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How to stop vaccinations

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The cdc was sued in court march 2020 for lying about research that vaccines didn't caused autism, when they have nothing. 

That means they lost their immuity for the vaccines companies. They had something called VEARS and they had to report their findings on vaccines. Well they didnt so now you can sue the vaccine companies, bye bye immunity. 

Someone help me with this please. We can stop them 

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VAERS https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/ensuringsafety/monitoring/vaers/index.html

I think people putting unswabbed tests into the testtube and it showing up positive is a 'meta-signal' that all current vaccination programs should cease until the anomolous 'science' is examined. My fears that the amount of scientific fraud in medicine, some of it malevolent, is on such a scale that a whole science will be called for from Hermes and Vulcan so as to reliably detect fake science, especially in regards to the work of Aesclepius. New treatments for cancer and aids come out every year but the cause is something they cant pin down, merely symptoms with guessed at pathologies without proof that correlate with politicised behaviours such as smoking, obesity, drug use and homosexuality. Strange as it may seem, I know how to cause the symptoms of cancer and aids and while no one suspects a human agent, have a look at the treatments for those diagnosed and tell me if you also suspect systemic fraud. Pay attention to radiation as a cause of carcinomas, radiotherapy and the radioactive pills in chemotherapy which deliver their payload daily to the whole metabolism of individuals who consume them in the hope of getting better by taking treatments making them worse. AIDS people are given drugs which suppress their immune system as a "treatment" for having a suppressed immune system. All those supposedly intelligent doctors from priveleged backgrounds or sponsored by pharmacorp cant see any correlation? Lets see if their behaviours at the cure contra-indicate their declared blindness. If not, we have identified MRSA.


Dr Frankenstein, please report to Dr Milgram at Dr Stanford's Lab.

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8 hours ago, Francesca said:

That means they lost their immuity for the vaccines companies.


Have you got some info on that for us?


If that were true then you have to wonder why the system is loosening its grip on that


The system has circled the wagons around vaccine companies to provide them with protection from immunity since the 1980's giving them protections that no other companies are afforded and preventing them from having to face the consequences of their mistakes


However the covid vaccine is the gamechanger. With that vaccine they can change the human genome through TRANSFECTION and they can get nanotechnology into every individual


Its my belief that once they gave accomplished that they don't need to protect their older pre-RNA vaccine paradigm because humanity will be so utterly compromised and controlled within the SMART grid that no justice will be forthcoming


The need now is to prevent that so that we can make room to then hold them accountable for their crimes thus far

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