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I watched an interesting video this evening on David Icke’s news page about the Austrian actions with serving documents to the government about this whole virus saga. Claire Edwards who used to work at the UN made a special plea that we all start direct action to enable human FREEDOM before it’s TOO LATE!


The more this continues the more foolish the officials look and the more the population will wake up to the real world that is planned from WEF/WHO.......... and friends. In WW1/WW2 there were warning signs but people doubted and then the genocide started but was almost too late until thousands died fighting to stop the (Italians/Germans) I am sure being an open forum officials are watching/reading some comments and should be worried the world will not continue much more with all these ridiculous rules and regulations which have no logical medical reason to maintain. 


The choice is HOME PRISON otherwise FREEDOM (but without useless forced vaccines) OF MOVEMENT.


Suggestions on a viable campaign please including from Gareth Icke.

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Most countries and organisations have a flag/logo so how about this one I made to take to marches and outside homes? Yes it has Rainbow colours (like with the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior) I am from the old school where Rainbows were to represent peace not a sexual choice like modern times hence seven colours. (I have found a small business in Derbyshire England who produce flags and custom designs at reasonable prices)


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That is a very bad choice and makes me wonder about your real sincerity.


The fact is that society does not arrive from nowhere.  It is not free because it feels like it.

No, societies grow from traditional roots.   From customs, from principles that are passed down generation to generation.

The society is able to grow because it follows the law of life.

Some specifics are :

1. Men are Men and Women are Women.   Marriage and family are sacred.

2. Degeneracy and thievery is strongly discouraged, with force.

3. Knowledge is passed down through society through direct transmission generation to generation.

Only societies that follows these rules can be successful and stable.


In our current situation in the West none of these rules are followed.  Not only that they are actively destroyed.

And not only that but most of the society has become accustomed to a degenerate type of life which involves parasitism, easy answers, easy, and other low ways of living ... and these are not resisted.

Society will not go back to normal unless these things are strongly re-asserted.

Freedom is something that a well run society can afford, that is the only way a society is free.  It is earned.


Everything we see now has been coming for a long time frankly.

Occasionally I speak to young people, as I did today, and I am shocked at what they have inside their head.

There is no future in it.  Their ideas do not conform to reality or nature, they have synthetic and invented miserable values instead of a life.

It is very rare to find someone, any at all at any level, who can reassert the 3 things above.

Which any idiot farmer will tell you.


What is "Freedom" ... in a well run society there is the sense of Freedom.  But of course it is not entirely free and nobody cares.  But there is a lot of space, and people are happy and feel meaning.   That is what people really mean when they want "Freedom".

When society is well run, there is space for everyone, and many things can happen.

For instance in a well run society there is always space for those who need to live a degenerate life.  They go to Soho or dogging somewhere in a field.   And that space is left open, like a gate to the underworld that some need to visit.

The truth is that those who obey rules give space to those who need to break them.


And it's all okay, because society is following the natural path.

As soon as the gateway to the underworld becomes the path society follows then nobody is following the rules.   Society starts to fall apart and it feels less free.

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I think you have misunderstood the comments I made so will see if can explain in simple English.


There are thousands of businesses across the world and UK that are being closed due to nonsense regulations, people losing homes and much unneeded stress to children.


Yes societies should have basic rules and regulations to enable stable countries but the current situation is worse than humans can remember and cannot continue so I think a Freedom flag is a method of promoting some sense back into human life and a peaceful method of protest.


Your comments that all farmers are idiots shows a total lack of understanding the real world and that millions would be starving without people willing to work hard in all weathers to ensure basic food on the table from all of the varied diets people choose to follow. Because someone works in dirt does not mean that person is a moron. Please keep to the original post. Thanks.

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Countryside folk are considered to be backwards by city folk.

Anyway as I said the roots of the situation are old and can only  be fixed by re-invigorating the principles of the society; which I do not see anyone doing.  Therefore the situation will certainly worsen, and worsen considerably.

Also the rainbow flag ... no matter your own reason ... is something that only encourages people to deviate further from a natural society and therefore will only worsen the situation.

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i am on here just now as i drew a logo and think it could be quite powerful and am wondering if i should let it out into the world (where it will most probably sink like a damp squib) I just had to look up the meaning of "damp squib" it felt right but i have never used the saying before, hee hee. Any how the thing i drew i think conveys simply and with a dark humour,  manipulation through fear, fear of a big, little thing, thats apparently causing so much harm right now. 

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Well the current situation seems to be heading towards doom and there needs to be more direct action ideas to prevent this. (Whilst I think the Peace Marches are good idea it’s pointless shouting “Choose Your Sides” and “Shame On You” at officials who don’t care at all and are pleased to have much overtime funding and the excuse to release some stress onto innocent public)


People are still being snatched/hassled/arrested across cities. (I have seen the video of a man with his female friend in London drinking a Coffee) Thinking about previous marches seasons ago how about all people sitting down with legs crossed and arms locked/linked to prevent this. Going total limp bodies also means instead of 2 officials moving a person into a van it will take at least 4. 


Time to have more FREEDOM!!!

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