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Found a loophole in immuity vaccine law

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I'm not tech savvy but trying to get this noticed.

In 1989 the vaccine companies got immuity from being sued BUT only if they agreed to VEARS. Well the cdc has  been sued in court for lying, meaning that immuity is GONE, let's sue the companies into the ground. No business would touch them then, that suicide for a CORPoration Can someone get david attraction to it please. We will win.

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I have no idea what that is, I've been doing loads of research to stop my child being vaccinated and came across that. Shes been vaccinated agasint my will and  now I'm trying to look up test to show the toxin levels, I will get this law changed 

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My child was vaccinated behind my back too . I educated the Mother and she was astonished of what she learned but still snook off and got my daughter vaccinated. The school give her the flu jab every year ( shes six ) . I've raised my concerns to the school but they reckon if the ' custodial parent ' says it's fine then it's fine. What a load of bollocks.

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