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Get david icke back on the media platforms


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Fuck you tube. I dont even get why he even has google tags on this forum. Its google fucked him and he's giving google a backdoor into his online support. Youtube was dying before they were bought by google. Anything hosted by google is likely to fahrenheit 451ed if google doesnt like it. That includes google drive webrtc signal service. Dont rely on google for anything. Its fast but its not even a proper search engine anymore. Id rather wait 10 seconds for real results then 1 second for google to drop a turd on my browser. Maps is good but filled with holes you dont realise are holes. They should at least say "that bits been covered up" not paste fake scenery over the hole. They are looking at what Im looking at and where Im going using gps (switch it off), wifi (switch it off), bluetooth le (can you switch that off?), 3g network masts. This is way beyond the kgb and living in 'the land of the free'. If you start a youtube channel, you might regret losing all your work so much, youll be given deals you wont refuse. Good riddance to youtube.

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