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Street Begging


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Everyone uses card so no one has spare change. I've never had to beg but it occurs to me that it was the honest mans living of last resort. I owned a card reader that went into blocked mode for no known reason while it was in a cupboard for a month. I guess I could buy another one for 20 quid with my last dole payment and hope passing doners would tap their cards. Beggings been around since the industrial revolution forced into cities with little ability to grow food. Its bad enough google et al tailoring out information that the powers that be dont want the livestock to know, but what if you cant afford an interner connection in a world which pan in the face of the most despate for speaking inconvenient truths.


One thing scarier than all the lies on the mainstream is the silence about things we can know are going on.


The apostate heretics society is always under seige by the people laughing at truths they cant now not know to be conspiracies are a proven theorem.

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It's true that you can't beg anymore if there's no more cash or change but only cards and smart phones, and 'begging' today means posting a vidoe on the Web and asking for subscriptions…


So what are these people doing in the street ?



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I had been wondering myself what the street blokes begging for "spare change" in my  city would do if/when there's no more "change" and only cards/digital currencies. 


Most of the time they don't appear to be begging in order to buy food because many homeless charities, church groups and Food Not Bombs offer them free meals. Also one charity centre for the homeless just outside of town will give them a free cooked meal, shower, change of clothes,  get them medical treatment and get them a hostel room ( which in turn gets them on the social housing list for a flat).


Virtually all of them I've spoken to over the years refuse to go to the homeless centre for a meal, shower, change of clothes etc. They say they will "get beaten up and robbed" in there, but I know this isn't true as the people who run it are very kind ( I have met some) and I also know someone who went there when he got made homeless and he said they helped him in so many ways. Now he's doing well and lives in a shared house with his friends.


For some of these blokes it seems street living has become a way of life; many have drink and drug issues, or mental health problems. It's very sad they refuse the help that is offered them.


When/if there is no "spare change" for passers by to give them I wonder if they will then actually go to the likes of Shelter and other homeless charities for the help they need?


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yes today's 'French people' are so nice... sorry but at least do the American homeless manage to stick together so much that they're allowed whole sections of avenues or small districts in big towns to dwell in and 'rebuild' micro-societies within the wide one they got excluded from, so these people as much evil their country may be still have a sense of humanity and solidarity... I never learnt it was done anywhere in Europe where the homeless camp where they can before to get fired the morning after, live in their car if they own one, then in cardboard boxes under highway bridges or on sidewalks and don't sleep at night by fear of having their shoes stolen by fellows... 


we got 'refugees' coming from NOWHERE by the thousand and being offered free housing and food then papers, education and jobs while 5th or 12th generation natives die by cold in the street or are let 'pass away' in hospitals once got ill... 


The native Western European must disappear because they KNOW and have SEEN too much... 



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