated value that one had worked for all of ones life for ones security for ones family.


 All these thing are to come and are even here already.


The weather modification are now being used to the extent that we have weathers patterns worldwide that are unrecognisable and complexly destructive.


While writing this @ 13.25 I just got a email from Ian R Crane which is very apt to what I am writing here.






AV11.1 David Dubyne


COVID-19 is Nothing but a MASK ...

for a Multi-Century Crop Loss Cycle!


David Duybne is now confirmed as an AV11.1 speaker and brings his valuable and eye opening insights to current geological and geo-political changes and to quote Henry Kissinger some 50 years ago ...


“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”



1). Global crop losses being masked by the USDA and media.


2). Rising food prices and breaks in food supply chain.


3). Move to set up African Sahel as new agriculture zone.


4). Electrical supply by the new Renaissance Dam for East Africa.


5). Global stable coin USDC through Algorand And Stellar to facilitate cross African payments for those on the new growing areas of Africa.


6). ... and WE (the collective WE) are being taken for fools as Henry Kissinger stated:


“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

However, US strategy in the late 1990's deliberately destroyed family farming in the US and abroad, leading to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agri-business corporations.


What the USDA strategists failed to take account of, was the speed with which the Chinese government accellerated its global agricultural land grab in sub-Sahran Africa, Western Australia, South America and the balkanized Soviet states in the Eastern Urals.


Consequently, with everything that is unfolding right now Western Government's are effectively performing political, well-being and economic sleight of hand, to prevent us from comprehending the full magnitude of the deception!





The Alternative View 11.1 LIVESTREAM
31/10 -1/11/2020









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